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Materials and process engineering roles

Morristown, NJ
March 18, 2020

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Rishabh Shah

Morristown, NJ WWW.1inkedin.comZianishabhshah1409


Master of Science in Materials Science & Engineering May 2019 University of Florida, Gainesville, FL GPA: 3.5/4

Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering May 2017 University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India GPA: 7.04/10



0 Manufacturing: Statistical Process Control (SPC), Design of Experiments (DOE), Data Analysis


R, Excel),

Lean Manufacturing, SS, Six Sigma Green Belt Certified (CSSGB), Continuous Improvement 0 Fabrication: Thin Film Deposition, Plasma Etch, Reactive-Ion Etching (RIE), Sputtering, Photolithography, Wet

Etch, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Diffusion/Ion Implantation, Atomic Layer Deposition


0 Metrology: 4-point probe, C-V profiling, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Ellipsometry, U- V Vis,


0 Relevant Coursework: Synthesis 8: Characterization of Semiconductor Materials, Advanced Electronic


Processing, Survey of Materials Analysis Techniques, Diffusion Kinetics & Transport Phenomena ACADEMIC PROJECTS

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida March 2019 ac" August 2019 Graduate Research Assistant as" M ulti-inodal Carbon Nanoiiher Neural Probe 0 Worked on the development of an implantable medical device used to monitor brain activity or for drug


0 Optimized the electrospinning process of CNFs by varying parameters such as ow rate, concentration,


- Investigated the biocompatibility of liquid polymers such as SU8, PDMS suitable for carbon nanofiber


University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida August 2018 ac" December 2018 Lahora tory Assistant as" Semiconductor Device Fahrica tion Lahora tory

- Fabricated MOS diodes and MEMS devices in a 100 - 1000 clean room using thin film deposition

techniques such

as Thermal Oxidation, Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD), Physical Vapor Deposition


- Performed PECVD to deposit silicon dioxide (400 nm) thin film on MEMS device using Unaxis 790 Series


- Performed Deep Reactive-Ion Etching (DRIE) using Bosch process to create deep trenches in the MEMS


- Performed UV lithography on AZ 1512 photoresist to generate optimal patterns using Karl Suss MA6

mask aligner.


SABIC Innovative Plastics, Mount Vernon, Indiana May 2018 ac" August 2018 Technology Intern aRheology and Thermal Characterization of Polymers 0 Brought about a 20% improvement in the ow characteristics of polyetherimides by performing experiments on

linear and branched samples from 380AC to 420AC.

0 Evaluated the UL 94 dripping behavior of various grades of commercially available polymers, such as


(polyetherimide) and LEXANTM (polycarbonate) resins; as well as, developmental products. 0 Measured the extensional viscosity of resins using an extensional viscosity fixture (EVE) on TA Instruments ARES-

G2 rheometer to analyze the effect of branching.

Anupam Rasayan India Limited, Surat, India June 2016 ac" July 2016 Process Engineering In tern

- Measured the glass transition temperature; as well as, the reaction enthalpy of different chemical


using a Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) to examine crystallization and fusion reactions. 0 Calculated the energy dissipation of reactions at laboratory scale using a Reaction Calorimeter

(RC) to

troubleshoot scalability and safety issues during manufacturing. CERTIFICATIONS

- MSI: Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB); License No: 40627972 February 2020 ae" Present

- LinkedIn Learning: Excel: Statistical Process Control; License No: D1037E052C7E4D April 2019 ac"


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