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Engineer Mechanical

Joliet, IL
70,000 - 80,000
January 05, 2020

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Satyam Singh 773-***-****

Summary: Electronic Control Engineer experience in programming feedback control systems (PID, StateSpace, Kalman Filter) & Sensor Fusion. Engineered Inverted Pendulum and Autonomous Robot, proficient in control system testing and validation (ISO26262) using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Technical Software: MATLAB, Simulink, RS Logix/Studio 5000, ConveyLinx (PulseRoller), Microsoft-tools, SolidWorks.


Languages: Python, C, Embedded C, Ladder Logic, LINUX, Tensor Flow, ROS.

Hardware: ARDUINO, Raspberry Pi 3, CAN Bus, Ethernet TCP/IP, IR Sensors, Opto-interrupter, Servo Motor, Camera, LIDAR.


Mechatronics, Mechatronics-2, Dynamics of System Analysis, Advanced Topics in Solid Mechanics, Computer Vision Courses Automatic Control of Mechanical System, Robotics and its algorithm, Data Science, Autonomous Vehicles.



Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. GPA-3.66/4

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (INDIA)

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.

Aug 2013 - May 2017


Experiences System Technology Inc, Greater Chicago July 2019-Present

(Electronic Control Engineer, Electrical Department)

: Program motor-driven rollers control board integrated with the photo-eye sensor through CONVEYLINX hardware & software.

: Program PLC and develop electrical circuit schematics for conveyor systems and integrated machines.

: Responsible for on-site troubleshooting as per the plant needs and on demand modifications. Indian Institute of Technology BHU, Varanasi May-Aug 2016

: Internship aimed at formation and study of Composite Materials (hardness & wear rate) by Powder Metallurgy.

: Explored the effect of AL2O3 (with different percentage) content on the sliding wear properties of Cu-4 wt.% Ni matrix composites by examining under XRD and SEM.

: Addition of 4wt% of AL2O3 showed the optimum performance in terms of friction and wear rate. Ford Workshop, Agra Aug-Sept 2015

: Simulated Anti-lock braking system using Magnetic reluctance sensor, where manipulated variable was Brake time pressure.

: Understand System Design and created HW requirements for Voltage monitoring and System Reset.

: Analyzed customer requirements and used IBM DOORS tool for tracing and managing. Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi May-Aug 2015

: Examined as a trainee on Traction Control System of locomotive WDG5-5500HP.

: Underwent in plant training in product development department. Projects Autonomous Robot (Studied Adaptive Cruise Control & IOT using Duckietown research platform)

: Used Image Preprocessing to identify road signs, lanes and AprilTag of other connected robots in the platform.

: Implemented Automatic braking system using state feedback controller (obstacle avoidance) and Linear Kalman Filter.

: Successfully Robot followed a miniature street by avoiding the obstacles and maintaining the speed, lane. Hand Gesture Recognition for Sign Hand Gestures

: Project uses near-infrared hand gesture images and it works on algorithm of Convolutional Neural Network.

: The accuracy increases with the batch size and no. of epochs with accuracy going as high as 94.7%.

: In future, we plan to add Salt and Pepper noise to our dataset and test our model. Implemented Bug Algorithms (Path-Planning) on the Redbot (mobile robot)

: Redbot was placed inside the obstacle at an arbitrary position and starts moving when it hits the black line.

: The Bot is embedded with line follower sensor which follows the black line to implement the algorithms.

: Bug 0, Bug 1 & Bug 2 algorithms were implemented by calculating current coordinates and distance between the goal point. Inverted Pendulum Using State Feedback Control & State Estimator

: Implemented an embedded controller for inverted pendulum and performed HIL and SIL (MATLAB & SIMULINK).

: Successfully implemented State Feedback, LQR, and Kalman Filter algorithm and deployed on an actual inverted pendulum.

: Tuned system parameters and generated C code using SIMULINK. Closed Loop DC Motor Control using H-Bridge

: Implemented a H-Bridge circuit using MOSFET transistors to control DC motor speed of rotation and position.

: Designed a closed loop PID controller on ARDUINO IDE by using Opto-Interrupter sensor feedback.

: Efficaciously and successfully performed HIL testing and tuning of controller. Designing Control System of L297 Stepper Motor

: A 4-phase stepper motor was controlled using a stepper motor controller wired with Arduino micro-controller.

: Developed software code on Arduino IDE for speed and direction control, ran the motor at full-step and half-step.

: Motor moves in 45 increments in half-step & 90 in full step mode, by alternating single and dual phase operation.

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