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Sql Server Development

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
January 24, 2017

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Todd B. Templeton



A proven leader with an established track record of helping others to achieve success. Network architecture and engineering; Lean transformation; Agile development; system administration; virtualization; system and application design and development (object oriented, distributed, and web-based systems), C, C++, C#, SQL, Perl, and many other languages; operating system/device driver engineering; project management; network design, implementation, and administration; systems integration; business process analysis and reengineering; requirements gathering and analysis, database modeling and design (relational, hierarchical, ISAM); database administration, data modeling, database high-availability, SQL development, ETL; Windows, Linux, and Unix system administration; network security, firewall design and implementation.

Operating Systems:

UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, SunOS, Solaris, BSD, SCO), Microsoft Windows (3.x, WFW, 95, 98, XP), Windows Server NT/2000/2003/2008/2012, VMWare, DOS versions 1.0 - 6.22, CP/M, RSTS, MVS, DOS/VSE, VMS, OS/400, System 3/34/36/38, Cisco IOS, Novell (3.x, 4.x), Apple DOS, Citrix XenServer, VMWare


Oracle, Sybase, Ingress, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server (6.5, 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012), ADABAS, MiniSQL, MySQL, Access, Jet, UNIX db


C/C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Java, FORTRAN (66, 77, 90, RATFOR, WATFOR), Natural, Basic

(various), RPG II/III, Assembler (8086, 80x86, 6502, Z80, 6803, 680x0, S/370, POWER, PowerPC), PL/1, Lisp, Perl, bsh/ksh/bash/csh, REXX, Smalltalk, Powerbuilder, VBScript, Java Script, Visual Basic, Visual C++, ASP.NET

Development Tools:

System Architect, Visual Studio, Powerdesigner, EMACS, Make, gcc, SCCS, Visual Source Safe, RCS, LEX, YACC, and HTML/SGML/XML, Team Foundation Server; Enterprise Architect (TOGAF)

Networking, Firewall & Anti-Virus:

TCP/IP (IPv4 and IPv6), WAN (ISDN, T1, MOE, RF, microwave), WiFi, VPN (IPsec, PPP, L2TP), Cisco (Catalyst, PIX, ASA, Nexus), Dell, Gauntlet, Checkpoint, Raptor, TIS, McAfee, Trend Micro, Cisco, Adtran, pfSense, Linksys, DLink, 2Wire, ActionTEC, Monowall, SonicWALL, ESVA, Squid, ClamAV

Other Technology:

Encryption protocols (IDEA, CAST, AES256, DES, DES2, PGP, RSA), PGP, BitLocker; Netscape Enterprise, Mail, and Directory Server; FTP server software; X-Windows; Motif

Professional Experience

Jan 2016 – Present – Arizona Department of Economic Security – Deputy CIO for Development

Strategic Planning: Responsible for developing the long-term strategy for application architecture and development. Developed and implemented a plan to transition a 160-person development team from a waterfall to Agile development methodology using Team Foundation Server. Developed a comprehensive plan to modernize the development and application environment.

Leadership: Mentored administrators and supervisors in Lean transformation and thinking.

Established track record of helping others to achieve success. Transformed application teams

into collaborative working groups. Experienced in fostering a climate of collaboration and continuous improvement. Committed to evidence-based, metric-driven, continuous improvement. Worked as a liaison between IT and the business units to ensure business requirements were included in application development and maintenance activities. Improved development productivity by 30 percent.

As the head of all development activities, managed all database teams, database administrators, and data architects. Defined the database architectures for high-availability and optimized data security and loss prevention.

2013 – Jan 2016 Arizona Department of Economic Security – Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architecture: Responsible for designing and implementing all aspects of application, infrastructure, and data architectures for the organization. Developed the application, data, and network encryption architecture for the organization with an emphasis on regulatory compliance, which dictated end-to-end encryption of program data. Designs were aligned with the organization’s strategic plan and documented and communicated to all teams. Worked with the development and operational teams to ensure that application, database, and infrastructure changes were compliant with the architectural vision

Strategic Planning: Responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans. Developed and wrote Issue #3 for the DES Five-Year Strategic Plan. Works with DTS operational and development teams to develop tactics to achieve strategic goals and objectives. Mentor development and project management teams in project life-cycle management, development metrics, and cost/benefit analysis.

Data Center Relocation: Developed strategies for migrating the DES data center to a hosting facility. Provided architectural review for the project. Advised Gartner IV&V on architectural progress of the project. Developed key strategies to migrate the Citrix and Exchange environments.

Regulatory Compliance: Implemented project governance to ensure development activities conform with state and federal regulations. Responsible for implementing strategic and architectural recommendation to remediate IRS audit findings. The architecture plan included a major effort to re-engineer the TCP/IP numbering schema, implement network firewalls between division network segments, and migrate to IPv6.

Architectural Governance: Responsible to work with DES business units, and DTS administrations to ensure that changes to the DES infrastructure and technology architecture are mission appropriate and comply with approved architectural reference models.

Project Governance: Work with project teams to ensure projects conform to architectural reference models and that all architectural documentation is completed accurately. Responsible for ensuring that architectural guidelines are followed in the implementation of the applications.

1999 – 2013 Torus Business Group LLC – Owner and Principal Consultant

Executive Management: Chief Engineer and Database Administrator responsible for the day to day operational management of a small consulting company. Responsibilities included budgeting, finance, HR, personnel management, payroll, customer relations, sales, and operational support. Maintained consistent profitability for more than 13 years of operation. The company never missed a payroll, maintained an excellent company financial rating, and the owners maintained excellent personal credit ratings. Developed budget forecasts, staffing plans, and managed multi-million dollar contracts with the State of Arizona and other entities.

A significant part of the company’s business was the design, implementation, and on-going support of networks and network infrastructure for businesses of all sizes.

Development Services – Database Administrator: Developed and administered dozens of database applications for small- and medium-sized businesses as well as the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Spent three years as the Database Manager and head DBA for the Arizona Department of Economic Security Division of Developmental Disabilities (SQL Server). Restructured the database environment to reduce the time required for overnight batch database processing jobs by 60 percent. Wrote the standards for all SQL code development. Re-engineered much of the stored procedure, index, and trigger infrastructure (query optimization and index tuning) improving application and report performance by as much as 500 percent and meeting HA requirements. Reengineered critical database infrastructure to meet HIPAA and IRS Publication 1075 security requirements. Exceptional proficiency in SQL coding (T-SQL/PL-SQL), database administration, data modeling, and database architecture. Reengineered DES databases to incorporate log shipping for disaster recovery, and transparent data encryption (TDE) to ensure compliance with the Pub 1075 requirement for data encryption at rest. Developed and implemented ETL standards and processes for managing data exchange between server- based RDBMS servers and mainframe DB/2, VSAM, and ADABAS data stores.

Virtual Hosting Implementations: Implemented numerous virtual servers to host the IT needs of various companies including accounting, manufacturing, produce brokerage, medical, non-profit, and other organizations. Responsible for building, configuring, and maintaining Windows and Linux servers (Windows and Linux O/S administration) to meet customer needs. Implemented end-to-end encryption where needed to ensure regulatory compliance (GLBA, HIPAA, etc.). Customers connected to the data center across AES256/DH5/SHA VPN connections hosted by a Cisco VPN concentrator.

Sprouts Farmers Markets: Torus Group hosted the Sprouts infrastructure in the Torus data center. Chief engineer responsible for administration and maintenance of the virtual environment. Managed the network infrastructure to ensure end-to-end encryption of PCI-DSS data between the grocery stores and data center.

MIHS Oncology Project: Designed and developed a web-based application to capture medical information from standard forms. Data was stored in an encrypted relational database and was used to track diagnoses, prognosis, and long-term results of treatment for breast cancer patients. The system was developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and .NET using Microsoft SQL Server for the database repository.

Herberger Network Reengineering Project: Worked with the management of the Herberger Theater Center to design a network architecture to fit their business model and develop a long-term strategic plan for maintaining the environment. The final implementation was designed to minimize the total operational cost of the network and still meet the business needs of the Herberger.

Arizona Office of Tourism Web Redesign RFP Project: Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the business practices of the Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT). Using the information gathered, developed a comprehensive functional requirements specification for the AOT’s web sites.

Helped write an RFP to have the web sites redesigned and redeveloped. Sat on the purchasing evaluation team to select the submitted RFP responses.

DDD Database Support: Assisted the DES Division of Developmental Disabilities with the stabilization of their SQL Server application databases and migrating them to SQL Server 2008. Implemented at-rest data encryption for all databases. Fixed the automated processes, streamlined the stored procedures, and optimizes the administrative processes.

Enterprise, TCA: Managed the conversion of a 100 million record database from DB/2 400 to SQL Server for a Visual Studio .NET line-of-business application. The conversion application was developed in VB.NET and used sophisticated pattern matching to split records into multiple database tables. Developed a VB.NET Windows Service application to interface the main database to an Avaya phone switch IVR application using a custom socket-based text protocol. The Avaya side of the application was a custom static library developed in C. Developed a ASP.NET web-service application to allow the Enterprise application to track incoming calls and call routing to track client phone inquiries in the database. Developed complex SQL scripts and stored procedures to manage the database. Developed the automated A/R billing system in SQL. In all, wrote more than 500,000 lines of VB.NET, C, and SQL to manage the database over a period of 10 months.

CPALS Project, DES: Worked with the CSA user community to model CSA’s business processes and develop the application requirements. Responsible for writing and publishing all project design documents. Designed and developed the CPALS n-tier object-oriented architecture and trained S&P staff to develop and maintain applications with the architecture. Designed, modeled, and implemented the CPALS database using PowerDesigner and SQL Server 2000. Designed and developed the CPALS application in conjunction with S&P personnel.

OTS Project, Honeywell: Development of the architecture of, and code for, the implementation of an enterprise-wide web-based system for a project and product cost tracking system developed in Java. The system was developed using IBM’s Visual Age for Java and Java SWING.

Virtual Server Hosting, Manage all aspects of hosting virtual servers for a variety of customers. Host includes virtual servers, email, web sites, databases, and third-party applications.

1996 – 1999 Systems Technology Group, Inc. - Director of Technical Services

Responsibilities included: project management of internal STG projects, and external STG client projects, network security, development language selection and standards, programming, analysis and design of business functions into programming specifications and eventual applications, Code review of other developers.

Projects included: development and implementation of coding standards for C/C++ and Microsoft

Visual Basic; development and implementation of a client tracking system in Visual Basic/SQL Server; development of a large (100+ objects) data conversion system in Visual Basic and Access; development of a C DLL to interface IEF Composer to SQL Server; development of a proprietary networking protocol, server software, and client DLL to allow a client/server application developed in IEF CoolGEN to track documents on multiple NT servers based on information in a SQL Server database; design and implementation of an ISP access and hosting operation based on SGI IRIX and Netscape Enterprise; implementation of multiple firewalls using TFWK, Gauntlet, Firewall1 in both bastion host and DMZ configurations; implementations of a large (28 NT servers plus various Cisco hardware) redundant internet services connection for e-mail, web-site hosting, FTP servers, and secure web transactions; development of a customized FTP server application; development of a drawing application in Java for entering building floor-plans and calculating square footage; conducting training of client personnel in object-oriented design and development using C/C++ and Visual Basic; and re-engineering the AZ DES network for Y2K compliance.

1995 – 1996 USAGroup TRG - Director of Development

Responsibilities included: management of all development activities for the company’s core product line – a large student information system for mid-size to large-size universities; supervising the development efforts of multiple development teams comprised of 96 developers; management of technology selection, product functionality, design, and development; presentations to customers concerning product functionality and development schedules.

1995 – 1995 Maricopa County - Data Management Consultant

Responsibilities included: management of UNIX system administrators, PC support technicians, and Oracle database administrators; defining and implementing organizational IT strategy; developing and implementing system-wide security policies.

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Resume for Todd B. Templeton

1987 – 1995 Phelps Dodge Corporation - Lead Systems Analyst

Responsibilities included: design, development, and implementation of PC based applications; network administration; UNIX application development in C and FORTRAN; UNIX system administration; technology and programming standards; IT research; project management; end-user PC training; PC setup and support; management of a 6 member advanced technology research and development team.

Projects included: design and implementation of 350-node Token-Ring network; development of a mainframe-based customer information system in Natural/ADABAS; development of a FORTRAN and C based system for collecting and quality checking data acquired from more than 200 meteorological instruments via radio telemetry; development of interfaces between various industrial process control systems and core business systems; design, development, and implementation of a

UNIX/X-Windows based industrial scheduling system, and an executive information system; design, development, and implementation of an industrial bar coding and shipping system.

1985-1987 Mini-Storage Technology Corp. - Lead Programmer

Responsibilities included: design, development, and implementation of Apple IIe based facilities account and access control system for the mini-storage industry. Primarily responsible for coding segments of the system in 6502 assembly and, later, C. Developed an assembly language print job spooler for the Apple IIe, and reengineered the EPROM firmware software of a Western Digital hard disk controller to support new drive types.

Professional Accreditations

Microsoft Certified Professional

Professional Memberships



Systems Administrators Guild (SAGE)


Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ – 1978 - 1984

Majors in Applied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. Significant course work in Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Finance, Literature, and Music.

McClintock High School, Tempe, AZ – Graduated 1978

Additional Training

IBM AIX System Administration (1988/98), Natural/ADABAS Programming and Administration (1991/92), Powerbuilder (1994/95), Leadership for Technical Managers (May, 1995), TOGAF.

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