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Petroleum Engineer

Houston, TX
October 14, 2019

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Houston, TX ***** 346-***-****


Leverage Versatility and International Industry Experience to Optimize Results Quick learner with robust problem-solving skills, strong technical foundation, and persevering work ethics. Industry exposure signifies adaptability of evolving industry, team morals, and results-oriented attitude geared towards better business results, and superior company reputation.

– Drilling Engineering – Pre-Well Planning (Well Placement)

– Post-Well Evaluation – Reservoir Characterization

– Well Operation Finances(AFE) – Well Production Analysis

– Completion Engineering – Reservoir Modelling & Data Base Management

– Well Flow Simulations – Wellbore Geo-mechanics

– Casing Centralization Programs – Well-Site Supervision (Drilling & Workover)

– Geosciences & Geo-statistics Interpretation – Formation Evaluation( Petro-physics)

– Well Hydraulics & Fluid Flow Efficiency – Petroleum Industry Software Expertise RELEVANT EXPERIENCE

HALLIBURTON Energy Services, Houston, TX 2018 - 2019 Optimization Specialist, Well Placement & Formation Evaluation. Prepared reservoir models to simulate BHA configuration and M/LWD tool responses to optimize drilling BHA configuration. Monitored real-time drilling data and communicated with drilling team (DD, Company Man, and Drilling Engineer) to steer well based on 3D Reservoir models prepared from petro physical and seismic data.

Communicated increased wellbore lateral reservoir contact and added service value through post-well drilling reports.

Employed expertise in Reservoir 3D modelling, Geo-statistics, well planning (Landmark) and formation evaluation or dip picking softwares, LWD tools (Resistivity, Sonic, Gamma, Neutron etc.), survey tools, telemetry tools and BHA or bit vibrations dynamics.

GEOLOG INTERNATIONAL & GEOLOG AMERICAS, Houston, TX / Milan, Italy 2017 - 2018 Drilling Data Engineer, Advance Services Specialist (Surface Logging & Drilling Optimization Services) Interpreted RT drilling parameters (WOB, ROP, SPP, ECD, MSE, Active Flow, Pit volumes) and drilled gases to monitor issues (kicks, losses, drilling break, hole cleaning) for efficient drilling; provided formation logs and maintained data base servers; performed flow simulations (ECD, Torque & Drag, Surge & Swab) and monitored optimal flow conditions.

Gained versatile drilling experience from geothermal projects in Germany, multi-pad oil and gas projects in India and Turkey, horizontal drilling in Texas (Eagle Ford) and Oklahoma (SCOOP / STACK), deep injection wells in Permian.

Established opportunities with several clients in East African region under BDM by exploring developing markets.

Provided several advance drilling optimization and reservoir rock analysis solutions, tailored for client’s requirements: o Interpreted RT data for early kick and mud-loss detection providing optimal drilling practices. o Conducted bit-burn analysis, reducing bit-trip uncertainty, for cost effective use of bit. o Characterized reservoir fluids through thermal extraction and advanced gas chromatography of hydrocarbons, identifying target zones for maximum production profitability of gas and oil. o Monitored RT borehole fractures and borehole stability in high-angle horizontal and extended reach wells, delivering detailed reports on wellbore fractures and hole-cleaning conditions. o Provided wellsite or laboratory TOC, pyrolysis, XRF, XRD for organic source rock and inorganic geochemistry evaluation, for geosteering and for reservoir characterization. MANZOOR KHAN PAGE TWO

NATIONAL PETROLEUM SERVICES, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2015 - 2017 Well Services Engineer, Cementing, Completion Tools, P&A and Coiled Tubing Services. Managed 10 rigs as field Engineer, prepared job programs (simulated fluid pump rates, line pressure profiles, fluid displacement efficiencies, casing centralization, pipe integrity analysis etc.), supervised pre-job requirements / jobs on site, and monitored slurry quality in lab or rig site.

Implemented VBA programmed sheets for service tickets to monitor revenue and equipment mobilization controls.

Utilized cloud for enhanced QHSE protocol for equipment pressure testing and load certification procedures.

Involved in preparation of technical tender documents (laboratory slurry designs and equipment specifications), service pricing, and R&D for new contracts (ADMA, GASCO).

Executed various jobs such as cement plugs (balanced, side track and through coiled tubing), flexible liner, and expandable cement jobs, fly or batch mix multi stage jobs, well intervention Jobs with retrievable packers and storm valves for various operations, with 100% success rate. EDUCATION

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Petroleum Engineering, Minor: Business and Economics, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO, cum laude, dean’s list and honor roll, GPA: 3.5

Reservoir Geo-mechanics online course, Stanford University, Online PROJECTS AND TRAININGS

Engineering Projects:

o Designed unmanned asteroid drilling and exploration device to drill and collect mineral samples in zero gravity. o Developed reserve estimation from decline curve analysis of production data and optimized enhanced oil recovery plan for drilling and producing from field in Wyoming. o Created and wrote workover procedure to replace gas lift to plunger system as production engineering consultant o Field Session: Analyzed petroleum geology, unconventional reservoir, EOR methods (polymer, WAG, MWAG and CO2 injection) and production logging concepts.

o Halliburton (Boot Camp): Trained on logging tool procedures and log interpretation basics.

Teaching Assistant at Colorado School of Mines(2014-2015): o Well Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation Reservoir Rock Properties Fluid Mechanics.

Laboratory Expertise:

o Geosciences Laboratory: X-ray Diffraction X-ray Fluorescence Total Organic Component Pyrolysis Gas Chromatograph Isotope Spectrometry Cuttings Fluid Analysis Soxhlet Extractors Cuttings Fluoroscope. o Cementing Laboratory (NPS): HPHT Consistometers Compressive strength analyzer Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer Gas Permeameter Static Gel Strength Analyzer Pycnometer CHA Filter Press Viscometers etc. o Reservoir Rock Properties (T.A): Rock Liquid & Air Permeability PVT Rock Grain Size Rock Pycnometer Density Rock Porosity Hydrocarbon Distillation Hydrocarbon Bubble Point Oil Gravity & Oil Density Soxhlet.

Field Equipment Expertise:

o Coriolis flowmeters EM flowmeters Pumps Compressors Sonic and Microwave fluid sensors Hook load Sensors Potentiometers Proximity Sensors Densitometers Torque Sensors Blenders Flow paddles etc.

Software Exposure:

o Cementing PVI cementing suite (@NPS): Cempro+, Centradesign, Cemlife, and Dr. De. o Halliburton 3D modeling and reservoir navigation (Insight, RoXC, Stratasteer and Landmark). o Formation Evaluation: Techlog and Dataview for log interpretation at CSM as TA. o SGeMS (Performed several reservoir modelling simulations at CSM). o Programming Languages: Applied C++ and Visual Basic. Introductory knowledge of Python. o Drawing Softwares: Solid works exposure at university, prepare drawings/simulate conditions for design.

Peer Mentor: Help freshmen transition into college; Mentor students and identify their learning styles, CSM.

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