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Infrastructure Engineer

Pleasanton, CA
November 05, 2019

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Ram Kumar Pochammala


Pleasanton, IL


Netapp, EMC and Hitachi Storage Professional with Over 8 years of strong IT experience in the areas of system installation, configuring and troubleshooting with extensive expertise on EMC and Hitachi Storage in Windows, Linux,Solaris and Vmware Environments.

Automating the storage provisioning tasks leveraging RESTful APIs.

Experience in writing Python and powershell scripts for automationg storage daily/provisioning tasks.

Expereience in NX-API rest services to automate Cisco SAN zoning.

Expereinced in NetApp single and clustered mode, provision storage as part of day-to-day activity.

Practical expertise in SAN deployment, and management of CISCO and Brocade Directors.

Experience with VMware VSphere, Cisco UCS blade servers and Dell Poweredge R730, DL360.

Implemented Hitachi configuration manger for registering storage systems for Rest calls.

Experience designing and implementing blade server based end user computing environments

Played a Major role in designing the Datacenter in Richardson as a active site and Olathe as a cold site and migrate the Physical and Virtual machines from variuous legacy datacenters to the newly built.

Experience in Site recovery manger, building protection groups for DR purposes.

Implemented Vmware vSAN on ESX version 6.5.

Experience in managing and supporting vROPS(vRealize operations).

Updating ESXi hosts and vCenter server applicance with security patches.

Implemented Power shell/PowerCLI remoting and script execution.

End-to-end Storage provisioning expertise with VNX5700,VNX5300,VNX 5800, V-Max 20, XtremIO and Hitachi G series, VSP family, HUS150, HUS-VM, IBM-A900R.

Completed POC on Dell ScaleIO to qualify for the usage on midrange applications using multiple drive types.

Experience in filesystem, Multiprotocol Environments like CIFS,NFS,SMB and mixed mode in Islion and NetApp NAS environment

Managed FAS960c FAS 3040c provided support functions using Filer View and CLI, monitored performance data using Data Fabric Manager Suite.

NAS Storage; NetApp FAS3260, NetApp FAS6240, Oracle ZFS-SA 7420

NAS Replication: NetApp SnapMirror, NetApp SnapVault

NAS Management: NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager

Experience in Migrations from VNX to V-Max.

Experienced in EMC SAN configuration with SRDF/S/Semi/A/ Adaptive copy, TimeFinder BCV/Clone, EMC Snap, SAN COPY, Snapview, Mirror view, Navisphere Manager, Connectrix Manager, Fabric Manager, Device Manager, ECC, EMC PowerPath, Hitachi NDM, HUR for block repliaction, Tuning manger, Hitachi configuration manger for rest calls to the storage systems.

Experienced in HA design implementation, Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Experienced in interacting with Client solutions, IT operations and management of teams, clients and vendors.

Very adapting at utilizing resources and integrating EMC best practices and leading edge technologies while being aware of business requirements.

Experienced with enterprise class storage including SCSI, RAID and Fiber-Channel technologies and the accompanying enterprise class software solutions.

Configured SAN MDS in newly built datacenters using FCoE as a protocol for server to storage and FCIP for asynchronous block replication.

Expertise with Snapshots, FlexClones, SnapMirror, Snapvault and NetApp management tools like FilerView, NetApp system Manager, Operations Manager.

Experience on HP-3par.

Familiarity with TSM/Netbackup.


Storage Arrays: Xtreme IO, Dell Scale IO, Vmware vSAN, EMC VMAX 100K, VMAX200K, VMAX3, VNX 5700,7500,VNX 5300 Symmetrix,Hitachi G1500,G1000,G600,VSP series, HUS-150, HUS-VM, EMC Islion X-400,NL400, NetApp FAS3260, NetApp FAS6240, Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster mode, NetApp Element and System manager and Oracle ZFS-SA 7420.

Storage Software: Unispehre for V-MAX, Unispeher for VNX, Perfomrance monitor,Navisphere Manager, EMC PowerPath, Fabric Manager, SMC, Solution enabler, SRDF/A, SRDF/S, TimeFinder, Snapview, SANCopy,Powerpath migration enabler, Storage Scope, HBA anywhere,Sansurfer,VNX-Monitoring and Reporting,unisphere for recoverpoint, Connextrix manager converged network edition, Hitachi Command suite, Hitach istorage navigator, Hitachi tunining manager, Hitachi replication manager, Hitachi configuration manager. XMS for manging Xtrem IO(Gen I and Gen II), SyncIQ, InsightIQ.

San Switches / Directors: Cisco MDS 9700, 9200, 9513, Brocade DCX, G610, G630

Operating systems Windows, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Vmware ESX 6.5, 6.0, HP-UX.


State Farm Insurnace July 2015 – Current.

Pleasanton, CA

Storage Adminstrator.


Planning & Integration tasks in NAS environment with over 5PB of data.

Configured aggregates, volumes and qtrees on NetApp filers

Configured and manage NFS and CIFS shares/Vservers from netapp filers

Performance and capacity monitoring of NetApp

General administration including RAID groups, aggregates, vservers, volumes etc.

Scripting using NetApp CLI commands

Setup Snapmirror replication and Tape backups between data centers for Disaster Recovery

Upgraded Data ONTAP on each node from 8.0.1 to 8.1 General availability (GA) version.

Naming convention for netapp storage.

Carried out test plan on a newly configured cluster for Hardware and Installation tests, Cluster tests, filename and file access, snapshot and snap restore snapmirror and resync tests.

Setup cluster configurations with CIFS and NFS for NAS storage

Involved and assisted with ongoing migration storage to NetApp clusters from Bluearc NAS and Core File system.

Documented role based access control for various roles.

Performance testing using iometer tool and document various benchmarks.

Co-ordinate with various customers and assisted with service catalog description regarding storage, backups and availability.

Careful and well written documentation and making Visio’s for future purpose.

Involved with architecture, networking, security and monitoring to design and implement NAS storage.

On hands experience replacing disk shelves, disks and SAS cable troubleshooting.

Weekly technical engagements with NetApp and customers.

Leveraged Rest API services on the storage systems to automate daily activites/SAN provisioning using Python.

Implemented Dell ScaleIO with ready nodes with encyption over cloudlink and also with self encrypted drives.

Perfomed peformance testing on ScaleIO comparing SED’s and encryption over cloud link.

Configured SAN fabric using FCOE in new two Date centers using MDS 9700 and MDS 9250i.

Configured FCIP replication swithces to enable the data replciation for DR purposes

Configured Enterprise class and midrange SAN arrays, EMC VMAX3, XtremIO Gen I and Gen II, Hitachi VSP-G1000, G1500 VSP, G-600, IBM-A9000R

Performed proof of concepts on EMC XtremIO, ScaleIO, Vmware vSAN, IBM A9000R, Hitachi G-1500 all flash nterprise class array.

Installed, and configured Array virtualization, RAIDCOM, RAID technology and groups, zoning, networking fabric, thin provisioning, tiered pools, replication and snapshot SAN technologies.

Configured array encryption and QoS features

Installed and configured new SAN Cisco MDS 9500,9700 and 9200 series switches

Configured and troubleshoot fabric features i.e. VSAN, FCDOMAIN ID, FCIDs etc.

Configured SAN multi switch fabric and "edge core edge" topology using FCoE as a protocol.

Installed and configured Cisco Data Center Networking Manager and Device Manager.

Managed all features of DCNM i.e. reporting - Knowledge of FICON.

Implemented interplay of SAN extension i.e. FCIP, LAN and WAN technologies.

Worked with and can understand various teams work efforts- VMware, Linux, Network.

Automated data stores creation on Vcenter using Power Shell and Vmware Powercli.

Configured replication environment for Mainframe global mirroring efforts.

Performed Array based migration using HTSM and NDM.

Worked with virtualization teams to re-claim oversubscribed provisioning.

Configuration of the CCI server for the HORCM files

Performed thin provisioning on Hitachi G1500, G1000, EMC VMAX, XtremIO.

Performed thick provisioning on Hitachi G1500, G1000 and VSP series.

Configured command devices for integrating SRM with the storage systems for replication from one date center to DR site.

Configured FICON MDS 9700 series for Mainframe CPU’s.

Externalizing new storage systems behind an old arrays in order to migrate the volumes.

Configured HTNM for monitoring and performance of the storage systems.

Played a main role working with the network team for finding the issues on the replication links from active data center to cold/DR site.

Managed over 110 Islion nodes of S,X and NL types in H500, H400 clusters.

Created NFS shares with multiple protocols NFS, SMB, Mixed for windows and linux clients.

Experience in working with clients solving the mount issues and AD/LDAP permissions.

Experience in writing knowledge items on creation of NAS shares and SNMP alerts for operations teams.

Configured cluster containing 6 IQ 12000X nodes, 1 IQ Accelerator and IQ 36000X node. 3 dedicated clusters containing 5 X-400 nodes with +2. 2 cluster with 3 X-400 and 2 NL-400 nodes with +2. 1 cluster with 5 X-200 and 4 X-400 nodes with +3. 1 dedicated cluster with 9 NL-400 nodes with +3.

Performed analysis on SyncIQ policies for moving customer data from one cluster to another. Upon looking at the result suggested and increased the no. Of workers to 5.

Migrated around 80 TB’s of data from Unas cluster of IQ 12000X running 5.5.x to new dedicated cluster NL-400 nodes running 7.0.x OneFS using SyncIQ.

Performed performance analysis on every cluster, according to the results suggested and implemented upgrades where necessary.

Designed and expanded existing clusters as per customer performance requirements.

Performed capacity planning and Forecasting on clusters.

Using InsightIQ done monitoring and Performance Analysis on clusters.

Environment: Vmax 3,EMC Xtrem IO,Scale IO, Vmware vSAN, Hitachi VSP, VSP G-1000, VSP G-1500, G-600, USP-V, USP-VM, AMS-2500, IBM A-9000R, HP P9500, HP XP1024 storage arrays,,Hitachi Device Manager, Hitachi Storage Navigator, Hitachi SNM, SNM 2, Hitachi Universal Volume Manager, Brocade CLI, Cisco CLI, Cisco Fabric Manager, Cisco Device Manager, EMC Islion X-400,NL400, SyncIQ, InsightIQ.

Cisco Systems April 2013 – August 2014

Hyderabad, India

Storage Analyst.


Controlling & Monitoring Network Interface.

Checking the status of aggregate and volume usage using DFM.

Checking the ticketing tool and mails.

Configuring and troubleshooting SnapMirror Environment.

Performing Daily health check to monitor the usage of LUN, Aggregate and volume utilization.

Configuring H drive for the users in the environment.

Restoring the data using snap restore and CIFS shares.

Dealing with permissions (Adding/removing the security groups to the shares) for share folders in CIFS.

Configuring and troubleshooting SnapVault Environment.

Performed DR test for the environment.

Snapshot, lunclone, flexclone management.

Setting up and troubleshooting V-Filer Environment.

Lun management (LUN creation, LUN snapshots, Manual and automatic igroup management, LUN restore) using Snapdrive.

Setting up and troubleshooting NFS, CIFS, and SAN (FC and ISCSI) Environment.

Configuring windows ISCSI Boot LUN for the environment.

Ontap OS upgrade from 7.3.3 to 8.0 7 mode.

Storage remediation like HBA driver and firmware upgrade.

Managed and monitored SAN environment with EMC Celerra,EMC Clariion storage array CX3-40/80 with Brocade 4100, DS-16B2 switch with provisioning and zoning to hosts.

Created meta devices on Symmetrix DMX 3000/2000.

Worked on an EMC Symmetrix 8830 to EMC DMX1000 with SRDF/S -based data migration project in SAN environment for UNIX and Win2003.

Configured different RAID groups and allocated LUNs to storage groups using Navisphere Manager.

Implemented Powershell remoting and script execution.

Performed POC on Hitachi VSP series storage system.

Depending upon the host’s request created Meta LUNs or allocated additional LUNs for additional storage and also decommissioned the unused storage to improve resources availability, based on Thin Provisioning.

Non-disruptively Migrated LUNs from one RAID group to another to overcome the performance issues with I/Os in SAN environment.

Registered new HBAs whenever there is a failure in the HBA of particular host using EMC Navisphere manager.

Dealt with the situations like one-path-failure, trespassed LUNs, failure in the objects also upgraded the FLARE CODE version.

Performed host Allocation/De-allocation and Zoning using Cisco Fabric manager and ECC.

Managed SAN fabrics and SAN security, monitor storage capacity and utilization to maintain optimal free-space levels

ECC Ionix control center upgrade to UB 8.

Symmetrix Bcv disaster recovery testing.

Environment: EMC CLARiiON CX3-40/80, EMC DMX 3000/2000, EMC Symmetrix 8830, MDS 9509, Brocade DS-16B2/4100, Hitachi VSP family,Cisco Fabric manager, Cisco Device manager.

Pyro Networks August 2010- March 2013

Hyderabad, India

Storage Consultant

Responsibilities: Data Center Migration and BAU.

Day to day storage allocation on V-MAX, Dmx, VNX, Clariion, Celerra, Netapp.

Performance Monitoring of all the VNX using VNX monitoring and reporting tool.

Dmx to Cx 480 Migration of 2.4 TB using Powerpath Migration Enabler Host copy.

Recoverpoint setup on both the sites and configured Replication.

Setup and configure SRM for VMware replication.

Upgraded firmware on Brocade switches and fabric splitters to Version 7.0.1a

Migration of Core applications using Recoverpoint.

Migrated data from one legacy datacenter to the newly built ones using VNX replicator.

Switch Migration from DCX to B5300.

Performance tuning on Dmx.

Installed and Configured Connectrix Manager Datacenter Edition.

Upgrade firmware and sas versions on DCX and Brocade 7600ap.

setup domain id on switches

Install and configure Connectrix manager datacenter edition.

Run fiber, setup and configure V-Max.

setup gatekeeper devs, Install solutions enabler

Install and configure SMC.

Performance monitoring using SPA. (Add luns to a group and monitor its performance.)

Deploy ionix control center 6.1 ub4 and update to update bundle 14.

Thin provisioning and FastVP policy setup on V-Max 20.

Followed EMC best practices in storage provisioning-complete balance of performance across all the FA's.

Full provisioning for VMWARE as we faced performance issues.

Flare upgrade on CX3-80 to install clarion splitter.

Upgraded enguinity microcode to 5876 on V-Max.

Upgraded SMC to unisphere for VMAX.

Coordinating with ofiice locations in malayasia for Maintaining, configuring and Supporting VMware Virtual Infrastructure, which has above 70 ESXi 5.0 Hosts which are in Production and Non-Production environments connected to San storage with 600 Vm’s running Windows & Linux and over 2000+ workstations running Windows XP.

Played a Major role in designing the Datacenter in Dallas to migrate the Physical and Virtual machines from San Diego Datacenter.

deployed and configured EMC PROSPHERE 1.7

Configure ESRS.

Configure V-Max Acl for recoverpoint.

Configured VNX file and block based storage..

Environment: Symmetrix V-MAX 20, DMX-4,VNX 5700,VNX 5500, Clariion CX-480,CX3-80,NS480,Netapp Fas, EMC Ionix Control Center 6.1 UB8,Brocade DCX,Brocade b5300, SMC 7.3,SPA,FAST and FAST/VP, Unisphere for V-Max,Unisphere for V-Max 20.

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