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Security Officer

Tampa, FL
February 27, 2020

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Larry A. Burkert


***** ********* *****, ****** ******, Florida 33543

813-***-**** Cell –


* ***** ******** ****** / ***********, US Military

* ***** VIP Security / PSD / Executive Protection / Mechanic, Airscan-Erinys

1 years VIP Security / PSD / Drug Eradication / Mechanic, DYNCORP INL

1 years VIP Security / Executive Protection / PSD /Mechanic, Blackwater USA

4.1 years Armed Security / Executive Protection, Wackenhut G4S

3.10 years Armed Security Escort/Executive Protection, St. Moritz Security

1 years Armed Infrastructure Security, AlliedBarton Security

3.7 years Security Manager Lead / FEMA – DHS

2.5 years Facility Security Officer – CDSE - DIA

2.5 years Industrial Security Specialist – CDSE - DIA

2.5 years Counterintelligence Specialist – CDSE – DIA

2.5 years Insider Threat Management Specialist – CDSE - DIA



Seasoned, highly efficient, and well-organized professional with over sixteen years of experience in the security and safety compliance at all levels. Versed in the development and implantation of effective security policies and procedures. As an Armed Security Officer who possess deep expertise in all aspects in physical and electronic security operations, performing vehicle and building security assessments, and coordination with military, local law enforcement.



Intelligence gathering and dissemination

Security survey and analysis

Military Police/Special protective security, training, planning and operations

Terrorist/counter terrorist training

Advance firearms techniques

Close quarter combat

High Risk Entry

Basic/Special military police training

Personal Security operations

Investigation techniques, rules of evidence and interviewing



FEMA / DHS, United States, Tampa Florida

Security Manager Lead

HSPD 12 PCIF Manager


Iron Key Administrator – March 2016 to Present

FEMA Employees has a regular and recurring emergency management responsibilities, though not every position requires routine deployment to disaster sites. All positions are subject to recall around the clock for emergency management operations, which may require irregular work hours, work at locations other than the official duty station, and may include duties other than those specified in the employee's official position. Travel requirements in support of emergency operations may be extensive in nature (weeks to months), with little advance notice, and may require me to relocate to emergency sites with physically austere and operationally challenging conditions.

As a Security Manager in FEMA's Incident Management Program, I am responsible for the following duties:

1. Supervise and participate in the development and presentation of plans when directed, transition plans, demobilization plan, continuity of operations plan, occupant emergency plans.

Typical Assignments:

1. Establish contacts with local and other Federal law enforcement agencies as required.

2. Conduct FEMA disaster security operations assessments.

3. Identify security vulnerabilities and threats in the affected areas.

4. Develop and adjust the security plan to meet changing conditions.

5. Set up a secure environment for personnel identification operations.

Duties that aligns within my scope of duties

1. Coordinate security activities with appropriate incident personnel; Implement security awareness programs.

2. Develop and present disaster-specific security awareness training for incident management personnel.

3. Administer security contracts and force protection assets.

4. Conduct security operations

5. Prevent theft of all government and personal property

6. Document all complaints and suspicious occurrences.

7. Provide employee badging services

8. Submit reports to HQ as required.

AlliedBarton Security, United States, Tampa Florida

Supervisor of Armed Infrastructure Security Detachment – March 2015 to April 2016

As a Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Armed Security Officer, my job is designed to introduce the security officer to the current policies, plans, doctrine, and methods of protecting critical infrastructure. As the Training Officer, during this contract the security officers will learn the theories and principles surrounding critical infrastructure protection in the United States and explore techniques to apply security & resiliency principles to critical infrastructure facilities. The security Officer will decipher his roles and responsibilities as follows:

Responsible for the creation of key Information Security Intelligence, Security Analytics, Information Security Architecture, Risk and Privacy and/or Cloud Security assets to be used by the security practice globally

Accountability for the development of strategic assets related to specific projects or offerings, as well as the related activities

Participate in infrastructure and application project teams providing consultation on information security designs

Work on improvements for provided security services including the development of new tools and supporting assets

Review and define requirements for information security solutions

Limited travel possible but not regarded as a mobile role

Collaboration responsibility with delivery team members; Technical and Process design and delivery responsibilities

St. Moritz, United States, Lakeland Florida

Armed Jewelry Escort Lead/Executive Protection – March 2012 to April 2016.

As a St. Moritz Jewelry Escort – I am a highly specialized individual that provides jewelry representatives with armed protection while transporting diamonds and other precious jewelry. To provide the level of protection necessary for the jewelry industry, while working for St. Moritz, I developed a network of over 2,000 active and retired police officers to accumulate a wide range of information. As an armed escort, my main function is the safety of the jewelry representative. The main faction as an armed escort, I must protect against the South American Theft Group or South American Terrorist Group (SATG). The SATG is an organized group of Columbian Gang Members who specifically target jewelry. Through vigilance and attention to detail, as a St. Moritz armed escort I performed over 20 escorts without incident. With a professional career that included duty as an U.S. Navy Military Police officer, I have gathered and maintained the experience and I am well-versed in understanding, planning security, and successfully completing the public transport of precious gems.

As a St. Moritz Executive Protection Agent, I maintain at-risk individuals out of harm’s way. Trained in pro-active protection procedures that are designed to recognize, analyze, and neutralize threats before they become problems. Conflict resolution, professionalism, discretion and above all sound judgment distinguish while performing details as a St. Moritz Executive Protection Agent. I am highly trained and having Military Police enforcement background, I focus on preventing the incident from escalating. If an incident escalates to an extent that there is no other choice other than to use force to directly protect lives, as a St Moritz Executive Protection Agent I am very well trained to react only with the force that is necessary.

Wackenhut Security, United States, Tampa Florida

Armed Team Member, Personal Protection Detail – June 2010 to August 2014.

As a member of an elite company located in Tampa, Florida which requires to be rigorous in a high tempo environment, while maintaining as an armed personal protection and armed security guard for the company and escorting management during cash transfers within the company of protection and apprehension of individuals for theft of company assets and transfer of individuals to local or state authorities, also under the supervision of the Sheriff peace officer supervisor, staff the metal detectors at courthouse entrances and provide general security for the court complex. Weapons of any sort are confiscated, and the owner arrested for possession of a weapon in a courthouse. Any item that may be potentially used as a weapon is restricted from entry. As an armed security guard in the courthouse will monitor visitors as they enter the courthouse, they will be required to pass through a magnetometer and all belongings may be inspected with x-ray screening equipment. Along with working with the Pasco Sheriff Office, as an armed Custom Protection Officer, I worked closely with trusted staff in the hospitals to provide a flexible, responsive service which meets and exceeds the security officers in the hospital and Sheriffs office.

US Department of State, Baghdad, Iraq (Blackwater),

Team member. Personal Protection Detail/VIP Escorting Security/Mechanic – July 2008 – August 2009

As a member of an elite 14-man mechanical detail located in Baghdad, Iraq. Which required rigorous maintenance in high threat and tempo areas. While maintaining as an armed personal protection agent within the company, and escorting VIP’s too many different areas of Iraq. I planned and executed daily operations for 2-3-man teams while maintaining VIP/EP Protection in the company.

US Department of State, Bogota, Colombia (DYNCORP INL)

Team member. Personal Protection Detail/VIP Security/Mechanic for International Narcotics Law Enforcement – August 2007 - July 2008

Responsible for the security of the drug Eradication Program during all facets of operations, including mechanical and counter terrorist operations while operating in Bogota, Colombia. Served as a member of a 12-man team in conjunction of aerial and ground armed operations.

US Department of Defense, Baghdad, Iraq/ Kirkuk, Iraq (Airscan/Eryins), Team member, Executive Protection Detail/VIP Defensive Driver/Mechanic for VIP extraction/Maintaining company aircraft – October 2004 – September 2005

I planned and executed motorcade and air operations involving coordination with military, and US Embassy personnel, stationed within Baghdad, Iraq, while partnering with Irnys, a Great Britain company. I also was the liaison who appropriated the details for the company Airscan in Kirkuk, Iraq. I was also the liaison between military high-ranking officials and the company for appropriation of accommodations, fuel, armed transportation, communications and security of all incoming company personnel.

US Department of Defense, United States Navy, Various locations, Military Police/Corrections – August 1983 – August 1988.

As military police, I am in command of maintaining national security as a whole.

I provided area security while patrolling the areas.

I dealt with prisoners of war and other detainees.

I Guarded gates which includes conducting random vehicle searches and checking ID cards before granting entry to any place.

I carried out duties for anti-terrorism purposes.

As military police also work in dispatches, answering 9-1-1 calls.

I was trained to work with K9 dogs in searching places, etc. I was also trained to provide security to refugees, keeping them safe from disasters.

I carried out intelligence operations in crime scenes.

Ensure the security of people and the nation as a whole.

While patrolling, make sure every area is inspected.

Maintain order in whichever area they are assigned to.

Help citizens in need.

Provide necessary guidance to the public.

Work to be physically fit to perform the duties more efficiently.

Be ever present in times of need.

Keep a close watch out for crime or disorder



(FAA) Airframes and Power plants License – 2603626

(A.S) Professional Aeronautics Management – July 1993

(K-License) 1600018

(DI-License) 1800306

(D-License) 2941408

(G-License) 2907946

(WX-License) 2930746

(Certificate) GLOCK Armorer

(Certificate) Florida K – Firearms License Instructor

(Certificate) NRA LE Firearms Instructor

(Certificate) NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

(Certificate) NRA Range Safety Officer

(Certificate) NRA Certified Instructor

(Certificate) NRA Security Officer Pistol Instructor

(Certificate) NRA Firearm Home Safety Instructor

(Certificate) ASI: Executive Protection – July 2010

(Certificate) ESS GLOBAL: Executive Protection – February 2013

(Certificate) BLACKWATER WPSS: High Threat Protective Operations – August 2008

(Certificate) Military Police/Corrections School – August 1983

(Certificate) First Aid, AED, CPR – June 2019

(Certificate) Open water Scuba Diver – 14032 NAUI

(Certificate) Open water Scuba Diver – 6234 PADI


FEMA / DHS Certificates – Over 75 certificates, please ask to submit if needed.

4 hours - Firearms Safety Part 1 – 07/09/11

4 hours - Firearms Safety Part 2 – 07/09/11

2 hours - Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards

(CFATS) – 07/09/11

4 hours - Effective Patrolling Day and Night – 07/08/11

4 hours - Serving the Security Customer – 07/08/11

1 hours - Violence – 07/08/11

1 hours - Ethics in Security: Protecting the Customer – 07/08/11

8 hours - Communicating Effectively with the Public and Media

1 hours - Crowd Management – 07/09/11

1 hours - Reasonable Suspicion Training – 07/08/11

1 hours - DHS Chemical Security Awareness – 07/08/11

2 hours - Agroterrorism – 07/08/11

8 hours - DHS Chemical Security Awareness (MTSA)

8 hours - Recognizing Suspicious and Unusual Activity –

1 hours - Security Interviewing Techniques – 07/08/11

1 hours - Diversity & Sexual Harassment – 07/08/11

1 hours - Notes and Writing Incident – 07/08/11

1 hours - Terrorism – 07/08/11

1 hours - Teamwork and Security Tasks – 07/08/11

1 hours - OSHA – Haz. Com and First Responder Awareness – 07/08/11

1 hours - Warning Signs of Transit Terrorism – 07/08/11

1 hours - Emergency Procedures – 07/08/11

8 hours - Port Facility Security Essentials: MTSA, MARSEC LEVELS AND TWIC – 07/09/11

24 hours - Advanced Search of People and Vehicles – 07/08/11– 07/09/11

2 hours - Mobile Patrol Using Cars, Bicycles, and Carts – 07/08/11

Equipment Experience:

Qualified/Knowledgeable in the following weapons:

GLOCK: Armorer

9mm Handgun - Florida Certified Instructor

38mm Handgun – Florida Certified Instructor

40mm Handgun - Florida Certified Instructor

45mm Handgun – Florida Certified Instructor

M4 Tactical Rifle

M15 Tactical Rifle

12 Gauge Shotgun – Florida Certified Instructor

Taser - Certified

Knowledgeable in the uses of the following equipment:

OC Spray - Certified


Handcuffs - Certified

Tactical First Aid Kit

Balistic Vest

9mm, XD9 Handgun

9mm, SR9 Handgun


9mm, Glock 17, Handgun

9mm, Glock 26, Handgun

40mm, Glock 22, Handgun

45mm, Glock 21SF, Handgun

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