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Developer Front Office

Vasant Nagar, Karnataka, India
May 17, 2020

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Sr. Software Enggineer

Mobile: +91 - 786-***-****



Around 3+ years of experience as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer

Highly proficient and goal-oriented while working with business users, sponsors, stake holders and Subject Matter Experts (SME'S) to deliver the product on time and in budget.

Experience with working on robotic automation tools Ui Path and Automation Anywhere.

Hands on Experience with Process flow, Ui Path stages, Flowcharts, Sequences and State Machine for designing the Workflows.

Hands on experience in implementing customized Re-Framework for complex processes to handle errors effectively.

Implemented Queue mechanism for processes having high number of transactions to be processed in Multiple BOTs.

Implemented Dispatcher and Processor model for complex processes.

Debugging and Exception handling design, correct use of stages and blocks, correct use of data types, session and environment variables.

Experience in automating Windows, Mainrames, Java, SAP, Bowser, Web and Oracle ERP based Applications.

Hands on Experience in using various OCR tools like ABBY, Microsoft and Google to read values from scanned PDFs and invoices.

Experience in identifying the automatable processes for doing process assessments and robotic factor calculation.

Experience in preparing and presenting business case for automatable processes, solution designing, and developing automation tasks for the identified processes.

Hand on experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with UI Path, Automation Anywhere and VBA across different platforms and successful implementation in Production environment.

Hands on Experience in deploying BOTS in production using Control Room scheduling front office and back office BOTS.

Worked closely with solution architect to prepare Process Definition Document (PDD) and Solution Design Document (SDD) and educated SME’s to work with BOTS in production.

Good Experience in all implementation phases that include POC, Business process analysis, GAP Analysis / Blue print Phase, implementation, Unit, integration and system testing, Data migration, Go-Live and Post Go-Live.

In-depth knowledge of creating project management plans to effectively use resource, time and budget associated with each project.

Hands on experience with development of applications using VB.NET, VBA

Experience in developing and deploying Client server, Web-based, distributed end-to-end enterprise applications

Powerful, Committed and Motivated team player with dynamic analytical and interpersonal skills.

Education: -

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science& Engineering from St.Peters University, T.N, India


Uipath Advance RPA Developer

Uipath RPA Developer Foundation Diploma.

Uipath Advance training.

Uipath Orchestrator 2019.X

Automation Anywhere Master RPA Professional.




Web Technology



SQL Server

Automation Tool

UI Path and Automation Anywhere.

Automated Technology

Windows OS, Citrix, Web, Java, Mainframe and Oracle & Sap Applications


Client: CenturyLink – Prodapt, India

Role: Developer- Ui Path

Duration: Sep 2019 to Till date


Understand and implement the overall technical vision of projects, programs, or systems, keeping in mind cross-functional impacts, integration across the organization and architecture rationalization.

Review the system and functionalities to provide technical feasibility of the process to be automated.

Conceptualize automated solutions by discussing requirement with Business users and understanding the prescribed design Architecture.

Understand Solution design document (SDD) and accordingly create Process automation solution.

Perform Proof of Concepts (POC) to help the business recognize the feasibility of an automated solution.

Design and develop data cleansing routines using typical data quality functions involving standardization, transformation, rationalization, linking and matching.

Used Dispatcher and Processor model for complex and large processes.

Implemented Re-Framework for complex processes and customized error handling.

Used Queue mechanism to initiate process in multiple BOTs, for processes having high transaction volume that should be completed in a Business defined time frame.

Design, develop and test Software Robots using RPA software Uipath along with any other kind of programming needed to support Robotics.

Develop Robots by using Abbyy OCR to translate scanned images of text, whether printed or typewritten, and turns these scans into machine-encoded text.

Develop Web and Browser based applications by using Web recorder and Citrix recorder in Uipath.

Develop external scripts using VBS, VBA and integrate with Uipath to achieve process automation.

Attend quality, design and code review meetings to deliver code that meets the expectation of the client.

Developing Software Robots to increase the transparency, integrity and reduce the humanly error.

Setting up Test environment, Test cases and provide the support needed to complete the quality procedures like system testing and performance testing.

Creating, Documenting and Executing test procedures and scenarios for the pre-UAT phases.

Work with project lead, Uipath administrator and the Client release management team to deploy Robots in production environment.

Supporting existing processes and implementing change requirements as part of a structured change control process.

Environment: UiPath(2018.4.4)

Client: Fedx – Capgemini, India

Role: Developer- Automation Anywhere

Duration: June 2019 to August 2019


Involved in End to End development of Business Process using Robotic Process Automation.

Developed BOTS using Automation Anywhere to automate process which was done using manual interference.

Customized the existing automations and added the new business requirements for existing applications.

Worked on different concepts of Automation Anywhere such as Excel automation, Database automation, Error management, PDF integration and Data extraction.

Created database connections to fetch the data and automated the process to arrange data with Automation Anywhere.

Performed task scheduling using Automation Anywhere Control room.

Worked on Process Image comparison using Image recognition command.

Expertise in working on Proof of Concept of various new processes.

Worked on Activities using Object Cloning and Manage Web Controls.

Created out of the box scripts and integrated with Automation Anywhere to achieve process automation.

Worked on using Excel and CSV commands with Automation Anywhere.

Used HTML, Java Script, CSS to make the view and VB script to perform the tasks.

Used String Operation to Compare and eliminate duplicates from the data.

Innovatively integrated the advanced features of automation tools like OCR, Web Recorder for existing robots and improved the performance using Automation Anywhere.

Experience in staging and deploying the automation solution into test and live environments.

Coordinated with different teams to ensure successful running of the application.

Experience in using Send Email command to Email reports and errors.

Responsible for scheduling Task scheduler to exchange data between ERP and application.

Used log file to handle the errors. Identified and debugged the errors using Error Handlers.

Environment: Automation Anywhere 10

Client: Black and Veatch – Capgemini, India

Role: RPA Developer - Ui Path

Duration: March 2019 to May 2019


Analyzed business requirements and segregated them into high level and low-level Use Cases.

Handle multiple RPA processes independently.

Prepared many business cases which gives an insight of robotic automation potential of the respective process and proposed it to project stakeholders.

Designing RPA process solutions in accordance with standard Ui Path design principles and conventions.

Analyzed the probability of exceptions in a workflow and used appropriate activities like continueonerror property to ensure the workflow continues even if an activity fails.

Worked on all the text scraping methods available in Ui Path like FullText, OCR and Native by analyzing the best fit method for the use case.

Worked with Dynamic attributes using wildcard characters like * and ? in the selectors to facilitate structured data to be read from the web pages.

Worked on Excel Automation using various activities like Range property (to write datatable to excel),Getrowitem(get value of specific cell in datatable),for each row(to iterate through all rows of a datatable),etc.

Worked on PDF automation using utilities like Read PDF text, Read PDF with OCR and Anchor base to accurately read and extract data from PDF.

Used Ui Path Orchestrator to Monitor, Schedule and send start Commands to the multiple robots to perform different processes.

Identified opportunity to automate manual tasks using Robotics Process Automation (RPA) technology and established Commercial-wide RPA program to deliver the first software bot in production.

Worked on Email Automation using SMTP, POP, IMAP, Microsoft Outlook activities to send, receive and retrieve specific emails using filters.

Environment: UiPath 2019.X

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