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Data Scientist

Markham, ON, L3T 3T7, Canada
75000 - 80000
October 24, 2019

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AhmadReza GodarzvandChegini

Mobile: +* - *** - **1 - 0185 125 Bay Thorn Dr Thornhill (ON) L3T 3T7 Data Scientist Associate


Full-stack competence with data manipulation ranging from mining, preprocessing, analyzing, and visualizing

Master’s research focused on performing federated learning over distributed relational databases

Solid theoretical and practical pro ciency in machine learning, e.g., deep neural networks

Con dent in reinforcement learning concepts and implementations

To be graduated with a Master’s in Computer Science from McGill University by November 2019

Proactive, diligent, and able to multi-task

Computer Skills

Programming Languages:

MATLAB, Python, Bash, Java, C++, SQL, R

Computer Tools:

Docker, PyTorch, IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Tensor

ow Experience

Research Assistant Feb 2018 { Dec 2019

McGill University

Master’s Thesis - The Challenges of Federated Learning in a Distributed Relational Database

Synthesis: Studying the empirical challenges of applying gradient descent methods and bagging in machine learning in distributed relational databases with skewed data partitions

Role: Experimented the distributed versions of the algorithms ‘linear regression’ and ‘random forest trees’ and restored some of the lost accuracy due to skewness of the data partitions

Tools: Docker, Python (Sci-kit Learn, threading, Pandas, visdom, Plotly, abc), Bash

Deep Learning Project - Training Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Synthesis: Training a GAN and comparing against a VAE over Street View House Numbers dataset

Role: Developed a customized GAN classi er and implemented the importance sampling VAE

Tools: Python (PyTorch)

Reinforcement Learning Project - Bitcoin Auto-trader

Synthesis: Implementing RL algorithms to trade in a simulated exchange market using Bit nix’s data

Role: Selecting and testing RL algorithms such as Dyna-Q, Fitted-Q, and a range of tabular MDP algorithms

Tools: Python (Pandas, Matplotlib), Bash

Applied Machine Learning Project - Data Curation

Synthesis: Web scraping to curate a multilingual dialogue dataset using Scrapy’s python framework and Splash’s docker service

Role: Programmed a web crawler to extract French dialogues from Doctissimo’s internet forums

Tools: Docker (Splash), Python (Scrapy, lxml, re)

Machine Learning Project - Data Visualization

Synthesis: Composing a tutorial on Visdom, a visualization tool developed by Facebook AI Research

Role: Partnered with Dendi Suhubdy, a current PhD student in MILA lab, to write a tutorial on GitHub demonstrating how to display video and GIF les on Visdom severs

Tools: GitHub Markdown

Research and Development Intern Apr 2017 { Jul 2017 Behsazan Mellat Co.

Synthesis: Pro ling accounts and customers for fraud detection analysis on banking transactions, using IBM InfoSphere DataStage

Role: Designed an ETL data

ow from an OLAP database to streamline monthly business intelligence (BI) reports

Tools: IBM InfoSphere DataStage, IBM DB2, IBM Cognos, R (K-Nearest Neighbours)

Sociocultural O cer (SO) and Academic A airs O cer (AAO) May 2015 { Mar 2016 Yarigaran Sharif Student Organization

Organizational Mission: Providing education for under-privileged and disadvantaged children in orphanages, NGOs against child labor, and single-parent support centers

Role as SO: Organized over 20 events geared toward volunteers and children under care of our partner organizations

Role as AAO: Supervised 18 member coordinators promoting activities with our partner organizations Education

Master of Science in Computer Science Sep 2017 { Dec 2019 McGill University

Selected Courses: Representation Learning (A Deep Learning Course), Applied Machine Learning, Machine Learning, Distributed Systems, Reinforcement Learning, Matrix Computations

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Control Sep 2013 { Feb 2017 Sharif University of Technology

Selected Courses: Fuzzy Logic, Probability and Statistics, Signals and Systems, Linear Algebra, Analytical Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Multi-variable Control Self- nanced all undergraduate and graduate education Selected Certificates

‘E ective Leadership’ & ‘Communicating E ectively’ May 2019 McGill Executive Institute Montr eal, Canada

Selected Additional Experience

Head Teaching Assistant of Software Design Sep 2018 { Dec 2018 McGill University

Role: Dealing with logistics for the course instructor and teaching assistants as well as evaluating assignments

Teaching Assistant of Concurrent Programming Jan 2018 { Apr 2018 McGill University

Role: Grading assignments and holding o ce hours each week

High School Teacher Sep 2016 { May 2017

National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents

Role: Taught school on Math Olympiad Subjects covering combinatorics, algebra, number theory, and geometry Honours and Awards

Fonds de recherche du Quebec (Fonds de recherche Nature et technologies) 2019 Scholarship

National Informatics Olympiad 2011

Bronze medal

National Mathematics Olympiad 2011

Gold medal

International Mathematics Competition (IMC) 2011

Bronze medal

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