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Engineer Software

Providence, RI
January 13, 2020

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Linux, Python, C, C++, Numerical M&S (Modeling & Simulation), Advanced Research computing.

Obtain a position of Software Engineer {Linux/ Windows Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Analysis and Processing, Computational Research, Numerical Analysis and Simulation, Scientific Computing, Physics/ Math

Ideal position would provide exposure to various software development projects, ability to work independently (under limited supervision) as well as with cross-functional teams, including R&D and emerging technologies.

Education: BS, MS in “STEM” Majors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math); PhD in Physical Electronics/ Computational Physics; the whole life learner of Information Technology new technologies & concepts and best practices (Computer Science, Software Engineering, Numerical Simulation, Big Data, Web Apps & Services etc.)


Product development in all stages including planning, design, development, testing, implementation and support. Experience with taking a project from concept to delivery, through a complete development cycle: Propose, plan and develop of physical, mathematical and computational models for computer simulation and data analysis and processing; algorithm development based on fundamental physics; requirements management, technical design, implementation in Python, C, C++ etc., applications troubleshooting/ debugging, profiling/ testing, and release. TDD, BDD

Experience and in-depth knowledge of various computer platforms and virtualization: Linux (User Space): CentOS/ Fedora/ Red Hat EL / Scientific Linux, Gentoo, Ubuntu servers/WS (Mint, Lubuntu, Xubuntu etc), openSUSE; MAC OS X; Windows WS, MS SQL Server; VirtualBox, VMware, SFU, Boxes, Hyper-V, Sandbox

Python (2.x 3.x), Anaconda, Pandas, Jupyter, NumPy

Use of source control/version control systems: Concurrent Versions System (CVS), Subversion (SVN), RCS, (Git)

Strong root-cause analysis skills, sophisticated understanding of software systems and applications, passion to understand, learn, and dissect new technologies quickly on my own

Fortran Subject Matter Expert /SME: GNU GFortran, Watcom/ Visual/ Compaq/ NAG/ Intel/ IBM /2 /90 /95 /77 /2003 /2008

PC/ WS/ severs technical service support, software installation, configuration and problem resolution

Proficient with Microsoft Office software (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint etc.), so as a powerful LibreOffice suite


Data Recovery--New Tech, RI, MA, (CA) Systems/ Software Engineer 04.2015–present

Roles: Adviser/ Consultant (to make basic technology choices based on experience and best practice), Software and Systems Engineer, Linux systems administration.

Technologies: R&D, incuding Docker containers; systems utils/software development and deployment, debugging and profiling; C/C++; bash, Python scripting; SEO, static HTML5, CSS3, DreamWeaver, JavaScript; Visual Studio.

Duties: Work on regular improvements to various systems to keep them at top notch performance including: Linux (RHEL/Ubuntu) servers /workstations incl. virtualization; local systems and process configuration and optimization; new software and minimum viable tools on C, C++, Python for data processing optimization, analysis and visualization; essential anti-virus services; hardware troubleshooting and maintenance, in-depth performance tuning; MicroSoft Visual Studio Code, data visualization and processing scrips . GSD (Get Stuff Done). Some particular projects listed below.

Int. Statistics, Inc. at NOAA project, RI Scientific Programmer 11.2017–12.2018

Roles: Consultant/ Software Engineer/ DevOps

Technologies: Contribute to the architecture, design and development of new functionality and tools based on NASA SeaDAS project (satellite-based earth science data, ocean color) software: Parallel/ multi-core and distributed/ multi-node processing of large volumes of data, including: data collection, management, quality control and errors analysis. Re-factoring of shell/Bash and IDL scripts/ programming from scratch of the Micro services using Python (2.7x). Developed and documented source code and prepared of instructions on “How-To troubleshooting, testing and debugging. Linux, Python, bash, SSHFS, VNC, IDL; the TDD (Test Driven Development); massive/big data processing, debugging and profiling, new tools/applications developed for data processing backlog analysis and management.

Siemens, Smart Grid, Mountain View, CA Software/ Systems Engineer 02.2012–04.2015

Technologies: C/C++, FORTRAN, Data Structures & Algorithms; SDLC; Linux RHEL/ Server/ Workstation, Virtualization, Windows 7/XP; C/C++, Visual Studio, XML, MS SQL Server, ODBC, ; network communication protocols (such as TCP/IP, serial); RCS, VNC, SSH; Inter-process communication (IPC), build/install tools (e.g. CMake, Makefile etc.)

Duties: Solve complex systems problems from minimal diagnostic information; Distributed system of data collection and processing, UI, equipment monitoring (SCADA, Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Modbus, IEC and DNP3 protocols); Ownership of small tasks and deliver without supervision while using personal discretion to seek help when necessary; Ongoing support to customers provided. Maintaining underlying infrastructure needed to run a large distributed applications: Linux systems administration (Install and configure servers including virtual); software configuration/ optimization/ debugging/ deployment and patching; integration of Windows services with Linux environments and Windows applications to access Linux systems; huge code-base: troubleshooting, testing and debugging, updating, adapting, re-factoring/ extending/ upgrading of baseline/ projects codes and functionality; software debugging and profiling; UI; Python scripting/ utilities (RCS), simulation/ testing of DDOS, secure source code review and business logic security testing.

Data Recovery-New England, RI, MA Software/ Hardware/ Web Engineering 09.2008–02.2012

Roles: Adviser/Consultant, Solutions/ Software Engineer, WEB master/ designer/ developer.

Technologies: Agile(Scrum) soft/web development, CSS, HTML5, DreamWeaver, SEO, Visual Studio; Python scripting.

Duties: Distributed systems, Windows/ Linux servers/ WS virtualization, configuration / optimization; WIN anti-virus services in deep, cleaning/ restoring data; evolutionary/ adaptive analyzer/ solver project, data analysis/ visualization.

IBM / Collaberra, Exxon Mobil project, Fairfax VA Systems Analyst 03.2011–06.2011

Roles: Consultant/ Adviser, Software Engineer, Professional service.

Duties: Analyze of legacy software and business logic extraction/ codes re-factoring/ updating/ upgrading.

Technologies: Agile(Scrum) software development, software reverse engineering, business logic extraction/ re-factoring, Visual C++/ C#. VMware Player / VirtualBox was used to run some outdated versions of software (compilers/ IDE/ Libs; Open VPN, FORTRAN Power Station/ Developer Studio), maintaining Fortran applications 77...95 (Subject Matter Expert /SME, including modernizing code-bases)

Health Ways International Inc, Westborough, MA Linux Software Developer 03.2009–04.2010

Roles: Software Engineer, Professional Support Service based on experience.

Duties: Enterprise level distributed subsystem of VOIP/messaging software installation, configuration / performance optimization, updating, customization and the end users support; Subversion (SVN) server/agents (Windows/Linux) installation, configuration and support; prepared the “Quick Start” documentation.

Technologies: Linux Gentoo (kernel compilation), Ubuntu server/workstation, VirtualBox, Apache, PHP, Perl; Subversion (SVN) server/agents (Win/Linux); VNC; VirtualBox sand box was used to install/configure/testing of different VoIP software/versions, Linux servers and workstations; the international customers ongoing support provided.

University of Michigan, AOSS, Ann Arbor, MI Postdoctoral Training 08.2007–09.2008

(AOSS: Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences Dept.)

Roles: Researcher, Scientific Programmer, WEB Developer/Programmer/ SEO.

Technologies: FORTRAN 90,77 / C / C++, numerical methods and simulation, OS X, Linux, Apache, Scripting, Perl, Bash, CGI, Web design / content maintenance / programming, variety of build/install tools (e.g. CMake, Makefile.

Minor: PHP, MySQL, Java Scripts, SSH, VNC, HPC, CVS, netCDF.

Main duties: work closely with scientists to maintain code, write major upgrades; developing, debugging, updating, upgrading, maintaining and re-factoring large bodies of existing scientific computational code of large-scale distributed system/cluster of HPC. Developing and maintaining build systems using Make, porting applications to different operational systems (Windows, Linux, MAC OS X), coding, unit test, and maintenance; applications installing and configuring. Using software process tools including source control, developing software for complex scientific applications, suggest improvements to the performance and manageability of the code. Code (FORTRAN, C/C++, PHP, Perl) development practice, including Object-Oriented Programming, Parallel programming and MPI. Developed new and maintained an old web sites (Dept & research group) with accessibility compliance requirements (Section 508).

(ITRON–)FlowMetrix, Inc., Maynard, MA Software/ Hardware/ Web Engineer 07.2005–08.2007

Roles: Consultant, Software Engineer, WEB master/ designer/ developer/ SEO.

Technologies: C#, C, MATLAB; HTML, SEO, Visual Studio, Java Script, CSS, Windows XP, IIS.

Minor: CGI, Apache, Perl, ESRI GIS, Java, Pascal, XML, VB, MS Visual Studio 6(7).

Duties: Designed, developed and implemented from scratch business web site (more than 150-pages, Search Engine Optimization process (SEO) using the Google web-masters tools. Assemblage and testing digital sound sensors. Developed (partially translated to C# from Pascal/VB) and debugged codes for signal processing unit of digital correlator (Fast Fourier Transform unit for embedded software, results was tested by Signal Processing Unit in MATLAB). Prepared preliminary C#/ WPF codes for ESRI GIS shape file editor/viewer. The legacy C/Java/VB/Pascal source codes and algorithms were refurbished to use in in C#.NET web-based distributed system of monitoring and data collection and the real time states visualization/representation.

National Academy of Sciences (NASU), Kyiv, Ukraine (till 07.2005)

Lead Engineer Mathematician, Senior Research Scientist

Group of Computational Physics & Numerical Simulation, Dept. of Discharge Physics and Plasma Devices, NASU.

The general experience includes: computational modeling & simulation / numerical methods & algorithms / object-oriented software design and development with implementation in C/C++/FORTRAN 77/90/95, including debugging and computational results visualization. I am highly experienced with software life-cycle development including specification, design, implementation, testing and maintenance.


Postdoctoral Training, University of Michigan, AOSS (Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences), Ann Arbor, MI, 2008

PhD. in Physical Electronics, 1997, Institute of Physics, Kyiv, National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine (NASU)

MS. in General, Theoretical & Mathematical Physics, Applied Mathematics and Software Engineering, Numerical Methods and Analysis; National T. Shevchenko University of Kyiv (NTSU), Ukraine.


1 book, ~34 papers and reports, including in peer reviewed journals (IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci etc). Certified WEB developer (since 1999).Technologies: HTML, CSS, Perl, CGI, LAMP, JS (Java Script), Adobe/ Macromedia Fireworks, DreamWeaver, Flash etc. More than 500 static web pages and 9 websites from scratch were designed, coded and maintained. Linux Academy (training courses w/o exams)

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