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Engineer Development

New York, New York, United States
January 13, 2017

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Thomas DiFilippo

Jackson Heights, NY *****

(347) ***-****


Senior Python Engineer specializing in: RESTful APIs, Distributed systems, Financial feed handlers & analytical services, Testing, High performance network services and Automation of any task which is repeated

Quick Learner with excellent written and oral skills and the ability to get the job done

Engineering roles: Individual Contributor, Lead or Project Engineer, Senior Systems Engineer, Systems Architect

Agile development utilizing JIRA or White Task board to track Stories, Sprints, Backlogs and Impediments

Fostering cooperation through Mentoring, Pair Programming, Code reviews and Design reviews

Experience with geographically diverse teams in US West Coast, India, England, France, Germany and Tokyo

Lead architect of scalable distributed services utilized for successful projects



Languages: Python, C/C++, Fortran, Assembler, VB, Java

Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows, VxWorks, Solaris, RMX, Embedded RTOS

Python Packages: pyro, asyncoro, argparse, logging, socket, requests, twisted, socketserver, netfilterqueue

json, pyxml, pyinstaller, py2exe, glob, shutil, psutil, csv, xlrd, xlwt, virtualenv, pip

pyodbc, Psycopg, sqlite3, unittest, mock, boa, wxpython, wxglade, boto

Database: MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite

Web Back-end: Django, django-rest-framework, Flask, JSON, flask-restful, RESTful API, JSON

Web Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Math: Matlab, Simulink


Messaging: Broadcast, Client/Server, Publish/Subscribe, Message Broker

Middleware: RPC, TIBCO Rendezvous / EMS, CORBA

Interfaces: Sockets, Winsock, RMX, VxWorks, Driver Development



Source Control: SVN, CVS, GIT/GITHUB, MKS, Perforce, PVCS

Debuggers: GDB, Idle, pdb, Visual Studio, Python Profiler

Network Analyzers: Wireshark, Tcpdump, Intel Network Analyzer

Professional Experience

Derby LTD., Hicksville, NY December 2015 – Present


Design and implement a back-end RESTful API, Database and business logic to support an internal facing Web application

Microsoft SQL Server utilized to support login, storage, manipulation and utilization of large data sets

Monitor and tooling of web services

Development of Python automation test to consume, benchmark, verify and validate RESTful API services

Skills: Python, Django, Linux, MSSQL Server

Cablevision, Hicksville, NY September 2015 – October 2015


Provide POC web-site to replace legacy in-house admin web sites to configure customer cable systems

Design and Development of a network automation tool which retrieves diagnostic data in cable set-top boxes. Utilize asyncoro Python asynchronous sockets library to support parallel network processing. This version queries 250,000 clients within 5 minutes, to replace a Perl script which required 60 minutes to complete.

Developed a Python package to support thousands of simultaneous SSH requests utilizing parallel processing.

Skills: Python, Django, Flask, Linux, Windows, SSH, Sqlite3, Co-Routines, Asyncoro / Asyncio.

Merrill Lynch, New York, NY March 2015 – August 2015


Design and develop Equity Risk Correlation reports written in Python, developed in the BOA Quartz environment.

Utilize the BOA grid computing software which executes Python code sequences on thousands of x86 cores located at data centers in geographically diverse sites

Development of Equity correlation regression analysis to insure that newly developed correlation engines provide the same results as the previous iteration

Development of unit tests with the mock library to provide test case coverage

Utilize proprietary BOA Sandra database on the Equity correlation engine

Skills: Python, Linux, Windows, Quartz environment, Sandra Database, Agile development

Globecomm Systems, Hauppauge, NY April 2014 – February 2015


Design and develop an automated distributed test platform to scale and test the CMS through RESTful APis

Linux RPC clients developed to verify system performance, check content integrity and insure proper usage

Utilize Linux IPTABLES to support packet truncation, packet loss and insure packet integrity

Measure performance and report results through comparison of packet receipt with database integrity using Postgres and Microsoft SQL Server

Actively discovered dozens of bugs, determined system lock, multi-thread and performance issues

Skills: Python, Linux, TCP/IP, Windows, RPC, REST API, TDD, JSON, XML, Postgresql, Agile Development

Parker Hannifin, Hauppauge, NY December 2003 – April 2013

Senior Project Engineer / Systems Engineer

Responsible for the Avionics Test Lab for the Fuel Gauging and Inert Gas Control Systems utilized on Airbus A380 and A350 aircraft

Utilize the A380 and A350 hardware System Integration Benches (SIB), provided by TechSat of Germany, to interface with the control systems and simulation of inter-connected aircraft sub-systems

Design, develop and integrate distributed real-time acquisition software, simulation engines and GUI in Python to provide the verification and validation of aircraft signals to provide evidence of flight readiness to the FAA

Designed and Developed a Python based distributed network interface between multiple workstations, test stations and the SIB using RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) to communicate between the distributed computing systems and actual hardware which supports fuel gauging of the aircraft

Provide an external test API to support development of Python scripts for automated testing

Developed and maintained a Python based GUI to input and output session data, simulation values, scripting sessions and data values using Microsoft SQL Server and Access

Developed a Python and C++ based simulation of several Airbus Aircraft sub-systems using Matlab and Simulink

Regression, unit tests and functional tests to verify software development

Skills: Python, TCP/IP, Avionics, Linux, Windows, C++, DOORs, AFDX, CAN Bus Analyzer, Tcpdump, Matlab, MSSQL

Derby Fragrance, Plainview, NY September 2002 – December 2003


Developed several Ecommerce Web-sites for a Fragrance startup

Utilized HTML and OSCommerce based Web-sites

Utilized JavaScript for Menu creation, Email Links, addition of user based contests, Banner ads and additional web content to increase conversion rate

Significantly increased daily traffic, and number of sales per day through the management of Search Engine Optimization and sponsored

Increased daily sales to 500 per day

Skills: OSCommerce, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Bloomberg L.P., New York, NY August 2000 – August 2002

Senior Systems Engineer

Responsible for the maintenance of the Bloomberg L.P. routing data switch which maintains TCP/IP connections between the customer terminals and the Bloomberg servers

Developed embedded C/C++ software using TCP/IP and proprietary network protocols to bridge between the Bloomberg side of the network and the Internet / Intranet side of the network

Converted complete application from VXWorks to Redhat Linux, providing Linux systems code and builds

Skills: C, TCP/IP, Proprietary Network Interfaces, Linux System Builds, Distributed Architecture

ESpeed/Cantor Fitzgerald, New York, NY January 2000 – July 2000


Develop customer login daemon, responsible for the login of all customers, requiring a high level of security

During catastrophic network crashes, the system required up to 30 minutes to re-connect all clients

Using TCP/IP client/server connections and multi-thread queues, catastrophic re-connection time was minimized from 30 minutes to less than 1 minute while maintaining secure login and security requirements

Skills: Linux, TCP/IP, C++, Multi-tasking, Unix System Debugger

RTS Wireless, Plainview, NY January 1999 – January 2000


Develop C/C++ Paging Server Platform for DOS, Windows and NT Platforms

Develop extended CTASK, a multi-thread kernel to support memory above 1 Mbyte in a Protected mode real-time environment using the MS-DOS operating system for file and device access

Provided many required paging protocols including TAP, SNPP, SMTP and WCTP

Support and develop tools to debug system crash logs, and provide post mortem debug capabilities

Skills: DOS, DOS Operating Extensions, Windows/NT, C/C++, Paging Protocols, Assembler, Interrupt Handlers

Moore Capital Management, New York, NY January 1998 – January 1999


Develop custom Data feed Parsers to connect Moore Capital to Reuters, Knight Ridder and Bloomberg

Provided the ability for all required feeds to be sent via satellite to off-site use for the Moore Capital platform

Developed code in C, C++ on an embedded multi-tasking proprietary Operating System

Software connected via TCP/IP in a client / server architecture

Skills: Embedded development, C, C++, TCP/IP, Multi-tasking, Distributed system

Bloomberg L.P., New York, NY January 1996 – January 1998


Development of Front End Ticker Project which replaced a composite feed with individual feeds for all exchanges

Development of all communications handlers for distributed real-time protocol feeds

Convert data feeds to a neutral Bloomberg format via TCP/IP Multicast to the Bloomberg server computers

Ported OSF TCP/IP protocol to an Intel network card to offload all TCP/IP communications to the network board

Development of custom HDLC, SDLC and TCP/IP feed handlers

Developed code in C, on embedded RMX III Single Board Multibus II systems

Software connected via TCP/IP in a client / server architecture to support over 2500 data feeds with over 250,000 Bloomberg Customers, to provide Bloomberg with real-time data feed support

Development provides the highest performance real-time data in the industry for Bloomberg L.P

Skills: Embedded development, C, RMX III, TCP/IP, Multi-tasking, Highly Distributed systems

Intel Corporation, Islandia, NY August 1985 – December 1995

Staff Systems Engineer

Provided consulting services to a large variety of Intel customers, supporting most of Intel’s OEM products.

Customers include Bloomberg, Reuters, Grumman, KEPCO, 3Com, Silicon Valley Group

Top rated Systems Engineer at Intel based on total revenue and customer ratings

Skills: Embedded Development, C, RMX, PLM, Assembler, Network, Multi-Tasking, Distributed Systems, Bit Bus, TCP/IP, Oracle

Reuters/IDR, Melville, NY January 1983 – August 1985

Engineer Lead for Advanced Development Group

Development and deployed the Reuters Color Graphics Terminal, the first Analytical Workstation built for Reuters.

Lead programmer from initial prototype on Intel Multibus I SBC written in PLM, Asm86 and RMX

Lead developer and designer of the US Dollar Index Feed Ticker, which is traded at FOREX

Skills: C, PLM/86, ASM/86, RMX 86, Linker and Locate tools


BS degree, SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY (1981)

High School degree, Bronx High School of Science, Bronx, NY (1977)

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