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Data Analyst

Sunnyvale, CA
January 12, 2020

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA 813-***-**** Linkedin Github PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

• Tableau Desktop Specialist with strong experience in Data Analytics, Product Analytics, Business Intelligence in Retail and eCommerce.

• Skilled in SQL, Python and Tableau and deep knowledge of data mining and machine learning algorithms and their applications.

• Experience working on large datasets and distributed computing tools (MapReduce, Hadoop, Hive) with Unix command line scripting. TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Programming: SQL, R, Python Databases: MySQL, MS-SQL Server, PostgreSQL Big Data: Hadoop, Hive

• Tools: Tableau, Excel, Jupyter Notebook, Google Analytics, Azure Studio, Anaconda, R Studio, SAP, SSIS, ITSM, Jira

• Packages: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, Json, Seaborn, RegEx, SciPy, Nltk, ggplot2, dplyr

• Data Science concepts: Regression, Classification, Clustering, Trees, Statistical Analysis, Hypothesis testing, A/B testing WORK EXPERIENCE

Walmart eCommerce, Sunnyvale, CA – Data Analyst (Product Analytics) July 2019 – Present

• Tracking user footprints on Online Grocery platform and implementing data and product analytics strategies to enhance customer experience.

• Evaluate and attribute key metrics e.g. add-to-cart, checkouts to Search & Browse, Weighted Meat & P13N personalization modules.

• Draw actionable insights by querying and analyzing data from Hadoop servers and Teradata using SQL, Hive and R studio.

• Design and maintain various KPIs and business metrics through Tableau dashboards, ensuring high-level visibility of the product performance.

• Ensure data quality by validating missing and inconsistent data and collaborate with the engineering for data restatement and reconciliation. USF Research Assistant, Tampa, FL – Data Analyst Intern Oct 2018 – Jan 2019

• Incorporated customers segmentation by demographics and spending behavior. Labeled and aggregated transactional data using SQL, Python

(Pandas, RegEx, SciPy, Matplotlib) at various levels of granularity.

• Designed interactive Tableau dashboards for exploring spending patterns of customers segments and identifying new opportunities for them.

• Discuss marketing and promotional strategies to attract non-repeating customers with low purchase frequency and reduce the churn rate.

• Automate the customer segmentation process using a backward approach program to categorize historical transactions and purchases. The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA – Data Science Intern (Web Analytics) May 2018 – Aug 2018

• Collaborated with Coke’s marketing analytics team to improve website engagement through multiple machine learning POCs related to web metrics, sales data and presented detailed report and recommendations to business units.

• Contributed to digital performance metrics/KPIs which included data munging, web scraping, NLP analysis, leading to 10% increase in page views and conversions measured over a month.

• Pre-processed structured and unstructured data from data sources (PostgreSQL, Hadoop) using Hive, SQL, ETL frameworks and web APIs.

• Data Discovery to get the optimal results from target marketing campaigns using Google Analytics and sample size calculation for A/B testing.

• Developed an enterprise-wide system catalog on Tableau to improve data collection, integration and accessibility by hosting information from multiple data sources within the data lake.

Cognizant Technology Solutions, India – Data Analyst (Consulting) Nov 2014 – July 2017

• Improved system performance, lowered disk space & admin costs by 20% through data archiving implementation for 3 global clients.

• Reduced response time for indexing and information retrieval by 30% by integrating PBS NAI column-oriented indexing infrastructure and SAP for efficient reporting and analytics.

• Analyzed data volumes and report database performance statistics using charts, ad-hoc reports and dashboards on Tableau and MS Excel.

• Encapsulated frequently used SQL statements into stored procedures to reduce the query execution times for SAP archiving jobs. Accenture Services, India – Database Analyst July 2012 – Oct 2014

• Support data management process through queries, functions, stored procedures, views, indexing in SQL Server, MySQL databases.

• Ensure data quality from various sources, cleaned and transformed data and loaded into a data warehouse using ETL tools like SSIS, Talend.

• Created views and structured and efficient queries on large data sets using multi-type table joins, multiple keys, and nested queries.

• Translated business requirements into technical design, ER diagrams and utilized advanced Excel techniques such as pivot tables, v-lookups, array functions etc. for data manipulation and reporting. EDUCATION

MS, Business Analytics & Information Systems - University of South Florida, Tampa, FL Aug 2017 - May 2019 Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology - Nagpur University, India ACADEMIC PROJECTS

• Influence of Kickstarter videos and Presidential debates – extracted and pre-processed audio, video data and twitter Json files using SQL lite and Python. Performed text mining and statistical analysis on the emotional parameters for interpreting audience sentiments.

• Weather Impact on bike rental sales – prevent declining sales for a hypothetical bike rental co. using data mining algorithms (k-means clustering, linear regression, decision trees), predicted and validated the weather conditions with minimum profits.

• Sentiment Analysis on IMDB movie reviews – sentiment analysis for a movie text corpus on a pseudo distributed environment using bag of words, tf-idf algorithm and logistic regression on PySpark, SparkSQL with 87% accuracy.

• New York State Salary Analysis – created an interactive Tableau dashboard to showcase salary and employment distributions in NY York state including bar charts, tree maps, URL actions and regression analysis between salary and employment rate.

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