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Power Plant Support

Edmonton, AB, Canada
October 08, 2019

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Current Address: **** ****** *** ** ******** ALBERTA T6W 1E4




City Address




Provincial Address


Lao Sta. Cruz Plaridel Misamis Occidental Philippines

Date of Birth


June 4, 1971

Place of Birth


Lao Sta. Cruz Plaridel Misamis Occidental Philippines






76 kilos



Roman Catholic

Civil Status











Seaman Book



Primary Level


Sta. Cruz Elementary School

Plaridel Misamis Occidental

Secondary Level


Saint Nicholas High School

Plaridel Misamis Occidental

Tertiary Level


Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering

Vocational Course


Basic Welding

Special Skills


Pipe Fitter/ welding,/ Structural, Rigger, Fabrication/foreman



April 17th, issued June 2nd 2014.Technical Education and Skills (TESDA) National Certificate(NC)11Pipefitting Certificate No.111***********

;May 20.2011

The Maritime Training Center Basic Safety Training Certificate No.BR05 370 09;May20.2009

Southern Institute of Maritime Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Certificate No.MPSC 105 10 8714;May 24-27 2010

Southern Institute ofMaritime Ship Security Awareness Certificate No. MISPS 069 10 5301; May 21.2010

Transnational Institute of Learning Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

NC 11 Certificate No.023; June 21 - 02 July 2010

Basic Safety Training and Instruction

Certificate No.14 431251B July 13/2010

Certificate of Competency

Certificate No.091***********; Nov.20.2009

Ge0graphe Energy Ingenuity at Work

March 18.2010. John MC Gregor Marine weld Inc. Basic Lathe Machine .Course certificateNo.LM 1000202 October 19 -23,2009

John MC Gregor Maritime weld Inc . Marine Fitter/ Welder . Certificate No.SF 783209; October 09 2009

Incident and Injury-Free. Training Course.

September 30 to November 16.2007


July 05 -July 12,2019 DCM Company/CNRL/Horizon shutdown



March 20-April 04, 2019 DCM Company /CNRL/Horizon shutdown

June 18, 2017- Nov 3, 2018 FTS AECOM KEARL LAKE SHUT DOWN

Position: Pipefitter

July 07 2016 – August 14 DCM Conpany/CNRL Horizon project McMurray

Position: Pipefitter

June 23, 2015 – April 4, 2016 Phoenix Industrial /CNRL Horizon Project Fort McMurray.

Position Pipefitter

May 20 - June 08.2015 Tansfield Asset Mgt.Int.Ltd/CNRL HORIZON

Fort McMurray

Position Pipefitter

Job Description:

Check all aria and location preparation all drawing and check the materials.

Lay out cutting of spools and grinding preparation for fit-up and install of spool valve flange and gasket and bolt double check all elevation and check all drawing.

Preparing all tools for rigging and lifting of pipe and spools valve and manual handling of materials and tools for rigging and lifting.

Bolt up alignment of valve and flange manual rigging and install of spool and support.

Check all location and drawing for preparation of all and materials for shutdown area 31

Preparation of sling cable for rigging and lifting for remove 20''pipe and replacement

Rigging and lifting and install 20''pipe bolt up and alignment of flange and torqueing.



Position: Pipefitter

Job Description:

Check the drawing and location for preparation for hydro testing and install of blind flange fittings and bolt gasket and torqueing, preparation tools and materials installed of pipe and flange alignment bolt up and install of support and torqueing and check the line and materials for a final inspection.



Position: Pipefitter

Job Description:

Check the drawing and location and installed the pipe and lay out cutting and welding and installed of support and alignment.

Check the line and collect the materials and preparation to lifting of pipe and installed of valve bolt gasket and torqueing.

Nov 4 – Dec 10, 2014 URS BONNYVILLE

URS FLINT ENERGY 100.2899 Broadmoor

Boulevard Sherwood Park, Alberta t8h 1b5

Position: Pipefitter

Job Description:

Check the location and drawing install of pipe and cutting grinding and fit up and bolt up of valve and lifting of pipe and valve and torque.

Check the drawing and install of support and welding and alignment of pipe.

Sept. 30 – Oct 21, 2014 NABIYE PROJECT JV DRIVER


2123601 82 AVE.LEDUC.AB.T9EOH7

Position: Pipefitter

Job Description:

Check the drawing lay out and install of valve and gasket bolt and alignment of pipe 3”/4”and 6” pipe and install of support and cutting and grinding and fit up and welding and alignment.

May 14, 2013 - Sep 20, 2014 URS Flint Energy 100,2899 Broadmoor

Boulevard, Sherwood Park,Alberta T8H 1B5 SURMONT2/CONOCO PHILLIPS

Position: Pipefitter

Job Description:

Check the drawing and location for preparation for all tool and materials fit-up welding and alignment and installation of spool install of valve gasket bolt and support for inspection and erection preparation of work tool spool.

Materials check for ground level for fit-up alignment and welding and prepared for erection of pipe line checking and punch list bolt up prepared for balance of materials installation of support fit-up alignment.

Handling of support valve flange gasket bolt and install and tightening and torqueing installed and cutting of pipe valve bolt gasket and supports.

Feb 18, 2012 - Jun 2, 2013 Kcoi/ Enertech Company

Kazahgan Disland Kazakhstan Offshore Oil & Gas Experimental Project.

Position: Field Engineer

Job Description

ISO drawing lay –out marked with the position where the construction is going to take action. Punch list in which should be indicated the punch items that we are going to close. Materials list available material list with only the items that will be installed as per the constructability dossier. Document will be given to the store signed by the person that will collect the materials. Copy of the material available list should be always given in advance to the material. Coordinator so to verify the real availability of the materials and take action. Working for Mechanical Completion preparation of mechanical drawing and piping.

Checking for a checklist the drawing for mechanical flash gas compression and main power generation emergency power oil separation .Working for PSA1- process support area1 and area 2 pau area process utility area and Riser Island. PSNM03A general arrangement VAVJHN name

Plate drawing details and HVAC for mechanical completion confirm associated instrument checklist complete. Check the correct filter element has been installed verify vessel and drain valves. Fitting and connections complete as per drawing Check the equipment details are correct has been installed check tank and base are level foundation and grouting are correct. Check all joints between dissimilar metals for galvanic corrosion potential .check the man way is accessible. Confirm the strainer filter correct type in accordance with relevant specifications strainer type single duplex. Check pipe work is aligned correctly and check that the damper is installed and access is available to damper internals.

April 5, 2011-Feb 8, 2012 Kent Eng’g & Constructors Kentz MEPC MALAYSIA)

SDN BHD Png Lng ProjectEPC4,hides gas conditioning Plant hides CHGCP&hides well pads

Client CBI Clough Joint Venture C/ESSO Highland LTD.

Png Project Papua New Guinea Oil & Gas

Position: Piping Foreman

Job Description:

Preparation tools &materials &install of piping at ground level and along the bracket line cut pipe to size copper tube and fixtures cut untruth and fix to plinth installation of metal bracket and water test line.

Install hot/cold water lines and equipment underneath modules. Installation of wash hand basins toilets and pipe work drill timber for holes for drain lines Install fire reel and lay water lines drilling and bolting of support for the 25mm diameter pipe.

Pump out overflow tank repair leaks and fabricate drain lines for dryers and drill and hole for drain line. Installed water supply line for ice maker machine working underneath the kitchen building fit up for 25mm super pipe with male socket super pipe clip unfix clamp with nut and bolt and PVC reducing bush copper flexible and elbow gate valve and PVC pipe.

Aug 26, 2010-Mar 11, 2011 United Holding/ Hail Lick Engineering

PTL Ltd. No.12 Teas Drive 1 Singapore 2263.

Position: Pipefitter

Job Description

Study and analyses for fabrication and erection and structural pipe rack and piping and support coordinates with engineer regarding to revisions and modification.

Discrepancy on issued for fabrication drawing. Fit up responsible for preparation of all fabrication piping fit up assembly responsible for checking materials as per specification and drawing to be used for fabrication as structural pipe support responsible for lay out cutting as per materials and plan required in fabrication coordinates with pipefitter welder and 12’’asphalt line pipe supports and pad shoes.

Guide anchor are in process and revising plan to re-issue by mid of next week and attached advance copy of related isometric and all pipe support and steam tracer and isometric drawing.

March 12 - May 18,2010 Cape East phil./Conoco Phillip.

Oil &Gas Off Shore Shut Down Project Bayundan, East Timor

Position: Pipefitter

Job Description:

Preparation tools and materials and drawing and isometric drawing fit up and alignment of pipe and erection.

Assembly of structural pipe rack and erection of pipe and valve fabrication and fit up of concentric reducer and eccentric reducer and blind flange alignment of pipe support.

Removing and installs of pipe and bolt flange alignment of flange bolt and gasket and lay out.

Assembling of structural and erection. Measuring and preparing pipe for fabrication and installation and bending steel and stainless steel pipe to given dimensions fitting up flanges for welding.

May 16, 2008 - July 18, 2009 Goro Nickel Project / E.E.I Corporation

New Caledonia / Inco Australia

Position: Pipefitter

Job Description:

Preparation all tools and materials this ARE # 260. 270. 255. 245. 275. Fit up and erection fiber resins pipe, steel pipe. Alignment and erection of storage tanks for process solution chloride and steel pipe. Blind flange and speed blind bolt gasket for testing for water filling and water flushing check the man way overflow. Have specified gasket and blind flanges all nozzles have gasket flange cover for water filling for protection only.

Erection for another work pipe and fit up for connecting for storage bank 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. For process solution chloride and alignment and fit up and erection 8” 6” 4” 2” 10” of pipe and installed for butterfly valve gasket.

Blind flange and stud bolts, nuts and spools of pipe. Support alignment checking the line and drawing of materials for a final inspection. GCT recommended or required skill includes physical strength and manual dexterity.

Reading and interpreting blueprints and specifications making detailed sketches for pipe and equipment fabrication. Installation and cutting opening for pipe using various hand or power tools measuring cutting with blades and torches threading grooving bending soldering brazing welding assembling mitering joining and installing pipes valve and fittings.

Aug 10, 2007- Jan 24, 2008

Washington Group International

Al Jabber Energy Services

Oil &gas Ras Laffan Industrial City State of Qatar


Piping foreman/structural

Job Description:

Preparation of materials and handling of scabbing the top off foundations shim plate fixing and pre assembly and erection of unity pipe rock. Preparation of tools and materials hauling and fabrication base plate and lifting pad eye for erection module 1,2 & 3 unloading and pre assembly of pipe rack structure on wooden sleepers and erection grids.

Secure each grid with wires to concrete blocks and chain black chain pullers

erection of connecting members, fit up and alignment to utility line nitrogen line steam line and fabrication of pipe support installation of valve, gasket bolt and support maybe be designated according to type of system installed as a pipe fitter.

Ammonia construction pipefitter fire sprinkler system construction pipefitter gas Pipe construction or type of piping used as pipefitter plastic pipe soft copper and Construction may be designated airdrop fitter mine and quarry fright airbrake.

Nov 4, 2006 -July 27, 2007 Sonamet Lobeto Angola Africa

Off shore Project / Oil and Gas

Position: Pipefitter

Job Description:

Preparation of piping Initial structure for piping duplex pipe see drawing black is – GP –S – PL – DTL 0917 and initiation side and special double joint. See AND Alignment header and installation of J-lay tower to be removed before welding pipe 12”, 24”, 10” and swivel flange RTJ 5000 PSI / 456 kilos.

See the drawing black and fit up and installation of spool catcher and base plate FTA fastening initiation pad eye spool catcher axis 70 DJ 14 plate 20mm thick guide machine FD. 25 linear and sliding frame and lifting pad eye for mud mat handling on yard and fit up for plate 8mm thick slot wag kizomba.c stag wag manifold large bore / small bore pipe.

Lay out assembles installs and maintains pipe systems pipe supports and related Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for steam, hot water he4ating cooling lubricating Sprinkling and industrial production and processing system operation and following Blueprints selects type and size of pipe and related of materials and equipment and support hanger and hydraulic cylinders.

July 25, 2005 - July 25, 2006 Nasser Al Hajre Co. Ltd.


Industrial City State of Qatar (Joint Venture of Qatar Petroleum and Sasol,

South Africa) Oil & Gas

Position: Pipefitter

Job Description:

Preparation for erection to all materials of acid into mixed bed polisher and a mixed polisher b and fit up 8” 10” 4” 2” 3” 1” 12” pipe for another line spent requirement line from mixed bed polisher and acoustic line and water block desalinated water recycle and installation for to unit 126 Jug Water tank erection and fit up.

Alignment installation for utility line to bisulfate tank and air line 96% sulfur acid line to unit 129 caustic soda from unit 146 Preparation for another work tools drawing and handling and materials of supply and spools belt up to flange gasket blind flange valve for primary service in hiker line.

Mixed bed polisher a face piping A and B and mixed bed polisher B interconnect to mixed bed polisher and a mixing air blower line assembles and installs of valve of metal and non-metals pipe tubes and fittings including of iron steel copper and plastic connects pipes using threaded Caulked soldered brazed fused or cemented joint and hand tools secures pipe to structure with brackets clamps and hanger using hand tools and power tools installs.

Maintains hydraulic and pneumatic components of machines and equipment such as pumps and cylinders using hand tools and maintains refrigeration and air conditioning system and pumps meters pneumatic and hydraulic controls and piping using hand tools and power tools following specification blueprint increases pressure in pipe system and observes connected pressure gauge to test system for leak and weld pipe support to structural steel members

Nov 20, 2004-May 6, 2005

DSEC Company Limited

Asa Loye, Iran

Oil &Gas &9th Olefins Cracker Plant Project



Job Description:

Preparation of tools and drawing and materials expedites the materials of the different group for supporting materials and preparation.

Checking the drawing for laying pipe for fitup or 36” 40” 60” 80” and 120” diameter CWR and CWS sea water line and fabrication of 10mm plate as blind cover of the1270mm radius pipe fit up tack and welding on the half –vbel created on the pipe and erection of pipe 80’’60’’ 36’’ 40’’and pipe laying and fit up and alignment.

Jan 29, 2003-April 5, 2004 EEI / ARCC Al Rushed Const. Corp.

AL KHOBAR KSA, Berri Gas Plant Project

Position: Pipefitter

Job Description:

Preparation of tools for fabrication and grander drawing and materials preparation of spools pipe and chain block for rig up for erection for pipe spools and control air system for fit up, installed the valves and the correct gasket.

Also the bolts nuts erection the water line of the boiler and rig up hanging support

for checking the line are complete support and valve flange gasket and bolts inspection for QC.

Preparation for another work expedites the materials and checking to be sure that all line complete fittings are installed is correct including the bolt and gasket fit up and rig up of steam supply flange valve for final bolting for inspection for ARAMCO QC.

April 8, 2001- Dec 22, 2002 EEI / ARCC AL – Rushed Const. Corp.

Al Khobar KSA Ghazlan Power Plant Project Rastanura, KSA

Position: Pipefitter

Job Description:

Checking the drawing and the complete materials and spools sling cable and chain block for erections fit up for steam line and installations of (lines) valves and fabrication fit up and rig up of spools and elbow 90” 20” and handling support and valve flange gasket nut and bolts.

Erection the water wall of the boiler line installed the pipe steam drum. Steam tracing installation and fabrication of support of exhaust system producing of all types of pipes boiler and spiral of longitudinal for all lines and fit up of heavy wall pipe and flange and valve “20” and installed the pipe and support.

Erection another work and fit up of heavy wall pipe cold reheat line and hot reheat line and steam line installed and erection the water line of the boiler installed the pipe line of steam drum.

Sep 29, 1999- Mar 20, 2000



Quezon City Philippines


Pipe Fitter

Job Description:

Assist for another work provides the packer plate activities include leveling and elevation of packer plate also check the strength by testing and hammer expedites the materials of the different groups and cleaning of bolts,valve flange steam line and steam tracing installation.

Fabrication of exhaust system, erection and installation of valve. Erection of air plant and nitrogen plant and horizontal and dummy pipe and support and erection of structural I beam and alignment of member and bolting checking of materials.

July 15, 1994 – March 22, 1996 EEI CORPORATION

D.S.M.C Davao City Darong Toril Davao City

Position: Pipe Fitter

Job Description:

Erection the water wall of the boiler installed the pipeline of steam drum steam tracing installation and fabrication of exhaust system producing of all types of pipes boiler and spiral of longitudinal for oil lines. Erection and fit up of heavy wall pipe and valve and installed the pipe and support. Prepared tools and materials for fit up and erection of valve for inspection and erection.

Nov 26, 1997- Aug 10, 1999



Mau ban Quezon Province Philippines


Pipe Fitter

Job Description:

Fit –up and fabrication of spools and erection of pipe and alignment Installation of spools steam line and valve gasket bolt and support Installed nitrogen line water line steam and erection.

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