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Manager Medical

Medina, Al Madinah Region, Saudi Arabia
February 26, 2020

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Mobile 056*******, 054*******

Email :

Permanent Address : P.O.Box 219 Aqaba,Jordan . Tel. +962-*-***-**** Tel. +962-*-*******

Present Address : P.O.Box 10481 Riyadh 11433

Status : Married

Nationality : Jordanian

Objectives :

To hold a high-rank position in a world-class healthcare or General services organization where I can utilize my knowledge and experience to contribute to the achievement of the organization's mission and objectives through a common-shared vision .

Education :

University Of Jordan

1982 BA English Language and Business Administration

Training Courses Attended :

Leadership Development Program ( Almajal ServiceMaster – 3 weeks 1994 )

Sales for non-sales men ( Almajal ServiceMaster- 3days seminar 1995 )

Total Quality management TQM ( AlMajal ServiceMaster- one week 1995 )

Problem solving and decision making ( Almajal ServiceMaster 1996 )

JCI Accreditation Preparation Program ( Almouwast Medical Services-2 months training 2009 )

CBAHI Accreditation Preparation Program ( Almouwasat Medical Services -3 months training 2011)

HACCP Accreditation Program – Food Services Safety Management program ( Almouwasat Medical services- 3 months training 2014)

Experience :

1.Chief Operations Officer ( COO ), Aldar Hospital, Madinah

Apr 15,2017 until now .

Handling the following departments and services :

General maintenance services

Biomedical services

Housing and housing maintenance

Kitchen and food services

Housekeeping and patient room services

Patient relation services

Laundry services

Transportation services and vehicle maintenance

Call center services


Public relations department

security services

medical waste management

regular waste management

other non medical services

The job description of the above services includes but not limited to the following activities :

Preparing and implementing of policies and procedures of above services

Monitoring quality of the services

Training and retraining of staff on safety and emergency preparedness

Training of employees on basic job skills

Conducting quality and safety tours

Evaluating of staff

Handling patients and visitors complaints and needs

2.Assistant Director of Operations, Alsehani Medical Group- Riyadh (Alsalam Hospital ) From 17,Aug,2015 Until 1Mar 2017 : Responsible for the following :

Food and dietary services

Housekeeping Department

Laundry Department

Outside nursery ( Day care unit )

Safety and security of the hospital ( Environment of care )

Pest control services

Non- medical furniture supplies

All other backup support services – waste management, water supply, medical gas, etc.

Job Description of this scope of work includes but not limited to the following :

Monitoring quality of the services

Monitoring budgets and supplies

Training employees on safety measures

Training employees on job basic skills

Preparing ad implementing departmental policies and procedures

Evaluating staff performance and competency

Participating in Hospital committees, management, infection, quality, Environmental of care, etc.

3.Support Services Manager 1.8. 2002 – 20 Oct., 2014

Almouwasat Medical Services Co. (Mouwasat Hospital – Riyadh and Madinah )

Responsible for the following departments and work areas :

Kitchen and dietary department

Housekeeping department

Laundry Department

Security Department

Safety Department ( Environmental of Control )

Housing and housing maintenance

Telecommunication Department

Transportation and Vehicle maintenance

Pest control and gardening

Hospital and accommodation Furnishing – non medical

My job description of the above departments includes but not limited to the following activities :

Conducting departmental orientation for new staff .

Monitoring quality of services in the different departments.

Monitoring work budgets of the different services .

Planning for new expansions ( new clinics, new housing, renovations, new services, new vehicles, new arrivals etc. )

Conducting quality and safety inspections .

Training of staff on fire fighting equipment.

Checking fire extinguishers on monthly basis .

Monitoring availability of Personal Protective Equipment ( PPEs) .

Conducting Internal and External Disaster Drills.

Conducting Safety Drills ( code Pink and code Green Drills ) .

Training and retraining of old and new staff.

Preparing PPGs for the concerned departments .

Participating in different hospital committees ( Quality, Infection control, EOC, Hospital management and safety and security ) .

Training employees on Hospital Emergency Codes .

Monitoring implementation of company PPGs .( policies and procedures ) .

Assuring compliance to MOH requirements in different services .

Conducting patient's satisfaction tours .

Evaluating of the performance of service- workers and sub-contractors .

Handling customers' ( patients, doctors, nurses and other employees ) needs and complaints

Conducting quality meetings with suppliers and other department heads .

4. Support services Manager for Northern Area . 1999 – 2001

( Almajal ServiceMaster ) Madinah al Munawara

Responsible for variety of service projects in banks, showrooms, hotels and companies such as STC in Madinah Area, NCB banks, Darussalam Hotel, Mouwasat Hospital – Madinah, Al jazeerah bank Riyadh bank etc.

The job description includes :

Survey and evaluation of new sites .

Monitoring quality and profitability of projects .

Handling customer's requests and complaints .

Training and retraining of staff .

5.Executive Manager of Alnaba' ServiceMaster – Services Division ( Sultanate of Oman )

1997 – 1998

Responsible for the services division of the company allover the Sultanate which includes general service such as, General maintenance services, cleaning services, pest control services and Hospitality ( tea-boy ) services for both private and public sectors .

6. Different positions in operation and education in AlMajal ServiceMaster ( Jeddah,

Riyadh and Hafralbatin ) :

Project Manager of variety of service projects in Jeddah

Operation Manager Of King AbdulAzziz University Hospital – Jeddah

Support Services Manager for Central Area

Education and Quality Manager – Central Area

Job Description of above positions includes but not limited to :

Survey and evaluation of the existing and new sites .

Monitoring quality and profitability of the projects .

Implementing of ServiceMaster systems in operating projects .

Handling customer's requests and complaints .

Maintaining good relationships with existing customers .

Conducting quality assurance inspections .

Nominating project managers for Annual Awards .

Training of new and existing employees .

Counselling employees on TQM concepts .

Conducting educational sessions for employees on different aspects .

Helping employees to write their own job descriptions and standards of performance.

Conduct performance evaluations for employees .

Conduct motivational programs for employees .

7. Public Relations and Personnel Manager (Hitachi cables company – Jordan branch )

1983 –1988 Japanese company operating in Jordan .

Job Description :

Coordinate with government bodies to obtain all documentations needed for legal registration, work permits, clearance of imported machinery and equipments etc.

Coordinate with land owners to facilitate all construction works .

Represent the company in meetings with other contractors having work on shared sites.

Conduct interviews with job seekers.

Establish payroll system and tax regulations as per government requirements .

Translate all Arabic documents into English .

Coordinate all activities related to transportation of people and equipments from site to site and accommodating staff .


Arabic and English languages

Computer literate

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