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Data Manager

Vasant Nagar, Karnataka, India
September 22, 2019

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Seshagiri Rao Suravaram


Mobile: 990*******


• Looking to apply hands on experience utilizing predictive analytics and exploratory data analytics for statistical inference and creation of data insights as a Data Scientist. Bringing solid mathematics background, great consulting skills, and 4+ years of data experience. SKILLS

• Programming Languages - C, Python, SQL, UNIX, Shell Scripting

• Databases - Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Mongo

• Data Science - Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistics, Predictive Analytics, Feature Engineering

• Tools - MS Excel, Toad, OEM 12c, SQL* Plus, MySQL Work Bench, Jupyter Notebook, Tableau

• Big Data: Hadoop, Hive, Sqoop, and Apache Spark

Case Studies

Gramener Case Study

Risk Analysis and predicting the Potential Default using EDA and Hypothesis testing Car Price Prediction - Linear Regression

Built a model using Linear Regression (Including all 60 features) then performed RFE for feature selection and implemented the model with 6 features with an accuracy of 89%. HELP International

Performed PCA on the dataset and perfromed both k-means and hieracrchial clustering on the newly obtained PCA dataset, identified the countries which are in dire need of aid from the resulting clusters

Lead Scoring Case Study

Built a logistic regression model to assign a lead score between 0 and 100 to each of the leads which can be used by the company to target potential leads House price prediction

Built a regularized regression model to understand the most important variables to predict the house prices in Australia

Digit Recogniser

Built a model using SVM that can correctly identify the digit (between 0-9) based on MNSIT dataset

Telecom churn prediction - Logistic Regression

Implemented the model with logistic regression to predict whether a customer will churn or not churn with an accuracy of 80%. Used RFE for feature selection and have used PCA yet got the same accuracy

Loan Delinquency Prediction

Predicted the customers who will default by implementing the models such as Logestic Regression, Decision Tress and Random Forests.

Investment Case Study

Performed data analysis to understand the global trends in investments so that one can take the investment decisions effectively


Examination University Institute Year CPI/%

B.Tech/B.E. JNTU SISTAM College of Engineering 2010 68.00% M.Tech./M.E. National Institute of Technology Rourkela 2014 8.13/10.00 International Institute of Information


Technology (IIIT)

2019 7.00/10.00

X SSC Sarvani Vidya Nikethan 2004 85.40%

XII Intermediate Narayana Junior College 2006 85.20% PROFESSIONAL DETAILS

Database Consultant (30 Dec'14 - present) IBM

• Responsible for Working closely with client to gather the requirements

• Responsible for security and performance of the database systems

• Responsible for database refresh, cloning, backup and recovery

• Responsible for database replication and space management

• Creating shell scripts for automation and schedule jobs using crontab and OEM

• Responsible for mentoring the junior team members

• Performed day to day monitoring and optimizing. Provided developer support for creation of databases, tables, and indexes

• Managed database elements, including creation, alteration, deletion and copying of schemas, databases, tables, views, indexes, stored procedures, triggers and declarative integrity constraints

• Responsible for scheduling meetings with client and across the teams ACHIEVEMENTS

• Received an off-cycle promotion for exceptional performance in the account

• Deep Skill Adder Award for last four consecutive years for having the skills needed to support strategic solutions and emerging skills is of the utmost importance to the clients

• Manager Choice Award for demonstrating the IBM Practice: Share expertise

• GrabbedAIR 2000 in GATE 2014


1. Python for Data Science

2. Machine Learning with Python

3. Oracle Certified Associate- Oracle 11g Database 4. Certified Scrum Master


Cofounder of Abhyudaya – A social service organization aiming at providing value-based education to under priviliged children SOCIAL PROFILES

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• Github -

• Kaggle -

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