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Engineer Design

Atlanta, GA
February 20, 2020

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Weihang Yuan

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Georgia Institute of Technology(Honor GPA) Atlanta, GA BS in Computer Science: Intelligence-Media, College of Computing May 2020 Relevant Courses: Data Struct & Algorithms, Objects and Design, Computer Organization & Program, Intro-Artificial Intelligence, Design & Analysis-Algorithms, Video Game Design, Game AI, Intro to Computer Vision WORK EXPERIENCE

Perfect World Shanghai, China

Backend Engineer Summer 2019

• In charge of a backend development of mobile app “Perfect Esports”. Designed the app to serve as a mobile esports forum with integrated functions including live streaming; news update; player forum and marketplace. Developed the backend database structure. Lead weekly quality assurance report for four rounds. UCloud Onsite

Strategy and Development Department Researcher Fall 2018

• Lead US startup technology company product analysis. Analyzed products of startup technology companies and gave evaluations based on CS knowledge. Formed new department focusing on newborn technologies with great market expectancy. Researched on competitor’s products i.e. Amazon Web Service and analyzed their latest outcome with codes. East China Normal University Shanghai, China

Massive Computing Lab Summer Research, Researcher Summer 2016

• Yun Da Cold Chain web develop and bug testing

Found best routes calculation from a city to another yielding. Improved web design including making a clearer title with relevant links and optimized internal links. Helped >500 customers find functions like making appointments and cold storage.

• Research: Hiding private route by generating fake positions when using map Protected personal information by generating fake path. Wrote algorithms(java) to find most used roads (different from actual roads taken). Implemented obstacle classification algorithm to avoid situation like driving into a park or highway. COMPUTER SECIENCE PROJECTS

“Bokkusu” Video Game Design Fall 2019

• Designed and Made models for the character, enemy, accessories (hats, sword, gun, etc.), buildings. Designed and implemented core mechanics of the game (character design, skill system, fighting system, jumping system, etc.). Designed level layout. Designed and implemented UI system. Details in the portfolio. Curated Repository Digital Resources Teacher Website Fall&Spring2019

• Developed a website for teachers to upload and share their teaching resources among each other. Lead to design the website so that it integrates multi-media tools to help teachers to share useful material in different forms. In charge of backend engineering and the logic design of the website.

Cozmo Robot AI Design Spring 2019

• Used machine learning to train Cozmo Robot to identify different objects in the environment and responds correspondingly. Used state estimation to draw maps around itself and navigate to avoid collision. Finding Best Sewer Layout for Cities Summer 2017

• Found accurate data for water displacement of specific sewer pipes. Went to sewer pipe manufacturer and researched pipes used in city sewers. Wrote algorithm(java) based on the pipe data and geological info fetched from Ministry of Land and Resources of the People's Republic of China (terrain, precipitation, etc.). Finding Optimized Route for Food Delivery Summer 2017

• Researched on the best route for drivers to deliver food based. Wrote algorithm based on the traffic info from Shanghai Traffic Management Bureau. Calculated No. of delivers from certain (200) restaurant to certain residence. Auto-bet Gambling Research Summer 2016

• Developed an algorithm for auto bet to make profit in the long run. Learnt from this project to avoid problems like the API gambling website provided did not update correctly especially when the bet is close to the no more bets period. Held lecture to teach the coming intern that the problem is fatal as this would make bets in the final moment to alter the odds. Rat Reporting Android App Development Spring 2016

• Wrote an Android app for users to report the place and time they see a rat. Calculated estimate rat hive location using info provided along with rat info from local fire department. Designed the log in feature and visualization of the locations of the rat using google map API.


Skills: Java; Python; C; C#; Unity; Blender(Modeling and Animation); Languages: Chinese (Native); English (Fluent), First flute in GT concert band

Interests: Video Games (Dota2 top 4.8% player; 4 Consecutive Champion’s league winner; leader for team EB); Cooking

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