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title searcher, gis, landman, accounting, mining

Reno, NV
December 11, 2019

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Carson City, Nevada ***/***-****

Brandy L. King


Industry background in mining, construction, real estate and renewable energy. Land management professional experienced in title search, mineral rights, legal land descriptions, ground-thruthing, due diligence, land acquisition, right of way, leasing, royalties, mining claims, GIS/AutoCAD. A degree in accounting and construction management. Member of NLA and AAPL. MSHA certification. Notary and escrow certified signing agent. Real estate license renewal in progress.


Allied Nevada Gold Corp..

Land Manager

Land management of all public and private lands held under multiple subsidiaries, including geothermal, Indian trust land, and an operating mine.

Federal and county annual claim filings, property taxes, royalties, leases, joint ventures, water rights, mineral rights, surface ownership, access agreements, memorandums, assignments, deeds, waivers, trespass and confidentiality agreements.

GPS/Trimble for claim staking, locating ties and property boundaries. Plot drill holes, water well locations and third party claim locations

Liaison to regulatory agencies, external legal counsel, technical contractors, surveyors, financial advisors. Company representative at public planning meetings. Market analysis. Meet buyers for property tours. State Abandoned Mine Lands program compliance. Build and maintain good rapport with land owners/stake holders.

Special project: Acquisition of lands to complete project via federal leasing, creative negotiations, land exchanges, tax auctions and direct purchase. Facilitate the sale ($5,000,000) of the Hasbrouck Mountain/Three Hills deposit located in Tonopah, Nevada.


Title searcher/Land Agent

Research landownership for the purpose of solar and wind development. Cure title defects. Real estate market comparables. Agreement population.

EP Minerals, LLC

Environmental Permitting and Land Manager

Project management, due diligence, obligation tracking, annual claim filings, agreement abstracts, out of state title research, GIS land database, land file organization, land status, draft curative documents, coordinate contractors for environmental studies and claim staking,

Nevada Land Trust

Land consultant

Research mineral title and water rights for new projects. Audit files for completion and accuracy. Draft legal exhibits and map exhibits. Work in multi jurisdictions (USFS, Department of Wildlife, regional, etc.) for the purpose of conservation easements and project restorations.

Brandy L. King

NV Energy

Right of Way agent

Research right of ways and affirm legal authority in granting documents using internal and external databases, assessor maps, plat maps, surveys and tract maps.

Submit permits to regulatory agencies. Plot transmission line and power pole locations.

Elko Mining Group/Waterton Global Resources

Land Manager/GIS

Implement corporate land tracking system and build property GIS database utilizing AutoCAD/ArcGIS, LR2000, PLSS (Public Land Survey System) & GCDB (Geographical Coordinate Data Base) for over 270,000 acres of patented and unpatented land.

Manage all aspects of the land holdings pertaining to leases, royalties, property taxes, water rights, joint venture agreements and other land obligations. Federal and County claim filings. Facilitate due diligence of new properties. Liaison to outside surveyors and land registry offices and legal professionals.

Recommend and perform curative actions relating to title & claim defects and ensure all land in good standing.

Agnico-Eagle Mines

Land Consultant

Consolidate a joint venture into new LLC for the West Pequop/Long Canyon project (now is an a producing mine).

Create master land files. Draft correspondence pertaining to amendments, bonds and legal agreement revisions. Federal and County annual claim filings.

Geothermal Technical Partners Inc.

Project Administration

Project management of geothermal drill program. Lease administrator and bonding.

Department of Energy grant administration and program compliance.

AuEx Inc./Pittston Nevada Gold

Land Administration/Bookkeeper

Cost accounting including qtrly business taxes, payroll, 401k, W2’s & 1099’s, insurance and calculating Director’s fees. Track work commitments and reporting requirements. Calculate cost share for exploration and earn-in agreements. Reclamation bonds and contract administration.


2006 degree Accounting & Construction Management; TMCC

2009 Geographical Information Systems; WNCC

2008 Real Estate Practices & Principals; TMCC (Renewal in progress)

2018 Canadian Mining Law; Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation

2013-2015 Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute, Colorado

2011-2019 MALRI AAPL Annual Land Convention

2011 to present - Member of American Association of Petroleum Landmen

2011 to present - Member of Nevada Landman Association

MSHA certification

Notary and escrow certified signing agent (w/E & O policy)

ArcGIS & AutoCAD

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