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Engineering Engineer

Ithaca, NY
March 21, 2020

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Simon Ressom

*** ****** ****, ******, ** 14850 571-***-****

Cornell University Ithaca, New York

College Of Engineering Expected Graduation: May 2021 GPA: 3.78

Awards/Honors: Meinig Family Cornell National Scholarship Leadership Distinction, Dean’s List ’18 and ‘19 Internships and Work Experience

Undergraduate Researcher at Cornell University April 2019 – Present

• Calculated the absorbance, refractive index, and thickness of thin films of many samples of semiconductors. Used the Lambda 1500+ spectrometer in order to obtain transmission and reflection data used to obtain the absorbance

• I code using MATLAB to find the maxima and minima wavelengths on the transmission spectrum to obtain the thickness of each thin film

• Currently working on the determination of the thickness and optical constants of amorphous silicon Engineer’s in Action (EIA) January 2019 – Present

Project Team, Lead Member

• Uniaxial testing of metals (aluminum alloys, carbon steel, magnesium alloys) and polymers (SMPS and SMPC) in order to determine which materials had the best mechanical properties (ductility, toughness, strength, etc.) for the construction of our annual bridge. Tested amount of stress bridge could support before straining and eventually fracturing

• Utilized Autodesk Inventor stress analysis to test amount of stress bridge could support at its focal point before fracturing. SolidWorks was used to build the components that make up the body of the bridge Bechtel June 2018-August 2018

Mechanical Engineering Intern

• Worked with the engineering team in the development, design, and testing of solutions for pipe systems

• Generated calculations and drawings for piping and pipe supports

• Used SolidWorks to create 3D models of pipe designs

• Analyzed pipe configurations for ANSI code compliance

• Optimized facility layout using diagrams of both pipes and equipment Engineering Projects

Aeroplane Design & Engineering Project February 2019 – May 2019

• Produced a plane with a 4.5 wingspan, made from assembled “printed” parts using 3D technology

• Used computer aided drafting to create the size and dimensions of pieces of the plane and then printed models using 3D printers

• Analyzed conventional aircraft designs using structural analysis in order to improve the design of our plane

• Learned the relationships between airplane weight, wing surface area, velocity, and power Intern at Georgetown University June 2018 – August 2018

• Tracked and Compiled resulting data from tested samples

• Data analysis completed using python and wrote experiment conclusions to make recommendations based upon the outcome Cornell Cup Robotics Project Team December 2017 – May 2018

• Used SolidWorks and Eagle CAD to create both 2D sketches and 3D designs of the forearm and elbow of R2D2, a semi-autonomous lab robot that could navigate and map around its surrounding environment.

• Integrated equipment with robots and various testing and monitoring instruments

• Worked with other engineering students in determining the most effective design and material for assembly of robot Professional Development

Mechanical Engineering Society Ithaca, New York

Secretary May 2019 – Present

• Ensure meetings are effectively organized and minuted. Report activities of the organization to other members and maintain all clubs correspondence

Technical Skills

SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, BlocksCAD, Sketching, MATLAB, Python, and Microsoft applications

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