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Mechanical Engineer Power Plant

3000 USD
February 22, 2020

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Mohammed Alrayh Almahdi Ali

Wadi Street – Khartoum – Sudan





• Married, 27 - years old, male, born on 1 Jan. 1992 at Sudan, Madani City. PERSONAL INFORMATION:

• Being Muslim in religion.

• With good oral and written communication (English or Arabic).

• Able to learn quickly and has a good social interaction needed for tasks and with team members.

• Can also do tasks independency.

• Mechanical Engineer.

Monitor and maintains mechanical equipments, prepare maintenance schedule for either routine or major service according to machines manuals and base on work experience, managing and controlling work site with high commitment, this beside a good leadership for technicians team. Good experience in mechanical as general with deep understanding in fluid power systems (Hydraulic & Pneumatics).


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University of Khartoum


Nile Avenue, Khartoum City

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering – First Class

School Year 2009 - 2014

• Expert in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems



• Repair varies kinds of fluid power actuators:

- Pumps low/high pressure.

- Oil Motors.

- Hydraulic/ Pneumatic rams (Cylinder, Piston, Flanges …etc)

- Valves (Solenoid, Manual, and Pilot).

• Seals Service.

• Fabricate & crimping pipes/hoses and connections.

• Familiar in Standard Nibbles/Fittings.

• Knowledgeable in Instruments Systems.

• Knowledgeable in huge Diesel Engines overhaul or minor troubleshooting, which used on Elec. Power Generation (Rolls Royce, Wartsilla).

• Computer Literate (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint).

• Knowledgeable in MS Outlook (Email).

• Engineering Drawing using Computer Programs (AutoCAD, Solid works).

• Committed in work with high sense of coordination, self-motivated and can easily adapt with a new work environment.

• Take safety instructions seriously.

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To: PETRONAS Lubricant Oil Factory, February - April 2015 Install Oil Filling Machine with Blending Storm system: Briefly: Through this project:

- Addition new filling machine to lubricant production line.

- Upgrading mixing system used on base oil storage tanks. 2.

To: BAJRAWIA WORK SHOP, July – August 2015

Install Compressed Air Network:

Briefly: Through this project:

- Install air Compressor Atlas Copco, Dryer and air Vessel.

- Install air networks throughout the plant with control valve and FRL system for different manufacturing machines in the plant. 3. Install Pneumatic Simulator Gunshots Models

To: ZARGA COMPLEX, October 2015 – May 2016

Briefly: Through this project:

- Fabricate & Install Booster Compressor, used to build up the system pressure from 8 Bar up to 35 Bar.

- Assembling & Welding High Pressure Air lines with electric control valves (solenoid valves) as a distributor for every single line. 4.

To: Petrodar Operating Company, February– March 2018 YO-YO Pumps Repair:

Through this project four BORMANEE pumps installed instead of the old one which couldn’t deliver required flow & pressure. After installed it commissioned to compare the reading achieved with FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) results.

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To: Petrodar Operating Company, March – June 2017

Pipe line Repair:

Briefly: This project divided into two phases:

• Inspection phase, in this phase there was Intelligent Pig (IP) going through whole PDOC PL to monitor the corrosion, cracks or any pitting both external or internal pipe, and it gave accurate reading for metal loss in pipe.

• Execution phase, according to records of metal loss attended from Inspection phase. Implementation started by specific treatment for every corroded point depends on IP reading.

- There was mainly three procedure followed:

1. Sleeve treatment for metal loss less than 30% of pipe thickness.

- Briefly: in this method, after cleaning by sandblasting machine we used pair of metal sheets (half pipe in U shape) has specific thickness; they located on corroded point and welded to PL. After welding completed, we check the welding using MPI method

(Magnetic Particle Inspection).

2. Composite treatment for metal loss less than 20% of pipe thickness.

- Briefly: Using STOPAQ material (corrosion preventer & sealing technology) which rolled all over the corroded point then covered by composite material as a final layer. To test this method we depend on Hardness test using Hardness Gauge.

3. Re-coating treatment for metal loss less than 10% of pipe thickness.

- Briefly: After full cleaning using Sandblasting machine, STOPAQ rolls only used with coating material, Hardness test also used to check the treatment.

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To: Petrodar Operating Company, November – December 2017 PLEM Valves and Subsea hoses Replacement - Offshore Project: This project related to PDOC marine terminal (Bashayer2) located at Port Sudan at the Red Sea. Bashayer 2 exported South Sudan crude oil using SPM system (Single Point Moring) with many axillaries system at Onshore Station include receiving tanks, heaters, power plant, metering station, varies valves (manual, MOV, ESDV), booster, and shipping pumps. This Project covered offshore facilities:

• Change PLEM valves (Pipe Line End Manifold valve), three new PLEM valves installed at 70 m under sea water on subsea lines.

• Change crude subsea hoses, two lines assembled and tested according to Hydro test procedure (1.5*MAOP @ limited time).

• Inspect floating tank for evaluation and to check any corrosion or crack, this tank located 30 m under sea water.

• Repair HPU system (Hydraulic Power Unit), it response from energize

& actuate PLEM valve by delivering fluid pressurized to 200 Bar. Parts repaired:

- Pneumatic Pump.

- Manual Pump.

- Manual Operating Valves (3/2).

- Solenoid valves. (24V, AC 3/2)

- Pressure accumulator.

- Relief valves.

- Oil tank.

- Oil filters.

- Piping & connections.

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20 October, 2014 – 25 January, 2015

Maintenance Engineer Trainee at Tabuk Pharmaceutical Company Tabuk Pharmaceutical Company one of the biggest companies working on pharmaceutical industries and it has many branches through over the world, it delivers pharmaceutical field by different types of medicine products. They have a big factory consist a lot of machines with axillaries system which needed to completion the production process.

My duties through this position clarify in the following: 1. Maintains production machines (Powder, Solution, tablet and Packaging machines)

2. Maintains plant axillaries and utility systems (A/C, Heating, Lighting, Water supply, etc).

3. Monitor and Control water treatment unit (Filters, Pumps, RO ...etc). 4. Prepare maintenance schedule plan and consumable spare part. 5. Initiate spare part purchasing order with well known by inventories issues. 6. Leader and coordinator of maintenance technician’s team. Page 6 of 12

15 February, 2015 – 13 December, 2016

Technical Support Engineer at Sudanese German Hydraulic System Factory Comprehensive deep experience in Hydraulic & Pneumatic field at Sudanese German Hydraulic System Factory SUGA . Factory works on Hydraulic & Pneumatic systems activities, delivering Hydraulic & Pneumatic services to any company or production factory that contained Hydraulic or Pneumatic equipments or machineries equipped Hydraulic & Pneumatic systems. Service contains either selling new spare part or technical repair service for different types of equipments that used oil or air power in operation. I worked in SUGA as Deputy Workshop Supervisor, consisting of:

• CNC machine used to manufacture different type/size of seals.

• Lapping machine used to grinding and smoothen some parts of pump/motor under repair ( swatch plate, pressure plate, cylinder block, … etc)

• Testing machine used to test the equipments after repair (pumps, motors, rams, and valves) to ensure it could hold the required operation pressure without any drop on pressure/flow.

• Crimping machine used to prepare hydraulic connections. Duties carried out at SUGA include following:

1. Repair Hydraulic/Pneumatic system axillaries (Pumps, Motors, Valves … etc) 2. Fabricating & crimping high pressure oil connections either pipes or hoses. 3. Expert on standard Nibbles & Fittings.

4. Investigate Hydraulic/Pneumatic faults and troubleshooting issue. 5. Expert on Hydraulic/Pneumatic schematic drawing. 6. Following products after sales or repair.

7. Projects supervision.

8. Deputy workshop supervisor.

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22 January, 2017 – 31 March 2018

Developmental Mechanical Engineer at Petrodar Operating Company (PDOC) Petrodar operating company PDOC, a well known company working on oil & gas field at Sudan, the scope of this company concentrated in Exploration, Processing South Sudan crude oil and Transporting this crude through a long pipe line extended from production well up to exporting marine with many intervals pump stations.

My position is a mechanical engineer in maintenance department, my department responsible from all facilities on pipe line and pump stations. As engineers our target is to keep all facilities under operation without any failure and deal with any fault appears by very fast response with high accuracy. My duties through this position clarify in the following: 1. Prepare annual maintenance consumables, consist spare parts or work tools needed as stock in warehouse.

2. Prepare maintenance schedule plan, this consider like a guide plan have to follow and applied for all equipments (preventive maintenance, maintenance cost, equipment availability…etc).

3. Repair different types of pumps.

4. Repair different types of valves.

5. Diesel engine troubleshooters and work beside overhaul team specialist in engine overhauling, which established after the engine complete running hours which recommended for major service.

Engine service includes and not limited to:

- Repair and test fuel injection pumps.

- Repair and test cylinder head.

- Change piston, piston rod and rings.

- Repair engine liner using vertical grinding machine.

- Repair potable/ secondary water pump.

- Repair lubricant oil pump.

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6. Well known by cutting welding grinding works.

7. Well known by different procedure of nondestructive (NDT) test used to test the welding (RT, UT and MPI).

8. Knowledgeable about oil heaters repairs and operation. 9. Repair crude tank mixers.

10. Repair & operation desalination water treatment unit. 11. Well known about fire fighting system (pumps, tank and valves) and foaming system.

12. Supervision regards many projects, sharing on preparing the scope and following the project till commissioning.

13. Monitor & control offshore facilities:

- HPU system operation and maintenance.

- Following SPM maintenance program.

- Prepare subsea & floating hoses, assembly and test.

• In PDOC I worked beside and within teams consists multi-national employees especially in projects, so I was good communicator and can smoothly join to any work team.

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1 April, 2018 till present

Developmental Offshore Engineer at Bashayer Pipeline Company (BAPCO) Bashayer Pipeline Company (BAPCO) works on oil & gas sector, actually it responsible from performing the first treatment of Dar Oil blend (South Sudan Crude Oil 23.7 API) at Eljableen district on the border between South

& North. Then transfer oil using many pumps stations distributed along pipe line till exporting marine at Port Sudan on the Red Sea. My main concern is to keep all offshore facilities operational with high performance and deal swiftly with any faults appears, thus this role needs a high knowledge, confident on offshore hazards either environmental (oil spill) nor operational like stop Tanker loading.

Facilities under direct supervision, mentioned below; 1. SPM

2. HPU system

3. Subsea hoses

4. Floating hoses

5. Tanker operation facilities ( shackles, hawser, line boats .. etc) 6. Corrosion inspection works

7. PLEM valves

8. Prepare monthly annually reports

9. Prepare spare part

10. Follow up preventive maintenance program

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1. Hydraulic and Pneumatic system


AGIAD Training Center

2. Computer Numerical Control machines CNC (Laze/Milling) Sudanese Turkish Training Center

3. Computer Engineering Drawing Programs (Solid Works/AutoCAD) AGIAD Training Center

4. Fundamental of Oil & Gas Industry

Petroleum Training Center PTC

5. Heat Exchanger

Petroleum Training Center PTC

6. Marine Terminal Operation

Petroleum Training Center PTC

7. Project Management Professional PMP

PDOC Training Center

8. Communication Skills

PDOC Training Center

9. Presentation Skills

PDOC Training Center

10. First Aid & CPR

Khartoum University Center for Advancing Training KUCAT 11. Advanced Mechanical Alignment

Petroleum Technical Centre PTC

12. Engineering Measurement

Petroleum Technical Centre PTC

13. Screw & Reciprocating Air Compressors Troubleshooting and Maintenance Petroleum Technical Centre PTC

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1. Prof. Mohamed Hashim Siddig – Fluid Power Professor University of Khartoum


Tel: +249-*********

2. Eng. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamoud –Maint. & Facilities Section Head Bashayer Pipeline Company BAPCO


Tel: +249-*********

3. Eng. Abobaker Sadelnoor – Customer Services Manager Sudanese German Hydraulic System Factory

Tel: +249-*********

4. Eng. Hussein Abdalla - Maintenance Engineer

Yarmouk Industrial Services Company


Tel: +249*********

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