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Electrical Engineer Engineering

Palm Bay, FL
January 05, 2020

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Eric Laurence Smitt

**** **** ******

W. Melbourne, FL 32904



Doctor of Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Specialty – Aerospace Sciences, University of

Central Florida, Orlando FL., December 2000

Dissertation – “Factors Attributing towards Student Achievement in Charter Schools”,

December 2000.

Masters of Systems and Engineering Management, University of Florida, May 2005

Master of Education, Science Education, University of Central Florida, Orlando FL., May 1996

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Technology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, May 1977

Masters Graduate Work, Industrial and Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette,


PCB Fabrication and Design Experience

Lockheed Martin Space Systems - Design completed 2009

The DTS-SITU Test Equipment involved the design of a 15" x 15" 4 layer PCB to

provide interconnection between Geotest VXI boards used in this piece of

equipment. The board was to connect between the 16 PBC's installed in the unit

(front of boards) to the 9 unique Cannon connectors used in the interconnection

of the DTS Device Test Simulator, and the 7 unique cannon connectors used in

the SITU (Systems Integrated Test Unit) tester. Connections were made

between cannon connectors on the 2 devices (located in the D5 Instrument

Chassis) and the DTS SITU Tester by 14 shielded wiring harnesses. The new

unit reduced time to test from 7 hours to 1 hour.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems - Design completed in 2008

A potential redesign of the missile antenna probe assembly (located in the D5

Submarine Launch Tube) occurred because one of the frequencies used in the

launch of the instrumented missile had to be changed to prevent interference in

the destruct receiver due to RF interference on the destruct frequency. The

board was designed using patch antenna software to provide S-Band, L-Band

and P-Band communication from ground support equipment to the instruments

loaded in the D5 missile (during ther installation phase). The board was

designed and tested, and all the VSWR and Isolation characteristics met required

spec, but the board was not put in the final solution.

I came up with a method of non-destructive testing for the fuse / igniter used in

the D5 Missile by measuring its complex impedance over a range of 2 MHz to

2400 MHz. A constant impedance PCB with necessary coupling and isolation

was created and installed in all Ohio Class Submarines.

Lockheed Martin Naval Surveillance System. (1992 - 1995)

I designed the L88V3 Radar Processor, using a 17 x 17 inch 8 layer PCB using

12 TMS320C6201 Parallel Processors (480 Ball Grid Array) interfaced with dual

port rams. The total project was SMT and assembled at Lockheed Martin

Wildwood FL assembly. This board operated at 2500 MHz.

Intellikey Corporation (1989 - 1992)

I designed the Intellikey Key which was a 6502 microprocessor, 16K NVRam, IR

transmitter and Receiver, voltage regulator, on a 2 sided PCB, .9" x .9". This

was hermittacly sealed along with the tey blade as an integral component of the

Intellikey systrem. The system used all SMP components.

I designed the lock assembly PCB, also all PCB, containing a Z80 processor,

necessary ROM and RAM, an analog ASIC for power control, a digital ASIC for

interface. This board was powered with 4 AA batteries for over a year, firing a

solenoid at lease 12 times per day/

I designed the Intellikey programmer which could program both the key and lock.

ELS Designs 1980 - 2017

I designed advanced electronics for commercial radio stations and advanced

amateur radio stations. The latest assembly was a 12 frequency channel audio

processor used in November 2017 at a amateur radio operation in Bonaire.

These devices improved signal to noise reception by over 40 dB by eliminating

and enhancing specific 200 Hz audio frequency ranges.

Remote antenna switching and selection circuitry was designed from 2009 to

2015 to control the switching of up to 16 amateur radio antennas.

Help Now Security Systems is a system designed in 2000 that provided security

calling for people who "fell down and could not get up". The unit was a 2 part

system, the transmitter pendant, and the receiver, speaker-phone, and dialer.

EMI / EMC Experience

Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Performed EMC Studies of the instrumentation package for the Trident D5 to

assure any RF leakage into the receivers was minimal. Did RF Probe studies

with Vector Network Analyzer to study effects of shifting the destruct frequency of

the D5 12 MHz off the tuned thick-film antennas. Designed methodology to

measure actual propagation delay on RF multiplexers.

Data General Corporation Westboro, MA

Developed the FCC EMI laboratory for emission compliance for all Data General

Computers. Designed and fabricated 3 and 10 meter open field measurements range

in the back parking lot of the Westboro corporate headquarters. Designed the

manufacturing anechoic chamber (installed in Southboro MA) to measure RF emission

from computer systems and all interconnecting cables. Taught EMI prevention design

to the power supply engineering group. Designed the Nova 3 CPU board and back

panel to maintain impedance continuity on signal traces (on CPU Board) using 8 -layer

PCB fabrication, minimizing RF emissions and improving reliability of Nova 3 system.

Professional Experience and accomplishments:

Lockheed Martin Space and Strategic Missiles 2001 - 2010

Cape Canaveral, FL

Senior Electrical Engineer, In-Tube-Conversion, US Navy D5 Program,

• Designed VXI Based Automatic Tester for ground support equipment that reduced

testing time from 2 days to 2 hours.

• Determined effects on destruct frequency change on range safety (destruct)

system, and developed cost effective work-around now used in all Ohio Class FBM


• Designed, developed and supervised the installation of new CAT scanner for

Trident 1st and 2nd solid fuel motors

• Was the technical resource for all EMI related investigations (Mil Std 461).

• Provided complex analysis and white papers on a multitude of issues.

UCF, School of Electrical Technology 2001 - 2010

Orlando, FL

• Adjunct Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, developed and taught

CET3055 (Microprocessor Fundamentals), and CET3144 (Advanced

Microprocessor Applications).

Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics Surveillance Systems 1996 - 2001

Melbourne, FL

• Senior Electrical Engineer, Designed the L-88-V3 advanced aerostat surveillance

L-Band Radar using 12 TMS320C6201 parallel processors.

ELS Designs Consulting Services 1994 - 1996

Melbourne, FL

• Consultant to various electronics companies in Central Florida, designed

commercial electronic equipment

• Commercial power factor correction equipment,

• home security systems,

• wireless remote control and communication equipment,

• Laser range-finding equipment.

Science Instructor, Brevard School District 1991 - 1994

Brevard County, FL

• Science Instructor. Taught Middle School Sciences, Earth-Space Science, and

Integrated High School Science.

Intellikey Corporation 1988 - 1991

Melbourne, FL

• Founder & Manager, Advanced Products Research and Development, designed

Intellikey Access Security System (installed in over 200 locations world-wide).

Data General Corporation 1978 - 1988

Westboro, MA

• Senior Staff Specialist – Engineering Services, Developed the Remote Support

Hardware concepts for Data General MV and Eclipse. Minicomputers.

• Designed advanced ASIC’s for integrating remote protocol in MV series


• Staff Specialist –developed the FCC EMI laboratory for emission compliance for all

Data General Computers.

• Senior Engineer –designed of Nova 4, and Eclipse S140, floating-point processors

and array processors, Nova 3, Nova 1200 minicomputers.

• Authored Minicomputer Design / Interface Handbook for Data General Computers.

Purdue University, School of Industrial Engineering 1973 - 1978

West Lafayette, IN

• Staff Engineer –maintained Data General computers on campus

• Designed experimental interfaces for faculty and graduate student research.

US Navy – Naval Security Group

1966 –


Communications Technician – Maintenance Branch,

• Officer Candidate – Purdue University, NESEP Student.

Awards, Publications, and Patents:

• Co-Inventor on 17 design patents in areas of Biomedical Engineering, Computer

Support Architecture, and Access Security Devices.

• Publications –

• “Boundary Scan Techniques in Standard Cell Design”,

• “Remote Support”,

• “Architecture Selection in Advanced Test Equipment”,

• “Remote Network Bus Architecture”,

• “Architectural Selection for Automated Test Systems”

Received “Employee of the Quarter” award from Data General Corporation (1985) for

development of Remote Support maintenance strategy and equipment.

Civic Involvement:

• President, Congregation Beth El, Melbourne FL., Rabbi

• Chaplain – Health First Medical System

• Amateur and Commercial Radio

• Volunteer Examiner for the American Radio Relay League.

• Amateur Extra Class FCC Amateur License – K9ES.

• American Radio Relay League Technical Specialist.

FCC General Radio License (Formerly FCC 1st Class Commercial Radiotelephone

License with Ships Radar Endorsement).


Married with 2 adult children

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