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Engineer Assistant

Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
October 20, 2019

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Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.

Cell: +234-803-***-****, +234-701-***-****;



Highly energetic & result oriented professional with over 12 years of diversified experience both in Educational and Corporate (Banking) sectors.

• 4 years+ experience on International Education Agency & Consultancy Service.

• 4 Years+ Freelance Information Systems Engineer.

• 2 Years of Academic Research Assistant.

• 2 Years on Working On E-Medical Software And Research Development with Python Programming Language:

• 2 years + on Computer Networking and Telecommunication

• 4 Years + Retail Banking experience in Cash And Tellering; E-banking platform Customer-end trainer with UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA PLC. (UBA Plc) EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

CEO/General Manager, (2015 - Till date)

International Education Agency & Consultancy Services; DOUBLE WILLIAMS INT'L LTD. NIGERIA.

• Functioned as self-employed or contracted by consulting firms;

• As an international Educational Consultant (EC) work as consultant who helps parents/students and academic Institutions/ organisations with educational planning and recruitments.

• University Representatives abroad.

• Marketing leader and highly respected for its services in international development and student recruitments.

• Offering of similar services as to schools’ counsellors overseas in career guidance. Freelance Information Systems Engineer (2015 - Till date) DOUBLE WILLIAMS INT'L LTD. NIGERIA.

• Managing and monitoring all installed systems and infrastructure.

• Installing, configuring, testing and maintaining operating systems,

• Application software and system management tools

• Working with Windows or Linux Server Environments.

• Working with PHP Web Programming Architecture PHP, JavaScript, and SQL.

• Ensuring the highest levels of systems and infrastructure availability. Academic Research Assistant attached to Prof. Dr. H. Sevay (2013 - 2015) NEAR EAST UNIVERSITY via Mersin 10, TURKEY.

• Collection and analysing of data. prepare materials for submission to the Universities.

• Supervise Undergraduate students working on their research project (maintaining records on assignment completion)

• Acting as liaison/mediator between the undergraduate students and the faculty researchers Masters Student (INFORMATION SYSTEMS ENGINEERING) (2012 - 2015) M.Sc Degree Thesis on E-Medicals Software And Research Development with Python Programming Language.


• Python Gnu/Linux To Testing A Software System That Automatically Derives Computable Symbolic Paternity Index (Pi) Formulas,

• That Account For Mutations And Silent Alleles For Single Tandem Repeat (Str) DNA Profiles In Trio Scenarios. (FATHER, MOTHER AND CHILD).

• Our system was developed to be both publicly available and able to generate symbolic formulas besides being able to generate numeric results whenever needed.

• We developed our software system on the Ubuntu GNU/Linux operating system using the general-purpose programming language Python.

• For symbolic computation, we used the publicly available SymPy Python package.

• Our system essentially reproduces the formula tables available in the literature involving mutations, mutations with population substructure consideration, and silent alleles.

• For cases that published work presented numeric examples, we provided numeric validation of the corresponding formulas to establish the soundness of our approach.

• Proficient User: Gnu/Linux for routers, automation controls, televisions, digital video recorders, video game consoles, and smartwatches. Many smartphones and tablet computers run Android and other Linux derivatives.

• Because of the dominance of Android on smartphones, Linux has the largest installed base of all general-purpose

• Expert user of LATEX (TeX Typesetting).

• Expert User of MS-Windows based programming language user. Banking and Corporate Retail Services, Cash and Tellering; E-Banking and Anti-Money Laundering Tracker (2008 - 2012)


• Retail Banking services, Cash and Tellering;

• E-banking platform customer-end trainer platform customer-end trainer with and won several Local Branch award for best Cash handling Staff several times.

• Receive And Count Cash At The Beginning And At The Closing Of Shifts.

• Identify Customers worthy of Loan facilities

• Validate and Cash Checks.

• Receive Cash And Checks For Slip Deposit,

• merchant tellering (supervising other Tellers),

• Process Cash And Check Withdrawals.

• Perform Specialized Tasks Like Preparing Checks,

• Personal Money Orders And Exchanging Foreign Currency.

• Verify And Receive Loan And Utility Bill Payments,

• As Well As Mortgage Payments.

• Record All Transactions Correctly And In Compliance With Bank Guidelines.

• Balance Cash And Check Transactions At The Closing Of Each Shift.

• Answer Inquiries Relating To Current And Savings Accounts,

• As Well As On Other Bank Relations.

• Assist the customer to setting up E-banking platforms/ applications and

• Anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing monitoring using data analysis to detect unusual activity during processing by monitoring transactions, customers and the network of behaviours.


M.Sc in Information Systems Engineering July 2015

Near East University (NEU) Via Mersin 10, KKTC, Turkey H.N.D in Computer Science Sept 2007


O.N.D in Computer Science July 2003


REFERENCE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST(unless requested to attach)

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