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High School Program

Denver, Colorado, United States
April 21, 2017

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Dean Huffman (719)-***-****

Resume of Qualification

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Falcon, CO 80831


Personal and professional growth as a football coach and teacher with a well managed

and successful school district, where I can lead students to academic and athletic excellence.


Bachelor of Science in Biology- 1986

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry- 1986

Metropolitan State College, Denver/ Mesa College, Grand Junction

Master of Education Administration with a D license, University of Phoenix- 2002


CTE certificate in Biotechnology Research and Development 2015

Principles of Biomedical Science Certified to teach 2015 Project Lead the Way

Body Systems by Project Lead The Way– certified to teach Body Systems 2011

Completed BOCES program 2005

Completed Statistics Pikes Peak Community College 2004

Completed Linear Algebra at CU Spring 2003

Completed the Colorado Induction Program 2002

Attended a seminar on economically induced values 2001

Became highly qualified in Physical Education by passing Physical Education Praxis

Test 2006


2014- Present- Manual High School, Denver, Colorado

Chemistry and Physics Teacher, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades

Inquiry-based curriculum and labs. Group work is a priority. Assessment scores have

been steadily increasing with the physics class scoring above the district scores

the 1st semester. I have been teaching CTE classes since 2015 Paxton and Paterson Health survey and PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science and I have the training for

Human Body Systems but have not taught the class yet.

2012-2014- Sierra High School, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Chemistry and AP Teacher, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades

My students had the highest science scores on the District Assessment at Sierra High School. We brought back AP Chemistry to Sierra in the first time in about 10 years.

2008-2012- Vista Ridge High School, Falcon, Colorado

Chemistry and Biology Teacher, 10th, 11th, 12th Grades

We always place an emphasis on hands on inquiry based labs and lessons. We also are trying reverse classroom pod casting this year. I have taught in block standard and a mixture of the two schedules. I am a big fan of RTI programs. I believe a good student relationship, makes teachers successful. We are currently looking at switching the curriculum to physics first for the freshmen, chemistry for the sophomores and biology for the juniors to bring up the academic rigor. I also created a Bio-Science program as well after attending the project Lead the Way training.

2003-2008- Skyview Middle School, Falcon, Colorado

Integrated Science Teacher 8th Grade

The students there are excellent and very cooperative. We were able to raise our CSAP scores in science by 6 points. The school was the best in the district and ahead of the state average. We finished realigning the curriculum during my time for hope of even greater returns in the future on CSAP. The realignment made eighth grade science Physical Science. I was able to incorporate scantron testing into our curriculum. Scantron testing allowed me to measure the students’ growth by Colorado State Standards and for me to produce individual learning plans based on their scores. Skyview Middle School was a traditional middle school system with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teams. I enjoyed teaching science for its hands-on interaction with the students. I also taught in the alternative school for a year with great success. All of the students were passing with a grade B or better.

2002-2003- Widefield High School, Wide field, Colorado

Math Teacher 9th and 10th grades

Worked with middle income students who seemed to be more manageable and motivated than what I had experienced before at Adams Cit High School. Taught Algebra 1 and 2. We use traditional system at Wide field with 7 periods per day and 2 semesters a year.

2001-2002- Adams City High School, Commerce City, Colorado

Math Teacher 9th, 10th, and 11th grades

Worked with low-income students in an area that has about 38% turn around with students a school year. This is probably one of the more challenging locations to teach in

Colorado. I taught in a block system with three terms a school year to aid in graduation rates. I taught Algebra 1 and 2 along with Geometry.


The Nike and Glazier Clinics 2007-2010

University of Wyoming Football Clinic- June 2000 and June 2001

CU Coaching Clinic-1999

Coach of the Year Clinic, Denver-1985-1999

MacGregor Coaching Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada- 1990-1992

CSU Coaching Clinic-April 1992

CU Coaching Clinic-1993

University of Wyoming Football Camp-June 1993

College 4-A one-on-one Clinic, Robust Offense- 1989

Colorado Spring Park and Rec Clinic- 2005/2006 an 2006/2007

Wasson High School Football Camp- Spring 2007

Bigger Faster Stronger Clinic Falcon High School- 2007

Bigger Faster Stronger Clinic Sand Creek High School- Fall/Winter 2007

Played High School Football at Arvada Senior High School (1975-1978) State Champions (1976)

Played College Football at Mesa State College (1980-1983) National Champion Runner-Up (1982 and 1983)

Team Captain Mesa State College (1982 and 1983)

Inducted into the Hall of Fame 2011 Mesa State College


Manual High School-2014-Present I am currently the Head Football Coach at Manual High School. In my first season our record was 6-3 which was the first winning record for the school since the 80’s. 5 of our Seniors are also going on to play college football which is a huge accomplishment. We raised almost $3,000 for the team in the first year. I was also awarded Coach of the Week from the Denver Broncos.

Sierra High School- 2012-2014 I was the Head Football Coach at Sierra High School where the football program had been diminishing for several years. I was able to fundraise to buy all new uniforms for the team. I also set-up and ran an NFL camp at the school where various schools in the area also attended to increase the knowledge and skills of their players. I established a winning football team with systems in place to help increase organization and effectiveness. I was very involved with the community and school to ensure success.

Fall 2011 I Coached at Palmer High School as an offensive line coach and consultant to the offense. I was in charge of helping coaches becoming better coaches and film break down along with scouting reports and game plans for offense.

Vista Ridge High School 2008 First year at Vista Ridge High School we used the same coaching philosophy of only offense and defense separation with no real freshman staff. I started study tables for all players for 1 hour right after school with no exceptions. Student athletes can visit the library, computer lab, or a specific teacher as long as they have a pass. We had the highest eligibility out of all 3 high Schools in District 49 out of any sport; we also received an award for this accomplishment. We lift after study hall before practice twice a week in season and 4 days a week out of season. One group does films the other group is lifting. Wintertime I was able to find a free full contact camp that gave us a real advantage for the next season. During the springtime my coaching staff helped the Skyview

Middle School football program, and coached the 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams. I also set up summer football camp for 3 days for middle school student athletes to raise funds for our football program. We won the League Championship our first year with an 8 and 2 record. I was also voted Coach of the Year by my peers. During the summer we attend

The University of Wyoming camp while we were there we did many team building activities, and made it to the JV championship but lost in the 2nd round. Also, during the summer we did several 7 on 7 scrimmages with several other schools, and we were able to utilize two teams.

2009 2nd year at Vista Ridge High School We lost the League Championship with 30 seconds left on the clock, we fumbled the ball on our way into the end zone to win the game. Discovery Canyon recovered the fumble and ran down 99 yards for the win. During the year I kept study tables and weights the same, still having great results. We also attended the full contact camp in Denver, and barely lost to Bear Creek High School (5A School) on the last day. We also attended the CU full contact camp and did terrific in the JV competition and the freshman won the 7 on 7 tournaments. I had always told the players to play with HEART, so I came up with an acronym for HEART. My coaching staff and myself also started a tradition of having a HEART Ceremony. The players are sent a formal invitation, and are asked to dress up for the event. Before the players can enter the ceremony they have to recite what the acronym is. We go over goals and events for the upcoming season. I had a motivational speaker there, and we also put together a slide show. It was a huge success, and had several positive comments from players and also parents once they heard what we had done. Over the summer I contacted Coach Chris Cline with Elizabeth High School to start a tradition of a bag scrimmage between our teams. I had picked Elizabeth because I knew they would be a challenge for us. The kids loved it, and we also beat Elizabeth. During this time I had also started the process with KSA to take the team to Florida to play on Disney property against a team from Florida. I set this up so that we had a team trip every other year, and that would give us a year for fund raising. I also started a contract with World Arena to have a concession stand for our team, which parents and players ran during hockey season, and any event that was booked at World Arena. This was our biggest fund raiser and a great way for the players and parents to raise money for the trip, and also for camps.

2010 - This was our first year as a true Varsity Team and we went into the Southern League. We had an amazing year with a record of 8 and 2, and won the Southern League conference. We went to Disney World for 5 days with players and parents and played at the Disney ESPN football stadium. We went all the way to the semifinals, but lost to Elizabeth,

who went on to play in the state game. Our players received a lot of recognition, Tyree Walker was named Athlete of the Year, and we had two seniors selected for the State Game, and had 10 colleges visit our campus. I was named Coach of the Year for Southern Colorado for 3A by the Gazette, and was also asked to speak at the Denver NIKE clinic. We won the 7 on 7 passing League in the springs. I also continued with spring football for the middle school, and the middle school camp. We attended the CSU Pueblo camp, and killed everybody we played. The defense once had a 12 play stand against 6 different teams on the 1 yard line. This being the first year with seniors we also started another tradition, called the Senior Barbecue. All the seniors and Coaches came to my house for a huge dinner, and we talked about the tradition they wanted to instill and the expectations for the next year. I had this the last week in July.

2011- We picked a tougher camp with 6 teams that won state or made the quarter finals. We had a great camp. We always take all of our kids; we have a Freshen JV and Varsity team at camp. The middle school coaches have always come and helped run our freshmen teams. We continued with all or our traditions and camps. We started one more with a get together with all of the middle school coaches Ads trainers and Principal in the middle of July to go over things and just meet everybody. Our trip to Texas to play Borger Texas is our off year trip the coast is kept to a minimum. Next year we were going to San Diego. Since 2008 the weight room has only been closed the week of Christmas and the 4th of July week. I’m very proud of that. After completing the fund raiser and starting the FCA for 2011 I was released from my position as head coach at Vista Ridge 2 days before the season started.

Skyview Middle School, I put together an extremely successful program in my 5 years of being there which included two complete coaching staffs, that have worked or who were at the time currently working for the two high schools in the our district. I raised the money to equip an entire weight room to follow the BFS (Bigger Faster Stronger) strength and conditioning program that I started during my first year, the first ever in the district. I had year-round conditioning at Skyview for all 5 years The program first started out with myself and nine players and grew to over a hundred my last year with 78 student athletes attending regularly, enough to require two shifts. All of this occurred in after school programs with no money or stipends. I raised the money to fit 100 student athletes in home and away game pants and jerseys. Not only that but I also replaced out face masks and chin straps to royal

blue and changed to hard padded chin straps. Since then, we had no chin injuries requiring stitches. Skyview Middle School football also reached out to the community to our feeder little league team. We put on camps for them, shared our equipment, and gave them places to practice. We also worked with the little league coaches for spring football. This was another first for the Skyview Football program. We played spring full contact football with a five game season for two years with great success. I also improved our program by combining the 7th and 8th grade football teams and getting more success with fewer coaches. The 7th grade team had not lost more than 2 games in 4 years, with the last year I was there the team being undefeated and un-scored upon. The 8th grade team lost on one game and played for the league championship. After my 2nd year at Skyview, I introduced the Eagle Team. The Eagle Team is composed of 7th and 8th graders under 130 pounds that don’t start for out 7th and 8th grade teams. They were able to get more playing time and developed their abilities for 8th and 9th grade. We raised all of our own money and they had 10 games each year. This was two more games than our 7th and 8th grade starters and almost twice as many plays as our 7th grade starters because of their short quarters. As you can see, I was able to build an outstanding program for Skyview Middle School.

Widefield High School, Head Football Coach for 7 months, in the process of turning around a program that has suffered for the past 6 years, Record 1 win and 9 losses. Not enough time to build a program and staff.

Skyview High School, Head Football Coach. Varsity Record 13 wins and 27 losses.

Fourth in the league the first year, third in league the second year, and first in league the third year. This was the first League Championship in the history of the school. My fourth and final year we were fourth in the league. Participation went from a possible cancelled varsity season before my arrival to 72 players the first year, 92 players the second year, 110 players the third year, and 82 players the fourth year. Eligibility went from 50% to no varsity player lost to eligibility my third year. Study tables for every player and phone calls to every parent with one or more F helped greatly. Summer school information given directly to parents for the past spring grades helped keep student athletes eligible and able to graduate. Year round monitoring of grades was also required. Scholarships or participation in college athletics: 1 to CU, 1 to UNC, 2 to the RMAC, 2 to Junior Colleges, and 2 to the NAIA league. All of this in four years. Rebuilt the entire football program from an equipment point of view. Raised $6,000 to $7,000 each year from fundraisers, donated

about $7,800 personally. Built a team room out of wasted space for films and meetings. Designed a new Wolverine logo that is being used on letter jackets. Power lifting program participation by football team. January through May- summer lifting program. 7-on-7 all summer once or twice a week and participation in at least one college football camp each year.

Westminster High School, JV Defensive Coordinator and Varsity D-Line Coach. Worked with one other coach on JV and shared all of the duties with him. Responsible for scouting, game plans, and eligibility for Varsity program. JV record 15 wins and 5 losses. (1996 and 1997)

Lakewood High School, Head Football Coach, Freshman Football. Organized and led the

freshman team with the help of three other coaches. Delegating the responsibility of the

Defense to one assistant coach, and giving the remaining two coaches specific positions

to coach on the Defensive and Offensive side of the ball. I also assumed the role as the

Offensive Coordinator calling plays from the sidelines. 1995 Season 2 wins and 8 losses.

Lakewood Little League, Head Coach. Developed a Heavy Weight Football Program

from the ground up. Surveyed the community and found the kids that wanted to play

football. We gave them the opportunity they wanted, needed, and enjoyed. Record 4

wins and 3 losses. Lost in the first round of the Carnation Bowl and Cereal Bowl (1994).

Bromfield High School, Bromfield, Colorado

Varsity Offensive Coordinator, Line Coach/Junior Varsity Head Coach (1990-1993)

Varsity Record 29 wins 12 losses

Junior Varsity Record 27 wins and 3 losses

Varsity Offensive and Defensive Line Coach/ Junior Varsity Head Coach

Wheat Ridge High School, Wheat Ridge Colorado

Varsity Record 28 wins 22 losses. Varsity Line Coach both Offensive and Defensive.

Head JV Coach. Record 12 wins and 4 losses. Coach Stevens and I ran the entire

Varsity program (1985–1989)


As a teacher/coach, the student/athlete will always come first. To choose the profession of teacher/coach one must expect to go the extra yard for your student/athlete. A teacher/coach must give the student/athlete the opportunity to succeed on their own. Opportunity and the motivation to take the opportunity are the greatest gifts a teacher/coach can give their student/athletes.

To me winning is everything when academics and character are the most important values and the goals you teach in winning. In other words, you can not lose if you play with academics and character as the measure with which you gauge winning, not the score.

In teaching or coaching, consistency is the best tool in treating students/athletes in either a positive or negative way. This consistency should also include disciplinary methods where a student/ athlete will have the opportunity to correct their behavior and come into good standings.

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