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Project Quality Engineer

Pune, Maharashtra, India
April 21, 2017

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Shruti Tejas Gujarathi.

Mobile: 997*******


Seeking an opportunity to work in a constant learning environment along with team work, to apply my knowledge and strive for quality, where capabilities are recognized for growth towards the benefit of organization and employee.

Work Experience


Duration: January 2015 – December 2015

Post Held: Quality Engineer


Inward inspection of material as per specification.

Implementing effective customer satisfaction strategies by identifying and eliminating the root causes of customer problems & handling customer complaints.

Preparing work instruction to obtain quality of products.

Defect Analysis of rejected PCBs to find out root cause of rejection.

Maintaining the traceable reference master samples of OK & NOK parts.

Checking first five parts for giving approval to start production & m/c.

Checking records of all m/cs, testing fixtures.

Making inspection of on-line processes for handling all on-line issues regarding components & methods for better development of products.

Checking final despatch & preparing PDI report.

Identification of non-confirming product.

Developing suitable fixtures / methods to get accurate, reliable results with reduction in testing time.

Handling of AOI & ICT machines. (no prior work experience but have knowledge about it)

Familiarization of management systems E.g.-5’S.

Knowledge of 7 QC tools.

Academic Credentials




Year of passing


B.E. Elex


Pune University




A.S.C. College

Maharashtra State Board




P.V.M Chopda

Nashik Board



IT Skill Set

Software Applications Familiarity: MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel

Development Platforms: Keil, MATLAB, Multisim, Microwind2, PSim

Project Details

Project Name: Alcohol Detection and Automatic Drunken Drive Avoiding System.

Duration: (From August-2013 to June-2014)

Team Size: 3

Environment: C language, Embedded C.

Description: Main Moto of our project was to avoid the accidents which mostly occur due to drink and drive. In our project, initially, we check whether the person has drunk or not, by using the alcohol gas sensor. If alcohol is detected then it will be displayed on LCD. This project is based on EMBEDDED C programming. Our system is such, that when alcohol concentration is maximum, the car will be stop slowly and the related information will go to the nearby location through GSM.

Responsibility: Presented technical paper in ‘International journal of Engineering Research And Applications.’

Project Name: Street Light Controller

Duration: (From January-2013 to June-2013)

Team Size: 3

Environment: C language,

Description: In late light, street lights are continuously ON so tremendous energy is wasted. In order to save electricity we have developed this project. Our project deals with glowing the street light by sensing the vehicle during late nights. We have used sensor circuit to sense the movement of vehicles. When vehicle is moving then lights are turned ON and when vehicles have passed the light, then they turn OFF.

Responsibility: Testing.

Special Achievements

Attended IUCEE Virtual Academy Mini Course Analog Communications by Prof. S. K. Ramesh of California State University, Northridge, USA.

Successfully completed the course of EMBEDDED C-AVR from GEMINI.

Participated in Switch (circuit designing) in ZION-14 at DYPIET.

Participated in project competition (Architect) in ZION-14 at DYPIET.

Participated in college level cricket team of PARAKRAM-14 at DYPIET.

Participated in college level throw ball team of PARAKRAM-14 at DYPIET.


I hereby declare that, all information provided here withholds true to the extent of my knowledge.

Location: Pimple Gurav Shruti Tejas Gujarathi

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