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Bsm Itil Itsm Cmdb Sacm Data Architect Service Management

Kitchener, ON, N2N 3E2, Canada
March 23, 2020

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Senior IT professional over 15 years exposed to full IT Service Lifecycle stages (Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement).

Strong knowledge of IT infrastructure architectural, system development and operational concepts, methodologies (Agile, DevOps, SOA, TOGAF, ITIL, SDLC) to deliver quality business solution.

Managed interactions with executive clients and sponsors, driving satisfaction and identifying opportunities to enhance and optimize stakeholder value through the continuous improvement the scope of services while providing leadership, coaching, mentoring and support for delivery teams.

Project management, project plan development, project deliverables (scope, document, effort) and risk management assessment to gain substantial milestone to deliver quality solution. Familiarity with Project Management methodology (PMLC) and Project Delivery Life Cycle (PDLC).

Delivered high-end solution architecture heterogeneous, scalable, cloud-based multi-tiered from conception to implementation to host complex SaaS solution. Systems fine-tuning, optimization and continuous improvement from end-to-end from infrastructure resources to application and web tiers performance.

Provided professional advices on strategy, governance, policy and roadmap aligned with ITIL framework to support enterprise business transformation. Have a strong understanding about process re-engineering, process mapping (RACI matrices), data modeling, requirements gathering and structured analysis.

Service Asset and Configuration Management System (SACM), CMDB implementation, data governance, data management and process improvement. Developed and improved auditing system with KPIs to measure and audit for process performance, coherence and to identify improvement opportunities.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) lifecycle management to all asset classes in Hardware Asset Management (HAM) from hardware components to Software Asset Management (SAM) including licenses inventory, releases and systems environment of the very large and complex CMDB structure topologies (over half million of CIs) to support enterprise core business (800+ applications).

BMC Remedy ITSM Suite COST (Commercial of the Shelf) version 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and Remedy ARS System version (3.x, 4.x and up) home growth systems multi-tiered architecture design, implementation, administration, upgrading, migrating, defects troubleshooting, systems fine tuning and operational support.

Systems integration, interfaces development, configured and supported (API, web services, LDAP, etc.) ITSM tool data driven events configured, supported (multi-tenancy, work groups, categorizations, catalogues, assignments, notifications, approvals, etc.), process configuration (procedures, tasks and templates) to maximize the usage of out-of-the-box features and automation.


Bachelor’s in computer science, University of Québec In Montréal (1990-1994)

College degree in Sciences, Saint-Laurent Collège, Québec (1987-1989)


Canadian Security Clearance Secret 2 (2012-2022)

Project Management Professional (1994)

ITIL Foundation V3 (CTE Solutions 2009)

ITIL IT Service Management Essentials (Pink Elephant 2003)

HP-UX 10.20 System Administration (Hewlett Packard 1998)

IRIX 5.3 System Administration (Silicon Graphics 1998)



Digital Transformation Services/ Service Management

Service Management Consultant (3 months)

Enterprise Business Service Management (BSM) services governance development, optimization, consolidation to support enterprise digital transformation initiative from end to end.

Provided SME governance advices, services to optimize, operate and support Business Service Management (BSM) platform on BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 19.02 and its Atrium CMDB.

Conducted research and designed components/workflows that fit the requirements and recommended final solution that together established the workflow of automating business processes, enterprise architecture improvement services integrity.


Asset and Configuration Management Services/ Shared Enterprise Services/ Information Services

Service Management Consultant (13 months)

Re-organized enterprise’s Service Management system data driven event, Service Asset data consolidation and ITSM processes improvement by maximizing the operational automation/integration.

Analyzed, evaluated on the data integrations impact to business processes in regard of ITSM process automation (Company, Organization, Sites, People, Notifications, etc.)

Worked on Business unit re-organization and merger. Service Management tool configuration data and data driven event impact analysis, standardize and cross modules processes impacts assessment.

Improved the coherence of ITSM Suite (Service Request, Incident, Problem, Change, Asset, Knowledge Base, SLM, reporting KPI) data driven event to maximize the usage of Service Management processes automation.

Used ETL process to analyze, assess and improve the coherence and quality of data.

Realigned Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) data. Data analysis, asses for the coherence, integrity of Atrium CMDB (discovery data, Product Catalogue, ETL process, Normalization and Reconciliation).

Utilized BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 19.01 platforms, applications and end users support from end-to-end (Service Request, Incident, Problem, Change, Asset), issues troubleshooting with root cause analysis, change plan developed. Stakeholders, teams communicated and coordinated to deploy to all environments.

BELL MOBILITY 09/2015 – 12/2017

Operational Support Systems/ Service Management/ Fault Management

Service Management Consultant (28 months)

Enterprise new instance of Service Management tool to gapping the OSS processes from end-to-end.

Delivered ITSM framework services to support OSS integrated operations (system-to-system). Involving to the full range of Service Management onboarding activities (tools, processes, people).

Developed data governance and policy to support enterprise Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM).

Worked on Enterprise workgroups Service Asset (Customer-Facing Service and Resource Facing Service) gathered, mapped to CMDB with its topologies, classes, categorizations, relationships and Product Catalog.

Provided SME advices, services to enhance, improve and support Service Management platform operational and its federated Atrium CMDB (ADDM and other sources) from infrastructure (high availability, multi-tiered environment, Remedy ARS engines, mid-tiers), systems integration (home growth, third-party API, LDAP, web services) and application data driven event configuration (categorizations, catalogues, process, notifications, etc.).

Applied full ETL process to ensure data quality, coherence for the ITSM Suite. Extraction, analyzing, impact assessment, mapping and reload.

Systems infrastructure, BMC Remedy ITSM Suite (8.1) platforms, integration interfaces and users support from end-to-end (Request, Incident, Problem, Change) issues, defects troubleshooting, analysis, solution recommended, change plan development. Stakeholders, team communication, coordination. Vendors engagement, support to implement fixes to all environments.


Service Management Consultant (4 months)

Build proof-of-concept of enterprise Business Service Management (BSM) system to support Ministry activities globally.

Provided SME advices, services to implement new Business Service Management (BSM) platform on BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 8.1

ITSM Foundation Data configuration, process configuration and data driven event configuration for all modules.

Prepared an assessment of the feasibility of migrating from the current state to the target business process architecture and enabling technologies, and identified the risks associated with migrating to the target business architecture and technologies and made recommendations for risk mitigation.

Conducted research and designed architecture components that fit the requirements and recommended final solution that together established the workflow of automating business processes.


Integrated Financial Information System

Service Management Consultant (3 months)

Enterprise financial services branch provides and controls financial systems information integrity and coherence to all Ontarian ministries.

Ensured the integrity, stability, quality and auditable to all activities of financial systems.

Using Configuration Management process to monitor, control and audit to all changes and releases activities to information systems.

Chair CAB meeting weekly with all participants to review, risk and impact assessment to all requests for changes (RFC) and releases.

Maintained home-growth shell scripts version control Serena PVCS Version Manager 8.3

TELUS COMMUNICATIONS 04/2012 – 12/2014

Business Transformation Unit/ Service Assurance Support

Service Management Consultant (33 months)

Outsourcer multi-tenancy instances administration, development and support.

Contributed to develop governance, guideline, model to deliver operational services aligned with ITIL best practices framework in multi-tiered, integrated outsourcing environment.

Provided SME advices, services to enhance, improve, support Business Service Management (BSM) platform BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 7.6.4 from systems (engines, interfaces, integration points, Web Services), ITSM applications (performance, defects troubleshooting) and business processes (promoting ITIL best practices to minimize tool customization).

Developed and customized Asset Management, BMC Atrium CMDB classes (metadata, data model) and ITSM application features. Added new classes to CMDB into existing hierarchical model to support the new features of ITSM application.

Platforms, applications issues troubleshooting. Release and Change Management planned, built, tested and implemented to all environments. Users support.

Systems testing, test cases, logs analysis with root cause analysis.

Customized, troubleshooted, supported integration interfaces of multitenant ITSM platform with other systems.


Information Management and Technologies branch/Corporate Systems

Service Management Consultant (12 months)

Rebuilt National/ International Service Desk from infrastructure platform to process re-engineering.

Performed critical analysis, identified, and documented Current State, gaps, business processes and capabilities encompassing 4 strands; People, Process, Knowledge & Technology;

Identified and documented Business Use Cases, Use Case Models, Flow Diagrams, Functional Specification Documents, and Design Specification Documents based of business requirements.

Prepared and produced business architecture related presentations, briefings, knowledge transfer to stakeholders.

Project scope, plan, deliverables and workshops organized to collect business requirements to re-engineer IT Service Management model from strategy, roadmap, guideline, services, processes, operational to business units (BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 7.6.4)

Processes re-engineering modelling after OOB (out of the box) ITIL best practices framework to minimize customization.

Defined and developed systems integration interfaces requirements and its data model (LDAP, PeopleSoft).

Impacts assessment and mapped ZENworks Asset Management to Remedy Asset Management.

RESEARCH IN MOTION 11/2009 –05/2010

Enterprise Operation/ Remedy Service Management/Production Operational Support

Service Management Consultant (6 months)

Consolidation of multi-ticketing platforms to a single enterprise ticketing solution to promote operational efficiency and costs effective.

Provided infrastructure and application services (system architecture, administration, event monitoring, configuration, performance management, data integration interfaces) to support complex enterprise mission critical service management platforms (infrastructure, integrations).

Participated on large-scale consolidation of (3) global ITSM systems under Remedy ITSM Suite 6.3, 7.1 and custom build application (ARS 7.5) to Remedy ITSM 7.5 Suite from global deployment, integrations, infrastructure operations and application support in the multi-tiered environments (high availability, high scalability, high integration) with 42 mid-tiers and 8 ARS servers.

Configured, supported and troubleshooted OOB (Out-Of-The-Box) and customized integration interfaces to Remedy platform to maximize process automation.

Improved Operational processes support from end-to-end and Change and Release Management planned, tested and implemented to Production.

Business requirements gathered to configure and maintain ITSM platforms data and system data driven event (people, access, roles, templates, services mapping, categorizations, products catalogue, etc.).

Systems performance and issues troubleshooting, ITSM application bugs, defects fix with root cause analysis.

HYDRO QUEBEC 07/2007 – 12/2008

IT Management/ Operational Management/ Operational Quality Assurance

Configuration Manager (16 months)

Ensuring high value of quality and integrity of data to help business lines deliver their consistency services.

Implemented, developed and maintained Service Asset and Configuration Management System (SACM). Data governance, policies, processes, procedures (including mission critical Service Asset and its topology).

Defined, implemented, and maintained data integrity rules for CMDB (metadata, data model) to support data quality auditing. Complex object oriented CMDB structure (over 200 tables) with relationships.

Developed auditing system at metadata level in SQL to validate pattern mapping from discovery data to CMDB (metadata, topology, normalization, reconciliation).

Established/ defined/ developed CMDB data quality control for enterprise Configuration Management system (CMS) using KPI metrics (more than 380 reports generated daily).

Measured, audited and reported on process performance, QA, data integrity to identify improvement opportunities.

Led Configuration Management System (CMS) process workshop to promote best practices and improve data quality. RACI matrix developed and process mapped to operational groups.

Managed, controlled and audited IT Asset Management (ITAM) lifecycle and cost of all asset classes in Hardware Asset Management (HAM) (all data center hardware: servers, routers, rack, etc.) and Software Asset Management (SAM) (software, middleware, operating system, licenses, application, environments, releases, etc.) with data model, structure, relationships and related standard operations (discovery, normalization and reconciliation) of the very large and complex CMDB structure topologies (over half million of CIs) to support enterprise core business (800+ applications).

CMDB’s data discovery, normalization and reconciliation process troubleshooting and root cause analysis/correction. Products Catalogue maintenance and improvement.

XWARE (A Bell Aliant Company) 11/2006 – 07/2007

Service Management Consultant/ Solution Architect (8 months)

Business process transformation by introducing new tool to improve customer services and optimize operational costs.

Project planned, led and conducted business and technical workshops to implement an ITSM solution from infrastructure level to business process.

Change Management and Service Request Management (SRM) processes deployed, re-engineered, transformed and mapped to workgroups.

BMC Remedy ITSM (7.x) data driven event configuration. Processes and RACI matrices mapping (role, permissions, workgroups, product and service catalogue, assignment, notifications, procedures, tasks, etc.).

Service Catalogue designed, developed and deployed to support business services.

Established/ defined/ developed business KPI metrics for ITSM Suite reporting.

Provided advise, leadership, coaching, mentoring, training and support to delivery teams and staff.

ROGERS WIRELESS INC. 4/2006 – 08/2006

Operational Systems Support/ Network Operations Centre

Remedy Consultant/ Developer (8 months)

Upgraded home growth Service Management tools functionalities to support new business lines.

Impacts analyzed and solution recommended to optimize OSS (Operational Support Systems) operations.

Developed new functionalities and its data model to enhance and support the service layer UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) on Network Operations Services and Equipment Systems.

Change and Release Management planned, tested and implemented to production environment.

CGI GROUP INC. 8/2002 – 01/2006

Integrated Technology Management/ Services Management Tools/ Tier 1 Services Re-Engineering

Service Management Consultant (39 months)

Implementation a new ITSM tool to support enterprise ITIL best practices framework adoption. Consolidation and re-engineering service desk activities to promote operational efficiency at low cost.

Business requirements, gaps analysis, costs analysis and ITIL best practices adoption to minimize tool customization.

Service Management suite solution implementation (SRM, Incident, Problem, Change, Asset, SLM) in a complex multi-tiered outsourcing environment (web portals, middleware, Remedy ITSP, Knowledge Management, Self-Help).

Systems architecture designed, implemented for Remedy ITSP platforms.

Provided ITSM features and best practices supporting by the tool to implement Asset Management (scope, structure and support model workshops).

Provided SME advise, leadership, coaching, mentoring, training and support to all levels (Stakeholder, Project Manager, Architect, Business and Infrastructure teams).


Global Information Services/ Global Shared Services/ GIS Process Systems/ Remedy Team

Solution Architect/ Developer (45 months)

Enhancing Service Desk functionalities to support the merger of Exxon - Mobil.

Applications and system administered, performance optimized, supported, upgraded and migrated.

New features workflows designed, developed and implemented for Exxon Problem and Change Management.

Upgraded and merged Exxon and Mobil Problem and Change Management to a new system under Unix platform.

ExxonMobil–Americas Access Administration system architected, designed, developed and integrated Active Directory to Service Desk application to support the full scope of enterprise access control (data model, data structure) using API embedded in C for high volume load and data update.

Solution architected, designed and developed integrated inbound/outbound interfaces to outsource Exxon Problem tickets with outsourcer using data pipeline approach (validate, lookup, transform) using API embedded in C.

Integrated interface architected, designed and developed mass data archiving for enterprise data warehouse, data depository using API embedded in C (data model, data structure).

Reporting environment maintenance and support.

Configured, maintained and supported application and data driven event for automation (accounts, roles, permissions, support groups, menus, categorizations, assignment, notifications, approvals, etc.).


Help Desk system re-engineering, system architecture and features development.

Developer (27 months)

Help Desk system re-engineering, system architecture and features development.

Consolidated and re-engineered Service Requests and Incident Management home growth application to Remedy platform.

Navigation Canada Help Desk’s system web interface architectural design and development (with data model and data structure) using Remedy API embedded in ARS Perl.

Servers and database installation, configuration, system fine tuning and administration (Unix, database and Remedy server).


Systems Administrator (6 months)

Managed and maintained Data Centre mainframe, servers and software components.

Resolved problems related to Unix systems, networking issues and financial applications support.

Users supported (user account, systems connectivity, application issues, etc.).

Managed system services scheduler.


Systems Administrator (42 months)

Banking data processing in batch mode (systems entirely piloting by UNIX shell scripts).

Annual Disaster Recovery (DR) exercise. Systems recovery, errors fixes and root cause analysis.

Managed, maintained and optimized banking production systems (performance, files system, memory, backup and recovery).

Traders and back-office applications supported. End users supported.

Systems management (Unix servers, database servers and NT servers).


Framework/ Methodology ITIL, TOGAF, Agile, DevOps

Tools ServiceNow, Jira, viaTIL (2.6/3.1)

Remedy ITSP (3.x/4.x), BMC Remedy ITSM (6.3/7.x/7.6.04/18.1/19.x), Remedy ARS (2.x/3.x/4.x/5.x/6.x/7.x/18.x/19.x), Remedy APIs, Remedy D, SO (4.x), Remedy Migrator (4.x/6.x/7.x), Remedy AR Import (2.x/3.x/4.x/5.x/6.x/7.x/9.x), Remedy Developer Studio (8.x/9.x), Remedy Atrium Integrator, Atrium CMDB,

Scripts UNIX shells (Bourne, C), Perl, CGI, ARSPerl, JavaScript, DOS Batch

Application Tools TSO/SPF, TSO/SDSF, RJE, OCS, CICS

Software Tools Key Fast, Jes Master, SAS, Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio), Atlassian Jira

Mainframes/Servers Digital DEC system 20, NCR 9300, VAX 6000, IBM-RS6000, HP-9000/H60, SUN Enterprise/Ultra/SunFire/SPARC Station, Silicon Graphics, Dell Power Edge, Compaq Proliant, Intel platforms

Operating Systems MVS, IBM-AIX, HP-UX (B.11.00, 10.20), IRIX 5.3, SUN Solaris 2.3, RISC/os 4.52C, RedHat Enterprise Linux, VMWare ESX, Microsoft NT/95/98/2000/2003/2008 SP2 x64

Databases DBMS-32/DBQ, Oracle RDBMS 5.x/7.x/9i/10g/11g, Sybase RDBMS 10.0.2, Ingress 6.4, Versan (Object), DbaseIII+, Clipper 5.2, FoxPro 2.5, Access 2.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP2 x64

Languages Assembler, C, COBOL, Fortran77, Modula2, Pascal, Prolog, SML, SQL, SmallTalk, Microsoft Visual C++ (5.x)

Web Server/Servlet Engine IIS, Apache, Tomcat, Java, Servlet/JSP, J2EE

Web Technologies CGI, HTML, XML, CSS

Network Protocol TCP/IP, DNS, SNMP, HTTP, FTP, NFS, RPC

Email Protocols SMTP, IMAP, POP

CASE Tools SylverRun, Excellerator, BPMN

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