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Software Engineer Intern

San Francisco, CA
February 27, 2020

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408-***-**** Sunnyvale, CA EDUCATION

San Francisco State University GPA: 3.5

B.S Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics Expected Graduation: 05/2021 Relevant Coursework:

Data Structures, Programming Methodology, Machine Structures, Linear Algebra, Calculus I/II, Discrete Math, Software Development, Advanced Software Lab, Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems, Introduction to Databases


OmniVision Technologies Santa Clara, CA Software Engineering Intern May 2019 - Aug 2019

• Designed and developed 2 front-end interfaces holding 4 web-based database management consoles, each for the Marketing and Sales Team, for users to efficiently manage company data from their database.

• Full Stack; Used Python, Django, Pandas, and MySQL for backend, and used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front-end.

• Utilized Selenium and Pytest to implement test scripts to test web application functionalities. San Francisco State University CS Department San Francisco, CA Research Assistant Sept 2019 - January 2020

• Assisting PhD Professor and Master students in analyzing data by developing machine learning tools to detect online spam on Twitter as well as gain hands on experience with cybersecurity.

• Collecting data from Twitter and performing data analysis. (Python, SQL) San Francisco State University CS Department San Francisco, CA Course Assistant/Grader Aug 2019 - Present

• Assisting in introductory to Java programming course, CSC210.

• Working with professor in testing and developing grading tool to automate grading assignment files.

• Helping tutor kids during office hours as well as grade quizzes, exams, and coding projects. SKILLS

Languages: Python, Java, C/C++, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Swift, SQL, PHP, MIPS Frameworks/Technologies: Django, Node.js, Pandas, Git, React.js, Ruby, MongoDB, NumPy, Linux/Unix PROJECTS (GitHub)

3D Renderer Java Repo: angiereyes99/java-3D-renderer

• Implemented a 3D perspective and textures renderer using pure Java; ran through a makefile.

• Utilizes Graphics and player controls for movements to interact with 3D world and to implement textures for the walls.

• Project is in a first-person view perspective to emulate a first-person game. Weather Watch Full Stack Repo: angiereyes99/weather-app

• Created a locally run weather forecast web application using Node.js and Express.

• Users can manually input any city and country around the world to get the current weather and forecast. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES/HONORS

Dean’s List August 2017 - Present

San Francisco State Division II Wrestling August 2017 - Present Philippine’s World Team Member Wrestling March 2019 - Present

• National and World team member representing the country of Philippines in international competitions to compete against other athletes all over the world.

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