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Senior Consultant with 11,+ yrs of experience in IT Development

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
As per industry standards with best hike.
January 04, 2020

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K. RAMANATHAN, Mobile: +91-991*******.

Objective: -

Looking for Project Lead Technical and challenging position in the IT Product Development, Supports & Maintenance and being part of Organizational goals achievements and thrive for next generation IT Solutions, Engineering Technologies and Management to the Digital Business Transformational World.

Profile Summary: -

Totally, 11+ years of experiences with Senior Consultant, in which I have,

3.8 Years of New Product Enhancement & migrations from Classic ASP to J2EE Technologies with Angular.

4.6 Years for Web Applications Development using ASP.NET, C#.Net, Web & WCF Services with CSS, HTML, XML.

1.0 Year for Mobile Applications Development using .NET CF, WinCE/WM5.0 with SQLite.

2.0 Years for Windows Application Development using VB.Net, ADO.Net with ORACLE12c, PL/SQL and SQL Server.

Excellence in Agile Scrum Methodologies, Customer Focus, Product Design, Solutions Developments, New Process Improvement, Changes, Production Enhancement, API Integrations, Implementation & Cloud Deployments.

Good in Solutions Architect, Data Migration using ETL and being part of Product Design and Feasibility Study, SRS, FRS, LLD, HLD, DFD and Use case prepare and execution, UAT/CAT Approval and Sign off on DB CR/FR Management.

Good in SDLC follow up with End-to-End Solutions Management of PLM and Go Live UAT Support & Maintenance.

Good in Team, People Management, Ownership, Leadership, Mentorship, Risk and Escalation.

Good in Verbal, Written Communication, Interpersonal skills with Business, Client interactive, reporting Management.

Experienced in various Domains such as Automobile, BFSI, Healthcare, e-Publishing, FMCG, IT Firms, e-Governance Projects, Product Management, Process Automations, Support and Maintenance Operations on Cloud, Wireless, Client/Server Technologies and Enterprise Mobility Solution Managements, Technology refreshment, Migration Projects and Innovative hobbyist on IOT and Embedded Systems and Technologies.

Professional Experiences: -

Name of the Company

From/To Period



HTC India (P) Ltd., (formerly Ciber) Chennai.

From 18 Apr 2016 to Nov 2019 as

Senior Consultant

3.8 Years

NDTT Data Services (P) Ltd.,

(Formerly DELL BPS India), Chennai.

From 2nd Mar 2015 to 1st Sep 2015 as

Senior Analyst – S/W Development.

6 Months

TATA Consultancy Services (P) Ltd.,

(Formerly CMC Ltd), Chennai.

From 13th Jun 2011 to 18th Feb 2015 as

IT Engineer – System Integration.

3.8 Years

True Tech Solutions (P) Ltd., Chennai.

From 12th Apr 2010 to 30th Sep 2010 as

Senior Software Engineer-(Contract).

6 Months

Acurus Solutions BPO (P) Ltd., Chennai.

From 21st Sep 2009 to 31st Mar 2010 as

Software Engineer

6 Months

Emvee Information Technologies (P) Ltd., Chennai.

From 29th Feb 2008 to 10th Sep 2009 as

Software Engineer-(Contract).

1.8 Years

Compucrafters India (P) Ltd., Chennai.

From 17th Nov 2006 to 10th Oct 2007 as


11 Months

Skill Set: -

Working Environment

Area of Specialization / Technologies

Technology & Frameworks

Microsoft.Net, Classic ASP, ASP.Net Core & Knowledge on MVC Design Pattern

Programming Languages:

C/C++, Java, VB.Net, C#.Net.

Database Server:

ADO.Net, ORACLE 12c with PL/SQL, SQL.

Web Technologies

Classic ASP, Servlet, JSP, EJB, J2EE, WCF Services, HTML, CSS, XML, Angular.

Cloud Web Servers:

IIS7, Apache, Tomcat, Windows Azure Cloud, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)

Change Requests & Bugs Management:

Rally, Bug Tracing, Bugzilla, Red Mine, BMC Request Centre and Jira

Source Code Repository & Versioning:

SVN, TFS, Accu Rev, Git Hub, Eclipse

Operating System:

Windows7,10 & Linux

Project Experiences in Previous Company: -

Project Title:

Fleet Web USA, (Web Applications)


Ford India Private Limited, GTBC, Chennai


From Apr 2016 up to Nov 2019 (3.7 Years)


This is one of the major projects for Ford Motor Company Fleet Order Management and Services for Ford IT Solutions for NAFLRO (North America Fleet, Leasing, Remarketing and Operations).

Fleet Web Suite of Application – Fleet Support Assistant including Fleet Key Code, Dealers Key Code and Competitors Price Allowances Lookup, FIMPS, RIPS Statements for support and maintenance until launch to go live. Other Supporting Products such as RIPSOS – Retail Identification & Sign Ordering System, GBMS, Government Bid Management System – Next Generation Technology Refreshment in Cloud, FFRV, Ford Fleet Rental Vehicle Forecasting – Commercial Specialty Vehicle Accounts (CSVA).

Maintaining password reset activity in production support for secured production environments, Incident Tickets work with various teams such as DBA, Windows and Unix Servers Teams to stable the application for working successfully.

Role and Responsibility:

Production Support Operations – Lead

Migration from Legacy Classic ASP to Java framework and Cloud Deployments

New Enhancements, Root cause Analysis of Business, Customer Incidents Requests

Prepare Impact Analysis for Developers and Test Cases for Testing and Deployment

SDLC, Agile based iterations follow up tasks’ priorities and its urgency requirements

Coding, Debugging, Bug Fixing, Coordinate with Team Members and Status Reporting.

Follow up Ford Standards and process level Standards, access, approvals, code review, changes, enhancement, releases Versions & Implementation, Deployment, and UAT Maintenance.

Solution Environment:

Classic ASP, Oracle, PL/SQL, and Core Java, Struts MVC, Spring Frameworks & Hibernate

Tools & Devices:

Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, SQL Server, IIS, Apache, Eclipse, Github, Accurev, PCF

Highlights & Challenges:

Production, Business Support Incidents & SMW, Enhancement Requests in Agile Environment.

Project Title:

DBPMS 1.0 - DELL BPS Management Suite, (Web Applications)


DELL BPS India, USA. (Offshore - Clients)


From Mar 2015 up to Aug 2015 (6 months)


This is one of main Product of (Enterprise Class) DELL Business Process Management Suite (which is formally parent of Perote Systems) Tracking System of Core Business of Health Care & Life Science Solutions maintenance for nearly 150 Clients Servicing in USA with various 3rd party Tools, Utilities, Systems & Servers support to build and enhance next generation’s automation services in DELL Business Processes Solutions for Global Business Solutions and Services of Health Care. My Contributions are as following Modules: -

a.Design and Develop of Dynamic Menu Setup for Enterprise DBPMS Suite Configurations.

b.Bulk Reroute in workflow processes for Mass Connectors, USA.

c.Associate Mapping & SME reports for Mass Connectors, BlueCross & BlueShield, USA.

d.Comments Setup in the Transactions Web pages for Well Care, USA.

e.Bug Tracking and People Management in Live productions maintenance and deployments.

f.New Software Change Requests of Enterprise class DBPMS1.0 deliverables in DELL BPO, IT, Medical Coding, AR, Billing and Solution for future automations with more Transactions between Service Providers and Payers of USA Protected Health Information Systems.

Role and Responsibility:

Team Lead – Software Development.

Web Applications, Product Design & Development, Coding, Debugging & Team Handling.

Leadership Qualities, Allocate Tasks, Time & Resource, Cost Estimations and SCR Management, Sharing Technical Knowledge’s, Demo of Product Presentations Skills.

System, SRS Analysis, Design, OOAD, Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis, Change Impact Analysis and various Workflow analysis and priorities Tasks and urgency needs.

Coding, Debugging, Bug Fixing, Coordinate with Team Members and Status Reporting.

Data, Code Review and SDLC Follow up as per Company Policies / CMM Level Standards.

Release Versions & Implementation, Deployment, UAT Maintenance.

Solution Environment:

.NET Framework 4.5, C#.NET, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, Web Services, Ext.JS & JQuery.

Tools & Devices:

Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2012, SQL Server 2012 Database with TFS and EF DB Design.

Highlights & Challenges:

1.) Understanding FTE and Cost savings techniques in BPO Sectors by Automating solutions.

2.) SCR Enhancements and Monitoring Page level Deployments with QA/UAT Implementation.


HRMS – e-Governance (Web Applications)


Jun 2011 up to Feb 2015 (3.8 Years)


IT Engineer – System Integrations


CeG- Karnataka State Government of India, Bangalore


.NET3.5, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, C#, VB, WCF Services with ORACLE/PLSQL & SQL Server 2008.

Environments & Tools

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2012, VSS, TFS, Bug Tracker, Red mine, Open UML, Open PM.

Mobile, PPC & Devices

1..NET CF, Windows Mobile, ST-100, HP-iPAC Q, HHT/PPC, Tablets and Smart Phone Application.

Role and Responsibility:

Module Leader - Web Applications Implementation, Deployment, Live Support & Maintenance.

Problems Gathering, SRS Preparation & RFP and FFD.

People Management, Team and Reporting & Resource Handling.

Databases Architect, ER Diagram with DFD, LLD, HLD based on RFP and SRS Follow up.

SDLC Follow ups as per E-Governance Project Standards and Focusing Quality of CMM-Level 5 Process and Policies in Clients Requirements.

Project Management, Tasks, Team Handling and Client Interactions, MIS Reporting, Ad hoc Query Analysis, Team Meeting & Coordinator.

API Integrations based on new CR/FRS, Presales and Client PPT Demo with QAT Follow up, Internal and external quality testing procedures, Policies and test case executions.

Solutions Architecture, Code, Data Review, Work & Process Flow, Documentation Preparations and Sign off Reviews, Budget Clearances for Billing Acceptances & Approvals.

Deployment, Configuration & Version, Release Management with various Team & Projects.

Month End & Year End Activities and data backup support.

Go Live Issues and Technical Supports for Deployment on Data Center & Live Servers.

Highlights & Challenges:

2.HRMS1.0 - CR with SRS, DBA Support for Go Live in CeG, Bangalore, Karnataka State Govt.

Project Title:

Sales Companion for Pidilite – (Enterprise Mobility Solutions)


Vxceed Solutions, Chennai


Apr 2010 to Sep 2010 (6 months)


This Project involves a complete development of mobile application design to delivery for FMCG products in the Pocket PC. Sales Force Integrations and Automation:- Beat/Route/ Outlet Selection, Performance Metrics on sales, Order In and Out details, Pending Collections, Display Ads, Action Points, Billed Order Reports creation on daily basis with compact DBF, Manually Tested and Deployed in hand held GPRS enabled devices thru remotely accessed and finally synchronize all the data files are copying with existing windows apps DB along with Web services via GPRS to connect all the mobile client devices (nearly 100 PDAs) Rollouts.

Role and Responsibility:

Sr. Developer - Smart Phones Application

Design and Development.

Bug Fixing, Debugging and Change Management & Implementation

Configuration for Deployment Services

Co-ordinate with Database Administrator and UAT

Live Issues Implementation with HHT Live Operators.

Solution Environment:

GODB Studio, WinCE5.0, Windows Mobile 5.0, .NetCF3.5, SQL Server CE, SQLLite Databases.

Tools & Devices:

ST100, Smart Phones (HP-IPAQ, HTC) Pocket PC Emulators and Web services, VB6 Setup, MFC, vbe, evc, API Integration and vbscript, Microsoft Active Sync 4.5, Client/Server Configuration Setup, Online/Offline Services for Godb Sync Server, Query Analyser1.0.

Highlights & Challenges:

With limited period, Fast and Quick learn new skills with Passionate, Paced Involvement and Implemented a Smart Phone Application Development

Project Title:

Canopus, E-Publications Automation – (Windows Applications)


Gale-Cengage, USA


Oct 2009 to Mar 2010 (6 months)


This is another Complete product based E-publishing domain application development and services, which includes various level of processes like Metadata Capture (MDC), TOC, PDC, Zoning, Image QC & Audit and OCR finally Xml Processing and Documents Shipments. Generate Dynamic Query from analytical data of various processes and from bulk databases. Preparing reports for the e-books process in the live productions of work flows.

1. Gathering Requirement from Senior IT Resources and Design SRS, Prototypes / Pseudo Code & Wireframe Designer.

2. Interface Design for UI and coding, debugging on Windows Forms and Application Services.

3. Complete Re-Design and Development and Deployment of Software Services for their Internal & External BPO Units.

4. Reporting Tool Design with Excel and Live Mysql data from Production Databases for Statistical Analytical Reports.

Role and Responsibility:

Software Engineer.

Software Development, coding, debugging, SDLC follow ups.

Solution Environment:

.Net Framework 2.0/3.5, Visual Basic.Net, Win Forms, WCF, MYSQL Database and XML with Open Source Software Tools.

Tools :

Visual Studio 2008, Open Source or 3rd Party Rich UI RAD Controls, Telerik Controls, Visio, EXCEL, Pseudo Code & Interface Designer.

Highlights & Challenges:

In Short span of Period, Being Part of Complete Full Life Cycle System Design and Product Development and Services for Desktop Software Development of

E-Publications based Application Services for BPOs.

Project Title:

Pitstop - (Windows & Web Apps and Mobility)


American Megatrends India, Chennai for Manifact Sweden based Projects.


Aug 2008 to Apr2009 (9 months) (On Contract Basis)


This project is Core Embedded Services development of Product of Automobile Products Manufacturing & Mechanic Automation System Tracking. Synchronization of Machine settings, Wireframe/Workflow Design Management on sms, mms, WAP protocol for Wireless devices, soap, tcp/ip, http, https protocols web services for web and win-forms for windows services, console based xml and web based wsdl services.

Core Implementation of Complete System Design and Product Development and Services.

1. Prototype / Wireframe Design from URS using Pseudo Logic Tracer.

2. Interface Design for common UI like Console, Windows, Web Forms and Mobile Application Services.

3. Complete Embedded Services Design and Development and Deployment of various Applications Services like send and receive SMS/MMS.

4. Test bed Software Tool Design for GUI test both Information System and Application Objects & Databases.

5. Live data backup and restore using MYSQL servers and system, maintenance log file updates from live servers.

6. Installer & Configuration Setup file for Application Deployment Services.

Role and Responsibility:

Software Engineer. Software Products Technical Support and Professional Services.

SDLC with Six Sigma Standards, CMM Level-3 Standards and follow ups

Solution Environment:

.Net Framework 2.0, 3.5, VB.Net, WCF, SOAP, Web Services, GPRS, SMS,MMS, open NMS, Ozuki SMS Services, MSMQ, LINQ and XML, WPF, Windows Services, WSDL Services and Pipeline, socket Programming, Remoting Services, Server side Scripting, WAP2.0 Testing.


Rich UI, RAD Tools User Interface and DB Designer in windows, web with Mobile Emulators.

Highlights & Challenges:

9 Months worked for American Mega Trends in Contract basis for Embedded based Software development and Solutions with advanced Technologies Company in Chennai.

Project Title:

BI Analytics Engine-Automation for Credit Cards Data & Risks Management Tool Design. (Web Applications)


Analytical Sourcing, USA


Oct 2006 to Nov 2007 (11 months)


Compucrafter India limited located in Chennai, Internet solutions based company solving various project with their UK, USA clients for niche trends on RAD Developments and Solutions delivery using Web 2.0, Web 3.0 Technologies and engineering frameworks.

(a.) Complete Product Design and Development Tool from Open Source like Pentaho Work Bench and its tools to develop ETL Based Packages with Telend Databases for BFSI, First Data Inc., Banking Software Services.

(b.) Customization and Software Integration, Change Requests, Bug Analysis & Fixing and Delivery of following Windows, Web and Mobile based Applications.



Solution Environment:

Microsoft .Net,, ADO.NET, ASP.,NET, Core Java/J2EE Migration from JSP/MySQL for Pentaho BI Suite & Telend and XML with ETL Tools, HTML, CSS

Highlights & Challenges:

Customization on Open source and Business Profit and Market Speed Deliverables.

Educational Qualifications:-



Year of Passing

Full / Part Time

Grade / Percent


CDE, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli

July – 2002

Part Time



Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli

April – 1997

Part Time



National College, Tiruchirappalli

April – 1996

Full Time


Additional Certification:

Agile Scrum Master, 2017 Certified from Aabience Technologies, Chennai affiliated with EXIN.

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 21/04/1976

Gender : Male

Father’s Name : Kannaiyan. K

Nationality : Indian

Address : #5-G1, Sri Baba Nagar, Urapakkam, Chennai, TN, India.

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