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Manager Engineer

Vienna, VA
September 07, 2019

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As a “detail-oriented,” resourceful, and seasoned, senior technologist and change agent, I leverage the experience I’ve acquired in 35 years of public and private sectors to help my customers achieve their goals.

I specifically have a long track record of taking on difficult transformations, integrations, and development problems and creating compelling solutions that make measurable business impacts for my executive business customers, thereby helping them make better decisions about IT strategy and investment.

Over the ten years I worked as a Technical Manager with Oracle National Security Group, I worked shoulder-to-shoulder with United States Department of Defense, Intelligence Agencies, and the key Top-Four Integrators who provide service and support to them, and I acquired and maintain expertise architecting, building and deploying:

● Multi-environment Identity and Access Management systems,

● Multi-environment, Multi Level Security/Cross-Domain Security, Solutions,

● Large, event driven systems,

● Migrating large data centers,

● “Customer focused systems and applications,” which meet their unique needs and requirements. Examples of this are,

Custom Built IDM Systems” for DHS/CBP, to the award winning, web enabled Decision Support System,

DIA’s – CRATE. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI), General Clapper, personally awarded CRATE and its developers, with providing actionable intelligence for “agents and operators” in the localization and termination of Osama Bin Laden.

During my career as a Senior Network Engineer at various United States and International Carries/Internet Service Providers, I acquired and maintain expertise architecting, building and deploying:

● “Carrier class” TCP/IP based networks - Large, scalable, highly available, “carrier class” TCP/IP based services networks for ISP’s and their customers.

● “Carrier class” TCP/IP based services - Scalable and highly available, “carrier class” TCP/IP based services to complement and supports the needs of ISP’s and customers.

Lastly, having lived and worked abroad, and working within these demanding sectors, it's afforded me effective interpersonal and communication skills, along with ability to identify issues, recommend improvements to streamline processes, and architect solutions for my customers.

Work History

2011-04 - Current


President Chief Executive Officer

Eight (8) years as the successful owner and operator of a Veterans Administration (VA) Certified "Small Business-Veteran Owned" company, who provides "security-centric" solutions for its customers within the Northern Virginia Area.

● Business Operations & Management - including, but not limited to:

‘ Finance – Payroll, AP/AR, GL accounting

‘ Business Development

‘ Staffing – Recruiting

‘ IT Vendor & Services Provider – Liaison, and Management.

‘ U.S. Federal, State Government Agency – Taxation, Certification, Database Registration & Listings

‘ U.S. Federal Security Compliance – DFARS, HSPD-12, and PIV.

● Vendors based technical solutions – Custom security solutions, and Identity and Access Management support of the following vendors, and their products:

‘ Oracle (8-12c) – RDBMS, Middle-Tier Products, Applications and Development Tools, and Languages,

‘ Microsoft – AD/ADLDS, Kerberos, Single Sign-on.

‘ Forgerock – Identity, Access & Directory products.

‘ Computer Associates – Siteminder

‘ Equifax – Anakam IDP/TFA

‘ Amazon – IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

● Custom Technical Solutions - Using software, frameworks, and protocols, but not limited to:

‘ Web services - RESTFul, SOAP, JAX-RS, ESB, Web APIs

‘ DevOps - JIRA, GitHub, Confluence, Remedy

‘ Source Control Systems - SVN

‘ Build Tools - Gradle, Maven, ANT

‘ Databases - No SQL databases, MySql, SQLite Apache Derby

‘ Development Tools – Eclipse, JDeveloper, SQLDeveloper

‘ Enterprise Architecture Frameworks - Zachman, TOGAF.

2019-02 - 2019-07



Sub-contractor To Rockhammer Talent Solutions, Greenbelt, MD

Contracted to provide augmentative Identity and Access Management support customer, during the period prior to “going live”.

Highly Available System Design - Engineered, installed, configured and deployment the system using

● Used experience from numerous similar projects with Oracle Identity and Access Management product stack to:

● Build-out of Oracle Identity and Access Management System - Installation, configuration and customization of a uniquely configured Oracle based IDM system utilizing Oracle12c products (Oracle Access Manager, Internet Directory Server, Oracle HTTP Servers) – to include, but not limited to.

‘High availability using Oracle's best practices. Participated in numerous meetings to gathered requirements, determine priority with management, compiled “build sheets” as required to ensure the successful deployment of system.

‘Security Compliance – Ensured compliance with enterprise security requirements through the enablement of numerous features, such as secure communications employing SSL/TLS, along with “system and component hardening” of O/S features for all Oracle products, and the servers they were installed on. Key features include, but were not limited to:

‘ The configured of Oracle Wallets, Java Keystore (JKS), OPSS Keystore Service (KSS) using Oracle and “Open Source” utilities, and

‘OAM – Custom configuration of policies, and Identity Providers (OAM as well as Weblogic servers), SAML 2.0.

‘OHS – Installation and configuration of Web-proxy services.

‘OID – Installation and configuration of OID, ODSM, as well as D.I.T.s.

● Auditing existing systems - Verified and validated configurations of existing deployed system, and its sub-components, ensuring that the system and sub-components were within engineering guidelines suggested by the vendor, as well as within the security guidelines of the end customer.

● Documentation (Installation and Configuration Guidelines) - Developed the installation and configuration guideline for the Oracle IDM based system. This required retrieval of old, out of date engineering installation guides, vetting the information for accuracy. When no installation and configuration for the Oracle product was available, I providing new, “custom tailored” installation, configuration and testing guidelines. This resulted in a “single point of truth” any engineer could go to, and guaranteed to rebuild the system!

“Tiger Team Support” - Participated in numerous “tiger team” efforts aiding and assisting enterprise applications, and their users, in troubleshooting and resolving connectivity issues.

2018-08 - 2018-12




● Request to participated as a “key -man “ by POWTEC stakeholders and Program Management, to ensure POWTECs chance of being awarded the role of prime contractor for the DOI's ”software driven, Zero Trust Network.”

● Efforts required:

‘ The ability to rapidly obtain a thorough understanding of “Zero Trust Network” architectures, enabling technology – networking, computing and software - to build and support a “phase-one” system for a ”software driven, Zero Trust Network.”

‘ Deep understanding of the software, automation, and operational roles necessary to build and operate the ”software driven, Zero Trust Network”

‘ Represent/Liaison - on behalf of POWTEC on matters pertaining to Software, as well as attend key meetings with Government stakeholders, on behalf of POWTEC, and the OCIO during meetings with the Department of the Interior and affiliates and FFRDC's, like Mitre.

‘ Develop custom software, and support any vendor software, during the build and deployment of the ”software driven, Zero Trust Network.”

● Identified technical feasibility's and “gaps,” and the solutions to address them. Efforts resulted in the successful awarding of ” Zero Trust Network” to POWTEC, as the prime contractor, and the position of Director of Software Development.

2013-04 - 2018-05

DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, CBP; Identity Management Practice for DHS Customs & Border Protection – ICAM;


Sub-contractor To Mythics Consulting, Inc., Vienna, VA

Contracted by Mythics Consulting to support all Oracle IDAM products (11gR2) for the end customer. Products include:

Oracle Identity Products - Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), and its subsystems

Oracle Access Products - Oracle Access Manager (OAM), Oracle Enterprise Single Sign On.

Directory Products – Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Oracle Unified Directory (OUD), and

Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD).

Acting as the ”trusted advisor”, Lead Architect/Team Lead and Customer Facing Technical lead for all aspects of Oracle's Identity Manager (OIM). Responsibilities included, but were not limited to,

Design, installation and patching of product, integration of customer application(s) into the ICAM infrastructure,

User migration,

Customization and branding,


Team and customer training,

SPLUNK integration.

Management Consultant (Compliance, Oracle Licensing, IDAM Architect),

Infrastructure Engineer - Oracle Identity Management,

Applications Integration Engineering using SSO,

Lead Architect/User Interface Standardization - Oracle Identity Management,

Lead Architect/AD Synchronization - Oracle Identity Management,

Lead Architect/Enterprise Email Integration - Oracle Identity Management,

Lead Architect/Engineer - Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On,

Lead Architect/Developer - Oracle Workflow Developer (Provisioning Custom Roles, Enterprise Password Reset),

Lead Architect/Developer - Oracle Business Process Management Architect,

Lead Architect/Developer - Oracle APEX 4.2 Custom Application Architect,

Lead Architect/Developer - Custom Java Development Architect (Custom Fail-Over Solution),

Lead Architect/Developer - Custom Oracle & Customer Log Backup & Storage Solution,

Provisioning and Implementation Engineer - X.509 Certificate, HSPD-12, FIPS 201-2 and PIV.

Custom design and development:

Custom “De-provisioning” Java Classes

Integration with Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Unified Directory

Unique De-provision Java Class allowing for variety of “customer specified” delete options,” custom flow-paths, and the ability to support multiple “on-boarded” applications without having to be re-written for each application, and each operational environment.

Unique Applications

Massively parallel logging and backups. Results - zero in “unscheduled down time” over two years.

High-availability and fail-over (HA/FO) solutions to support this, required custom java code be developed, while awaiting formal implementation by Oracle.

User Separation Testing – Unique Testing between custom OIM workflow and Microsoft AD to ensure that users have been “removed” from the system, as defined by the customers' business rules.

Custom development - IDM Systems and Services

Recent efforts include the design and development of the following integrated systems.

Some features of the systems are:

System One - an exceptionally lightweight, “user-centric” Role Based Access entitlement provisioning system.

Workflow – “Self-Service”, and “On-Your-Behalf”

Directory Services Synchronization – AD/ADLDS/Oracle-OID/OUD/OVD

Notifications Support – Internal system notification, external system email, as well as the ability to support text support*.

Compliance Support – Application Auditing, Application Re-Certification, as well as auditing (user interface, application logic, database) to meet compliance needs.

Support for Stakeholders and Communities-Of -Interest (Enterprise Management, Security Officers, Program/Project Management, Operations, ICAM Engineers) - Work better, cheaper and faster, by collapsing and consolidating into a single system, yet provide stakeholders and COIs with many virtual interfaces!

Reporting – Simple to Enhanced (date export in Excel format included.

System Two - second system enables organizations and engineering teams to:

Work and carry out there tasking without having to interact with ICAM Engineering.

Components & Organizations, at will, can migrate and maintain thousands of CBP Enterprise applications into, and out of CBP's ICAM Infrastructure, self-publish their applications roles quickly and efficiently, take advantage of any custom multi-stage “Self Service” approval, and “On Your Behalf” provisioning workflow available to their application, and provision into ICAM Directory Servers.

Lastly to ensure satisfaction, tracking, trust and loyalty, customers are assigned unique customer ticket numbers.

System Three – This systems purpose focuses on:

X509 Certificate management within the ICAM engineering organization. It provides three functions, they are:

Reporting – Centralized scanning, and alerting on all certificate “aging” within the “ICAM Infrastructure system to interested “communities of interest,

“Expert system for the O&M team,

Provide detailed information on host based information, certificate aging, and

Business Process Management – Within the enterprise, the process of registering X509 Certificate can be a daunting task, fitting the unique needs of the team needed to be custom designed.

2013-04 - 2013-08

INSCOM - United States Army Intelligence and Security Command


Sub Contractor To GSS-CGI, Alexandria, VA

Contracted to GSS-CGI as an advisor to, as well as the supporting of uniquely configured Oracle products to enable secure virtualization, system Identity and Access Management, Role & Attribute Based, using Oracle Cross-Domain Security Solution. Support services include complex configuration, trouble-technical oversight, validation and verification of Oracle products such as RDBMS, OIM, OAM, OES, and custom policies, scripts, and code deployed to support effort.

2013-04 - 2013-05

U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) and the National Archives' Office of the Federal Register (OFR)


Sub Contractor To Mythics Consulting, Inc., Washington, DC

Contracted to to Mythics Consulting supporting all Oracle IDAM products (11gR2). Products include:

Oracle Identity Manager,

Directory Products –

oOracle Unified Directory,

oOracle Directory Services Manager, and

oOracle Virtual Directory,

Services include designs and build High Availability system Identity and Access Management system using Oracle best practices for used data migration, technical oversight, as well as implemented of Multi-Master Replication for Oracle Internet Directory (LDAP).

2011-12 - 2012-12

Department Of Homeland Security/HSIN


Sub Contractor To Hewlett Packard, Chantilly, VA

Contracted to Hewlett Packard to support all Oracle IDAM products (11gR1 and 11gR2). Products include,

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM),

Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Oracle Access Manager (OAM),

Directory Products –

oOracle Unified Directory,

oOracle Directory Services Manager, and

oOracle Virtual Directory,

Oracle Entitlements Server.

Services include design, building out numerous environments and proof-of-concepts, integration with Microsoft SharePoint, used data migration, technical oversight, validation and verification of vendor solutions, as well as Equifax Anakam IDP/TFA 5.5 and AIS 6.0.

2011-05 - 2011-12

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)


EIS Inc., Tysons Corner, VA

Technical Solutions Architect for all Oracle related tasking. This included, but was not limited to Oracle IDAM products (11gR1). Products include,

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM),

Data integration,

Database refactoring,

Performance optimization,

Web-service development,

Custom coding.

2010-02 - 2011-04

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency &

Defense Intelligence Agency


Integrity Applications Inc., Chantilly, VA

National Geospatial Agency (NGA), Herndon, VA

Defense Intelligence Agency (NRO), Rossyln, VA

Technical Solutions Architect for integrating all PRISM COCOM data into CRATE. Design and developed a custom ETL tool to migration all PRISM data from COCOMS into the CRATE system. Designed and deployed multi-system data acquisition strategy using Oracle Golden Gate and Oracle Streams.

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency - Technical Solutions Architect for Source-Tools project. Technology exploited includes:

Agent Logic Complex Event Processing (Administration, Development, Integration) to monitor SOA Web Services and Providers. Identity and access management using a combination of Oracle RDBMS, OID, and Enterprise Single Sign-On.

“Key-man” guiding the customer in the negotiating Oracle licensing agreements, budgeting, forecasting, cross agency domain integration.

Designed and multi-system data acquisition strategy using Oracle Golden Gate.

LIDAR Systems for the NGA - The LIDAR System was built using the following: Oracle RHEL, RDBMS (EE) v, Client 11g(11.1) GDAL (1.7.1), GeoTIFF, Boost, labLAS(1.44.0), Python (2.6.6), Django 1.2.3), Celery (2.1.1) Erlang (R14B), RabbitMQ (2.4.0).

Web Services - Spatially enable Web Service development for Mobile Applications (Apple iPhones) using Oracle NDBWS and Oracle Spatial.

1998-05 - 2010-02

Oracle – National Security Group, USA


National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - Technical Solutions Architect reporting to the project technical lead. Aid and assist the prime in the optimization of Oracle Spatial queries, and Oracle Advanced Queuing. Role later expanded to include overall system wellness report.

Raytheon Technical Solutions Architect reporting to the Systems Architect. Technology focus was secure virtualization, identity and access. This required the integration three distinct products, from two different vendors, Oracle Enterprise Users on Oracle 11i DBMS, integrating Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD), and Sun One Directory Server.

Federal Bureau of Intelligence - Technical Solutions Architect reporting to the Systems Architect. Scope Project Management of six-member Oracle team, and Network Engineering using Cisco Routers/Switches and Hubs along with VPN. During a “must-win” phase of the project, I successfully brought the project in within scope, on time, which ultimately led to Oracle winning its follow-on contract award.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - Technical Solutions Architect reporting to the project technical lead. Technology focus: secure virtualization, identity and access. Architected and implementation a complex Secure Gateway using Oracle, and JMS messaging technology to support LOBs, along with Oracle 11i Applications Single Sign-On integration, Enterprise SOA.

Defense Intelligence Agency – Integration and development lead reporting to the project architects leads. Role centers on integration of uniquely configured Oracle products to enable secure virtualization, identity and access, using Oracle Cross-Domain Security Solution. Technology focuses:

Oracle 10G DBMS,

Oracle Data Vault (Realms, Rules),

Oracle OLS Policy creation,

Oracle MACOLS,

Oracle Identity Management,

Oracle OID,

Oracle Workflow,

Oracle Advanced Queuing.

Oracle XML Development, and

Oracle ILAH with Reliable Human Review User Interface.

Hardening of Cisco Routers and Catalyst Switches, RSA Tokens, employing NSA best practices, DISA STIGS, as well as advanced AAA using TACACS+.

Worked directly with Oracle's Security Staff Pat Sack, Scott Gaetjen, and numerous key members of Oracle's software development and consulting team to deliver this highly complex product.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency – Technical Solutions Architect reporting to the project technical lead. Technology focus:

Oracle 10G DBMS,

Oracle GeoRaster ingestion optimization,

Oracle Spatial,

Oracle Partitioning,

Oracle Map viewer.

Worked directly with Oracle Spatial Development Staff Dan Garinger, and NH development team to meet the needs of the complex customer.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Acquisitions Program Office – Technical Solutions Architect and Lead Consultant reporting to the acquisitions departments CIO and key staff on Enterprise Solutions for:

Information AssurancePL3/PL4 secure virtualization solution,

Unified Information Management;

Enterprise Content Management,

Enterprise Search.

Oracle Technology alignment included:

Oracle 11i Application,

Oracle 10G DBMS,

Oracle Cross-Domain Security Solution,

Oracle 10G Application Server,

Oracle Content Management, XDB.

National Reconnaissance Organization - Lead Oracle Architect and Technical Manager for a multi-organization, cross-domain team. Scope of work:

Architect an Enterprise Solution for the Intelligence Community Multi-intelligence Acquisition Program (IC MAP) based solely on Oracle technology,

Focusing on secure virtualization, identity and access, as well as

Aid and assist the incumbent integrator in performance tuning the current baseline architecture.

Oracle technology aligned and proposed included:

Oracle 11i Application,

Oracle's unique Cross-Domain Security Solution (a.k.a. Data Vault), and

Trusted Information Gateway.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - Lead Oracle Architect and Technical Manager- Developed R&D proto-type to:

Obtain first-hand knowledge of performance characteristics of high-speed data ingestion,

Visualization, and security using this blend of Oracle products, they were:

oOracle 10g DBMS with spatial data-types,

oOracle Label Security,

oOracle Workspace Manager,

oOracle 10G Application Server,

oOracle Mapviewer,

o Oracle Discoverer.

National Reconnaissance Organization -- Lead Oracle Architect - Scope of work has been to:

Architect, deploy, and document a scalable, Enterprise wide, security solution using Oracle Real Applications Clusters (Tru64),

Implement Oracle Label Security, Partitioning and LOBs within a one-month window.

National Reconnaissance Organization P356 - Lead Oracle Architect and Technical Manager of a four-member team. Scope of work has been to:

Architect, deploy, and document an Enterprise COOP environment for 20 production applications,

Use Oracle Advanced Replication (Sync/Async & Multi-Mode), within a two-month window.

National Reconnaissance Organization – Technical Solutions Architect for the Enterprise Architecture encompassing:

11i e-Business Suite Architectures,

10g Middle-ware,

Enterprise Server Solutions and

Collaboration Suite for 2010 & 2020.

Food & Drug Administration Portal – “Tiger-team” effort to save account.

Lead Oracle 9iAS Application Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery Design,

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM),

Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA),

Oracle Access Manager (OAM), Installation, Configuration, Patching, Tuning,

Training on all products, to include installation and configuration.

Lockheed Martin - Lead Oracle 11i Application Installation, Configuration, Patch & Tuning.

Department Of State - “Tiger-team” effort to save account.

Lead Oracle 9iAS Portal Migration,


JSEE Application Integration,

LDAP server configuration & administration.

NIMA Raytheon –Oracle 9iAS Product Integration,

Oracle Discoverer Data Visualization,

Servlet Integration.

Intergraph - Lead Oracle Architect for Advanced Replication Oracle Spatial Tuning.

NIMA Finance Department Public Sector Budgeting Project-Lead Oracle 11i:

Data Migration,

Oracle Discoverer Data Visualization

Northrop Grumman/TASC - Lead Oracle 9iAS Integration Consultant

Lockheed/Martin ICE Lead Oracle Designer Consultant

National Reconnaissance Organization - Lead Consultant and Architect for 9i/9iAS Multi-media Correlation system.

Custom coding of PL/SQL dynamic configuration enablement, and

“Bundling of training course packages” into BLOBs, and

Shipment of the training course packaged BLOBs to the “end user” anywhere in the world.

PL/SQL generated HTML for the Web Portal.

Defense Intelligence Agency Spectrum Profiler Network enabled “Skills Assessment” application customization using:

Java (Applet & Servlet design,

Development, & integration,





National Reconnaissance Organization - Project Lead Consultant - Y2K migration.

National Reconnaissance Organization -Oracle/HTML Customization.

NIMA RAILS Project Lead Oracle Security Architect.

U.S.M.C. - Lead Oracle Security Architect. Analyzed and reported to the Marine Corp, the existing Oracle systems and networks alignment with NSA STIG compliance.

EDS/Booz-Allen & Hamilton Distributed Training Technology Project - Lead Developer.

NIMA Project Geneva Lead Oracle Applications Consultant.

1998-03 - 1998-05

International Publishing Company, Vienna, VA

Independent Consultant

Principle consultant assigned to design and develop Web based Internet E-Commerce solution for an International publishing company.

Design and deployment of systems hardware and

Java based software solutions (AWT & Swing including Servlets).

1997-01 - 1998-01

Internet Startup, New York, NY

Founder & Managing Principle

Founder and managing principle with broad reaching responsible for a dynamic Internet Startups International Network Engineering Division.

1996-04 - 1997-01


Senior Network Engineer - Next-Generation Internet

Responsibilities for this newly established international telephone companies included:

Design and deployment of its next generation global Internet network,

Product development,

Program management, and

Sales engineering for all Internet products offered.

1992-11 - 1996-04


Senior Network Engineer – SprintLink/Nysernet/ICMNet

Award winning SprintLink/ICMNet engineer responsible for the design and deployment of Sprint’s global Internet backbone. Specific responsibilities include:

Implementation, configuration and management of complex router based connectivity,

Interactive audio & video teleconferencing over the Internet (Multicast Routing and CU_SeeMe),

Internet Network News, WWW, WAIS, GOPHER, FTP, LISTSERV, RWHOIS servers,

Security servers,


Domain Name Servers (DNS), and other network management platforms,

SprintLink 800 Dial-up TCP/IP Service.

Specific accomplishments include:

Automation around:

All customer implementation, to include the:

Configuration and management of complex registration processing, and

Configuration of “key processes” specific to enabling Internet services for SprintLink customers.

1991-08 - 1992-11

Chief of Naval Operations – Desert Storm

Senior Consultant

Science Application International Corp., McLean, VA

Primary consultant tasked with:

Responsibility for Sun/UNIX Systems at C.N.O. Pentagon.

Technical support manager for all international site representatives.

Design and development responsibility:

Design and development of application, using

oGUIs utilizing OSF/Motif & X11,

oORACLE SQL*Forms, and



1990-06 - 1991-05

American Computer

Systems Engineer/ Integrator

Responsible for UNIX systems engineering and integration for American Computer customers.

Hardware support included:

Sun Microsystems Workstations and Servers,

DEC ULTRIX based workstations.

Software support included:

TCP/IP client software,



1990-06 - 1991-05

GTE/Contel Technology Center, Chantilly, VA

Unix Systems Administrator

Responsible for;

All aspects of systems integration for 130-client heterogeneous architecture LAN,

Oracle 8i databases, as well as

Technical Support for ongoing R&D projects.

Hardware support included:

Sun Microsystems Workstations and Servers,

DEC ULTRIX based workstations,

Synoptics Concentrators,

Cisco Routers.

1989-12 - 1990-06

United States Navy – David Taylor Research Center, Bethesda MD.

Scientist - Planning Systems, Inc., McLean, VA

Responsible for VAX/VMS based hardware and software support for the Acoustic Signal Processing Division.

1983-03 - 1989-12

United States Navy - US Naval Facility Brawdy - Wales, UK & Readiness Training Facility - Damneck, VA.

Ocean Systems Technician, First Class (E-6)

Award winning signal process and communications technician attached to the I.U.S.S. branch of the US Navy. Work Center Supervisor in charge of integrated DEC/Sperry Univac/Sun based secure global networking system. Awarded Petty Officer First-Class (E-6) 1987.


1992-01 - 1995-05

Bachelor of Science: Liberal Sciences

Excelsior College - Albany, New York

1987-05 - 1989-12

Associate of Science: General Studies

Tidewater Community College - Norfolk, VA


● 8 years as a owner and operator of a Certified Small Business, Veteran Owner Company, within the Northern Virginia Area.

● 8 years of enterprise consulting to “C/D-level” business and technical leaders.

● 8 years of providing “security-Centric” solutions, for customers within the U.S. Federal Government, Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Intelligence Agencies, and their affiliates, using vendors like Oracle, Microsoft, Equifax, as well as “custom developed solutions.”

● 10 years as a direct Oracle National Security Group Consultant (Technical Manager) providing enterprise

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