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Project Manager Developer

California, United States
January 09, 2017

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Please find my resume pasted below as requested. Feel free to contact me by email or phone 610-***-****. Look forward to hearing from you.

ThanksSelwyn Broady

selwyn broady

Huntington Beach, Ca 926*****-***-**** PROFILEAs an Information Systems professional, havingaccumulated a vast range of experience and exposure to a variety of systems andapplications. Proficient in softwaretechnologies such as EDI and SAS. Role as an IT Developer is and has been to provide knowledge,development, implementation, support and also leadership to clients based ontheirs needs and requirements. Haveworked with many applications such as SAS, SQL, EDI and COBOL to name a few andalso over several platforms such as UNIX, Linux, NT and MVS. Very familiar with a number of tools such asFTP, AS2, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, UtlraEdit. TOAD, FileAid, SAS/Access, Shell Script,DB2 Stored Procedures and SAS/Connect TECHNICAL SUMMARY HARDWARE: Sun Solaris UNIX, Linux, MVS, VM, Windows NT/ XP, ES9000, IBM OS/390 SOFTWARE: EDI(Application Integrator 4.1, 5.0 and 5.2,Enterprise 7.6, Gentran and Transettlement translators) SAS 9.2, SAS EG, SASMacros, SAS Graphics, AS/AF, SAS FSP, PC SAS, COBOL II, PANVALET, LIBRARIAN, ENDEVOR,CHANGEMAN (Source Management), MS Excel, MS Project DATABASES: DB2, CICS, IMS DB/DC, IDMS and Oracle PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEUnion Bank, Monterey Park Ca,Contractor (Analyst/Developer) March 2016 – September 2016 Provideongoing daily support to EDI and transmission team JCLtransmission setups, schedule jobs on CA-7 scheduler Productionsupport coverage and resolve and breaks Support820,824 and 997 transactions.COBOLand Endevor Bank Of America Horsham Pa, March 2015 – January 2016Contractor(SAS Analyst/Developer) Supportthe credit card product change management team to develop strategies and implementprocessesto remediate customers. Required data mining,data scrubbing,reporting and working with LOB’s on remediation strategies onnew product offering. Created AdHoc reports when needed Regularlymet with managers, business owners and staff to develop strategies for statusupdates and process solutions Documentedand maintain project plan to track project to ensure it stayed within scope andschedule DevelopedBRD’s Toolsused was SAS, SASGRID, SQL, SAS EG, TSYS, DB2 and Mainframe GLAXOSMITHKLINE, Philadelphia, PA October 2014 – March 2015Contractor (Analyst/Developer) Providesupport to resolve EDI backlog issues and handle short term projects. Participatedin project meetings with project team and business partners and maintainproject plans Createdbusiness requirements documents Developedand implemented required corrections Toolsused GXS/AI, TGEG, Mainframe and Unix (transactions 810, 820, 844, 850, 856,857) Chase Bank Wilmington, DE January 2014 – October 2014 Contractor(SAS Analyst/Developer) Supportthe remediation team to correct product offer errors to credit card customers.Requires code development to extractpopulation to be remediation and create audit and waterfall reports. Workedwith Marketing business partners to develop strategies to capture profile datafor various populations on new and existing campaigns AssistedBA’s and PM’s interpreting business requirements to devise the correcttechnical approach Assistedin QA testing and code validation process CreatedBRD’s, Xplans, audit reports and waterfall documents. Also created Ad-Hoc reports UsingSAS, SQL, Teradata, TSYS, and Oracle Barclay Card US Newark, DE January 2013 – August 2013Contractor(Project Mgr/SAS Developer) Projectto develop code to support audit risk to do data extractions and reporting andanalyst for business settlement credit card accounts Datagathering of the bank’s credit card customers who poseda risk of default or have defaulted. Liaisedwith audit team to ensure data integrity, using data pulled from processagainst the data found in TSYS to be submitted to government regulatoryagencies. Data was gathered using SAS/SQL and SAS EG on Oracle DB Develop process improvement plan withmetrics to automate current reporting processes currently producedmanually. Gatheredrequirements, manage and develop process improvement to automate existingreporting processes . UsingSAS Base 9.2, SAS EG, SQL, SQLPLUS, VBA, ACCESS and Oracle Citi Bank, PikeCreek, DEContractor(ProjectMgr/Developer) February 2012 – Oct 2012 Projectassignment to developed EDI 820 inhouse end user credit card payment report toreplicate current outsource application Alsoprovided production support using COBOLl, DB2 and CICS GXS (GLOBAL EXCHANGESERVICES) - Remote March 2011 – May 2011Contractor Mapdevelopment for various GXS clients using style sheets and client map specdocuments UsingX12, EDIFACT, SAP I-Docs, AI, Trandev5.2, Workbench Aetna, Blue Bell, PA - Remote June 2010 – March 2011 ConsultantSAS Analyst/Developer) Asa member of Medicare & Pharmacy Ad-hoc reporting team assigned to generateclaim reports and analyze data using SAS 9.2,SQL, Oracle, MS Access, SQL Plus,Hummingbird, SAS Enterprise Guide, COBOL, DB2 and JCL GLAXOSMITHKLINE, Philadelphia, PA November2009 – March 2010Contractor (Analyst/Developer) Projectassignment to develop, test and integrate 2 new EDI trading partners withinclients existing structure. UsedUnix,Oracle,X12,GXS/AI,TGEG,Easylink,SFTP,FTP,COBOL,DB2,JCL,SPUFI,VisualSourcesafePanvalet. Transactions(210,214,810,820,844,846 and850) GXS(GLOBAL EXCHANGE SERVICES) Remote February2008 – December 2008Contractor (Analyst/Developer) Asan integrator my overall role was the responsibility for system testing mapmodels, debugging, connectivity and deployment of GXS customers within GXS’sarchitecture. Also provided onsite/offsite technicalsupport and training to GXS’s clients at their sites. UsedLinux, Unix,X12, XML, EDIFACT,SAP I-Docs, Enterprise 7.6,TGEG,GXS/AI,FTP,DCTS,ECSC File Manager and GSX’s Van JOHNSON& JOHNSON (Healthcare) Piscataway, NJ November 2007 – February 2008Contractor (Analyst/Developer) Developednew trading partner relationship to map to existing Invoice (810) map usingGHX. Alsodeveloped EFT payment (820) map for existing trading partner. UsedGentran 6.3, TSO and JCL. GLAXOSMITHKLINE, Philadelphia, PA May2006 – November 2007Contractor (Project Mgr/Developer) OfferedEDI support to develop a solution to comply with the State laws to providePedigree information to Wholesalers on all pharmaceutical drugs shipped frommanufactures. Playedkey role on various stages of the SDLC and project management and development. SupportedOrder Management/Supply Chain transactions and Managed Market(CARS) andSpecialty . UsedEnterprise, AI translator 4.1, 5.0, SQL, XML, FTP, Web methods, COBOL, DB2, CICSand Oracle on UNIX. AUTOMATEDFINANCIAL SYSTEMS, Exton, PA July2005 – November 2005Contractor (Project Manager/Developer) Designed,developed and implemented a process to import warehouse files from severalbanking clients to validate and reformat the data to be processed thru the RiskAnalysis System to determine loan risk. UsedPC SAS V7, Teradata, Access and SQL. GLAXOSMITHKLINE, Philadelphia, PA June2001 – June 2005Contractor (Project Manager/Developer ProvidedEDI project management and development support to integrate GlaxoWellcome andSmithKline-Beecham’s EDI systems. Also converted clients EDI Gentran system toGXS AI/Enterprise. Dutiesconsisted of mapping, coding, business analysis and Order Management/SupplyChain transactions. Alsodeveloped and supported ACH transactions for new application. Using GXS/AI,Gentran, FTP, COBOL, DB2, CICS, Oracle, SQL, JCL, IBM Mainframe, NT and UNIX. PRUDENTIALINSURANCE, Horsham, PA March2000 – June 2001Contractor (Analyst/Developer) ProvidedSAS system support to the Life Services business unit. Alsodeveloped enhancements to do data scrubbing and provide controls for the FundAdministration System using SAS, PC SAS, SAS/AF, SAS/FSP VSAM, COBOL II, JCL, Changeman,SQL, DB2, FTP and Connect Direct. ROHMAND HAAS,Philadelphia, PA February1998 - March 2000Contractor - Team Leader/Project Manager ProvidedSAS technical support and mentored other team members in SAS for the InventoryGlobal Supply Chain system, which involved report generation, data mapping anddata conversion and extraction for one the client’s larger systems using SAS, SAS/FSP,SAS Macros. SupportedBilling online and batch system, also provided hotline technical support toend-users, enhancements to batch systems and data analysis using COBOL, CICSand DB2/SQL and IDMS. EDUCATION PennsylvaniaInstitute of TechnologyAssociates Degree in Electrical Engineering

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