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Data Science, Machine learning, Data Analyst, Data Analytics

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
March 12, 2020

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Name: Jai Sai Manikanta Visarapu

Contact No: 630*******


LinkedIn: GitHub:


To work for an organization that enhances my knowledge and provides me the opportunity in an industry for professional growth while fulfilling organizational goals by means of my knowledge and skills in data science.


Capstone project with

Thomson Reuters Company Built an Natural Language Processing model on Budget Speech Data.

(02/2020 To Present)


(05/2019 Post-Graduation Program in Data Science and Machine Learning Course at Jigsaw –

To Academy Certified by University of Chicago Graham School.


2019 Dhanekula Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vijayawada, B.Tech (Computer Science) Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada. 73.80%

2015 Sri Gayatri Junior College, Vijayawada, MPC (Maths, Physics, Chemistry) group 95.3%

2013 B.R.R.A.C High School, Vijayawada. 95%



Data Science, Big Data, Python, R, SQL, MS Excel, Tableau, Statistical analysis, Data analysis, Predictive

Machine Learning & analysis, Regression analysis (Linear regression), Classification analysis

Deep Learning: (Logistic regression), Clustering (K Means, Hierarchical), Decision trees, Random

forest, Ensemble models, Bagging, Boosting, Time series forecasting, Deep Learning Frameworks (Tensor Flow, Kera’s), Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), Recurrent Neural Network (RNN), LSTM, Tensorflow, Keras, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Spark, Apache Cassandra..

Other skills: C programming, C++ programming, Java, MS Office.


•Post-Graduation Program in Data Science and Machine Learning Course at Jigsaw Academy with collaboration of University of Chicago Graham School. (05/2019 – present)

Credit Risk Classification on German Bank Credit Dataset:

Prepared data quality report to understand the dataset, removed variables having more than 20% missing values, eliminated variables based on variable profiling.

Performed Descriptive Statistics, Univariate & Multivariate Distributions, Exploratory Data Analysis to understand the relationship between Variables, and performed Outliers treatment.

Built several Classification models such as logistic regression model, Random Forest, AdaBoost Classifier, Gradient Boosting, Bagging Classifier, Decision Trees, Extra Tree classifier, Gaussian Naïve Bayes, Support Vector Machines, Linear SVC, eliminated nonsignificant variables.

finalized the Logistic Regression model after several iterations, performed cross validation and tested the model using ROCR and AUC score and identified and classified the Credit Defaulters from Non-Defaulters. Based on this Model we can identify whether bank customer will repay the loan amount or not.


Project Link:

From Data

Visualization to Business Intelligence Project using Tableau:

Tableau published workbook link

Other Project works:

• Worked on a real-world dataset that has been compiled by a private equity company about Energy Consumption in India.

• This project Goal is to develop insights about energy deficit/surplus across states, predict the future of energy demand in a fully electric India, and make recommendations about which sources of energy to install in each region.

• Created a Storyboard in Tableau to visualize the data and provided insights and recommendations to the above problem statement using

Smart Dashboards for better understanding for Deficit / Surplus states and Regions

Using line charts For time related date

Using Map for Geographical related data

Bar charts and Histograms

Using Pie chart for data having less than 5 detailed points

Using groups, calculation fields and parameters for the visualization

Smart India Hackathon Project on Aadhar based biometric voting system

Deep Learning Case studies

Stock Market Predictions

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Boston House Price Predictions

Recognizing Cat Image in Image Classification Problem


•Selected in Smart India Hackathon 2018

•1ST Prize in Essay writing in samskruthi event

•Took active participation in Student Innovation Day

•I attended the workshops conducted on Android, Oracle

•Member of CSI

•Participated in various forum activities and college cultural activities.


•Got 2nd prize in Dance competitions in DHANUSH2K17 fest

•Promoting AMARAVATHI MARATHON through participating in FLASHMOBS

•Member of Uniting Hands (Charity)

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