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ReactJs, FrontEnd, Java, PHP

United States
February 24, 2020

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MANOJNATH ATMAKURI 937-***-**** Dayton, OH 45419 A Fulltime opportunity that will allow me to utilize my problem-solving skills and attention to detail to further develop my abilities in the field of computer science.



Master of Science in Computer Science GPA: 3.88/4


Bachelor of Technology: Computer Science and Engineering Skills:

Languages: Java, C, C++, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Node JS Frameworks: React JS, Bootstrap, Android, jQuery

Database: MySQL, Firebase

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Core Competencies: AGILE/ SCRUM methodologies, prioritizing/ multitasking, decision making. PROJECTS:

MymovieRater - - Fall 2019

• An application developed with React Js using react hooks and redux for maintaining global state that can share the data between the components inside the app without making unnecessary api calls every time.

• Made network requests using axios to get the data from Movie DB api which is a free api service providing details.

• Displays information like cast, rating, release date and route to different pages using react router dom. Student Information System - - Spring 2017

• Collaborated with a team of 3 to develop an android app for our undergrad college as our final project.

• Designed the database to store the results (as our University migrated from marks system of results to CGPA) with consistency and return adequate responses to the calls made by the user requests.

• Developed an application that can be used by both parents and faculty to view the students performance which contains a UI for login and registration to display the students details in the screen after they login and used volley library which makes networking requests[http] to make calls to the server. Computer Statistics - - Fall 2018

• Modified UI for the statistics website to university of Dayton which already has an interface before.

• Designed the application using bootstrap, jQuery and ajax to make calls to database using PHP.

• Implemented a date sort functionality to filter the results between the selected dates and a sidebar to go through the stats by different property and developed a page for inserting new computer details that needed to be updated in the database.

Student Teacher Chat Room - - Fall 2017

• Developed an android application for students which acts as a medium between students and teachers.

• Developed UI for login and registration using online database (SQL) as a backend to both students and teachers who have a separate login page. Each teacher registered will be provided with a code which he can share with students with which they can enter the classroom after the successful login.

• Developed UI for chatrooms and both students and teachers can share files in that room with each other, used firebase as the backend for storing the files.

Relevant Work Experience


• Developed and modified Web Applications for the university library admin site.

• Developed web application to store the statistics data into the database and displayed them according to the specifications given.

• Developed a web page for storing multiple excel files into MySQL database and display them.

• Worked with Debian Raspberry pi 3 to setup catalog website in kiosk mode which does not allow the students to go out of the website and use catalog website alone to search for the location of the books.

• Wrote bash script to know the connectivity of a system in Linux and log the details for every 1 minute. Awards

• Won the Code-A-Bot event conducted as a part of the CIENCIA.

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