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Engineer Software

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
120000/- $
October 28, 2019

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Diveymaan Agrawal



Diveymaan is a Computer Science Engineer having over Eleven years of experience in architecture, design and development of large-scale software systems. Strong skills in C++, C#, OOP, Data Structures, Algorithm, Multithreading, Design Pattern, Cloud and .Net Concepts.

His role consists of Software Development, Technology Leader, Software Architect. TECHNICAL SKILLS

Proficient in: C++, C#, Algorithms,Multithreading, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, System Design,.Net Framework, Azure.


Technical Specialist

United Technologies – HRDC, India

Software Engineer II

Microsoft – R&D, India

Senior Engineer- Engineering

Continuum, India


Capgemini, India

Software Engineer

Patni Computer System Ltd., India


Jun 2015-Dec 2017

Oct 2014–Jun 2015

Jun 2010-Oct 2014

Jan 2008-Jun 2010


Product: North America Area: Products.

Company: United Technologies Division: OTIS

Software: C++, C#, Data Structures, OOP, System Design, Micro services, Azure. 18 Months

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is an US multinational conglomerate. It's Fortune 50 Company. It researches, develops, and manufactures products in numerous areas, including aircraft engines, aerospace systems, HVAC, elevators and escalators, fire and security, building systems, and industrial products, among others. Otis is leading elevator company (165 Year), Annual revenue of US$ 13 B. Our objective is to create Smart Elevator Systems. Elevators will connect to Cloud and Next Generation Products. This enhance Customer Experience, Safety, Performance and Fault tolerance. Working on Product which auto commission elevator systems, auto configure elevator settings and service for customer feedback. Role:

• Design and Development for Engineering Products.

• Product Ownership.

• Architect and Design for advance system and migration of legacy tool to Cloud/Mobile/Web Solutions.

• Understand business requirement and convert BRD into technical specification.

• Implementing design patterns and coding best practices for team. Product: Enterprise Commerce – Microsoft OEM.

Company: Microsoft Division: Windows Device Group

Software: C++, C#, Data Structures, OOP, System Design, Micro services, Azure. 30 Months

Microsoft OEM is an Enterprise Commerce site for OEM. It is in use for EC of Windows and Devices licenses/products. Where site is responsible for 20 billion $ annual revenue.

It is a channel to sale Microsoft product to the end user through PC manufacturer. It licenses to “distribute” not “use”. It supports Physical and Digital supply channels. In digital supply channels, electronic delivery of product key directly from Microsoft to OEM happens, product activation rights associated with hardware hash and genuine Microsoft label affixed to machine. This platform has capabilities like Order, Return, CBR, PBR, Fulfillment, Reporting and integration with others systems like SAP, OLS, AVS etc. Role:

• Design and Development of Product.

• Architect, Design & Develop for UI, Middle Tier and database object development.

• Code reviews, Overseeing and assisting developers on UI, Middle tier and database.

• Understand business requirement and convert BRD into technical specification.

• Implementing design patterns and coding best practices for team.

• Automation Design and Development.

• Leading DevOps practice .

Product: PSA Integration.

Company: Continuum Division: Autotask, Connectwise. Software: C++, C#, Multithreading (Task Parallel Library), Design Patterns, SQL 2008 R2. 8 Months

Autotask and Connectwise API Integration is Professional Service Automation (PSA) integration which help our partner to integrate our ITS Portal and Autotask/Connectwise through API.

With the help of these API Integration partner can access the selected data on Autotask and Connectwise portal. It is designed to optimize the processes and workflow to manage all of professional services: Managed Services, break-fix, consulting engagements, system integration, networking projects, software implementations, service desk contracts, and scheduled maintenance. These all services are managed by respective API at our product side, which consume exposed services for data synchronization . All business and functional requirements are processed through API. Role:

• Technical Design/Solution for product requirement.

• Design and Development for API.

• Application Performance Profiling.

• Creating and Development of Multithreading environment. Product: PRAXAIR- North America Logistics System.

Company: Capgemini Client: Praxair - USA

Software: C++, MultiThreading, WCF, C#, .Net 3.5, WPF, Winforms, Profiling Tools. 52 Months

Praxair is a global, Fortune 300 company that supplies atmospheric, process and specialty gases, high-performance coatings, and related services and technologies to a wide diversity of customers. The system supports the bulk gas distribution and all other logistics functions. This product handles customer demand forecasting, order entry and delivery scheduling, driver and equipment management, interfaces with other systems such as JDE, Telemetry and On Board Computers. It supports localization to cover all bulk logistics activities in 3 main regions USA, Canada and Mexico and comply with application validations imposed by agencies like FDA and Canadian HPFBI by making use of electronic records and signatures.

The screens of the software are designed in WPF, transactions are maintained by Multithreading, the code behind is done in C++ and C#. Communication with the server was done using WCF, database is SQL Server. Role:

• Technology Lead, Solution Expert.

• Design & Developed API using C++.

• Design and Development of Modules.

• Development of WCF services for server and client interaction.

• Creating and Development of Multithreading environment.

• Design Methodologies implemented MVVM, MVP, n-Tier Architecture.

• Code Remediation & Application Performance Profiling.

• Microsoft Best Practices Implementation.

Product: METLIFE – EKnowledgeManagement System.

Company: Patni Client: MetLife- USA

Software: C#, MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0, Code Profiling Tools. 10 Month

EKM is MetLife knowledge management portal, MetLife is running their portal for long time & now they are looking out for Performance, Improvements, Code enhancement and Code standardization for their portal. Role: Code- Analysis, Standardization, Improving Performance measures, RE-Structure Code Design in terms of Standards, Implementing Microsoft Best Practices, Implementing Security Measures, Performance Enhancements. Product: Enterprise Employee Self Service.

Company: Patni Client: Microsoft- USA

Software: C++, C#, .net framework 4.0, SharePoint 2010, Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2008

• 8 Months

EESS is SharePoint 2010 Portal having common functions like Employee end to end Records, Salary Structure, Leave Applications, Expense & other Balance reports.

Objective of this portal is to implement all common enterprise employee functional services using SharePoint 2010 features.

• Role: Design and Development, Implementation of SharePoint 2010 features: BCS, Client Object Model, Workflows and MS Office Services.

Product: TOSHIBA Lotus Notes Application to SharePoint & .Net Migration. Company: Patni Client: Toshiba- Japan

Software: C++, C#, .net framework 3.5, MOSS 2007, WSS,, Lotus Notes, SQL Server 2008, Lotus Notes, Unify Composer.

• 8 Months

The Requirement of the project is to migrate their Lotus Notes application to .Net/Sharepoint application. They have large application on Lotus Notes and require to migrate on SharePoint/.Net domain keeping all the Data, Functionality, and GUI as same. For this converting each thing of Lotus notes to SharePoint is big challenge, we use Tool Unify Composer for some of feature. Many features not migrates via tool are migrated and developed manually.

Role: Understanding of complete System, End to End Design and Development for feature, Migration Activity, Design & Development of features which not compatible with migrated platform. Product: ICICI Prudential- Insurance Policy Generation. Company: Patni Client: ICICI- India framework 3.5, MS SQL Server 2005, ASP.Net 2.0, Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), WCF, Multithreading, Microsoft Synchronization Framework 2.0 . 4 months

This POC is created based on the way insurance company generates policies for their customers. We have Create a Policy,Provide interface for user to view and approve/reject Policy,Create a work flow for Premium and Document Approval in the case of Missing documents or Premium amount is more.,Forward the request for approval of policy to higher authority.,Generate the Policy after Approval.

Role: POC Design, Complex Business Logic Development, Workflow Development, Multithreading Development, Coding. Product: WAVE (

Company: NIIT Limited

Software : PHP, MySQL, Java Script, HTML,MyAdmin

4 Months

Wave is a self regulated system, which help to provide Knowledgeable content on user request. People who are joined with Wave are Volunteer, they have some or other role/responsibility towards system. Any request we receive at our site for content, we just start the flow for volunteer to contribute their role towards content. By this way we provide required content to people Role: RnD for design, functionality, process and flow of system, Coding, Role and Profile for Volunteer, Design for Product. Product: AUDIO-VIDEO STEGANOGRAPHY

Company: Convergys

Software:jdk 1.4, J2SE, Eclipse

7 Months

Audio-Video Steganography is software, which helps us in transmitting secret messages through innocuous cover mediums in such a manner that the existence of the embedded messages is undetectable. Carriers include audio and video files. The hidden message may be plaintext, cipher text, or anything that can be represented as a bit stream. Convergys is working on some Data Encryption Application which helps in their safe data transmission. This module implements steganography for their application and successful encryption and decryption of their data from Audio and Video files . Role: RnD on Steganography concept, Algorithm Design, Application Development for Encryption-Decryption of data in Audio-Video file. CERTIFICATIONS

• Microsoft Certified Professional Developer: Windows Developer 4.

• Microsoft Certified Solution Developer : Web Application.

• Microsoft Certified Professional: Creating Windows based Application Using VC#.Net Framework 1.1. EDUCATION

Moradabad Institute of Technology

2003 - 2007

Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh Technical University

• B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) with 67% Aggregate. Wilsonia College

Moradabad, ISC Board

• 10 + 2 (Science, Computers, English) with 65% Aggregate. 2002 - 2003

• 10 (Science Base) with 73% Aggregate. 2000 - 2001

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