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Management Microsoft Office

Columbus, Ohio, United States
January 09, 2017

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Working for Amazon and Nationwide helped me realize my potential as a natural leader, with proven abilities to manage a metric driven team, perform big data analysis and deliver the best experience to the customer. My experience is also a proven track record in diverse environment like Operations, Finance marketing, Risk Management, Cyber Security and accounting. I have a highly customer centric orientation, and the ability to quickly adapt to any environment.

I have acquired the skill to solve key problems with innovative and creative ideas I have learnt through my experience. I have always been rated as a self-motivated individual with multi-tasking capabilities to handle any given project, and the confidence to put forward new ideas in developing best practices and improving the productivity of a team.


Risk Management



Microsoft Excel



Data Analysis




Customer Service


Business Analysis

Process Improvement

Supply Chain Management

Operations Management

IT Operations


Regulatory Compliance

Quality Auditing

Microsoft Office

Team Management

Project Management

Strategic Planning

Financial Risk

Team Leadership

Microsoft Office



Project Planning



Business Strategy

Analytical Skills

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Key Projects and responsibilities:

1.Centralizing the reporting for the IT Risk Management:

Managed a project on centralizing the reporting system of the IT Risk Management department by analyzing the existing documentation and proposing the solution using CI methodologies like Six Sigma.

Worked in an agile environment and implemented the GQM (GOAL QUESTION METRICS) model as an approach to remove the wastage from the present process.

Defined, Measured, Analyzed, proposed an Improvement solution and put forward the Control variables for the solution (DMAIC).

Worked with the Senior most managers to develop an effective RCA that helped us focus on the primary cause for the failure of the present reporting system.

Key player in modernizing their reporting system with suggestion like automation using dashboarding tools like tableau and Palindrome Technologies.

Some of my suggestions included usage of SQL to run queries that would automatically generate the data that can be further used by a dashboarding tool like tableau to build a much organized and easily accessible report.

You cannot implement your solution unless you can convince the organization, for the same I implemented the PROSCI change management strategy and actively involved all the leaders in the organization to put forward their opinion.

2. Security Command Center(SCC) assignments:

Worked with 8 different SCC teams:

My personal favorite, Attack and penetration- Kali Linux, Hash cat, Nessus, password cracking, python scripting, Brute-force attack. Attack and penetration assignments to calibrate the rating on an employ- Scored a 10/10.

Took up other responsibilities like Security Intelligence, I & O teams, Vulnerability management, Vulnerability scanning, Cyber-defense, Forensic department.

3. Condensing the entire training module into a 1 page document:

Analyzed the existing 250-page training document

Measured the risk and wastage that was there in the document

Carried out active interviews on the senior team leads from each of the department to help us understand their process.

Managed a team of 6 members to design an innovative and creative idea that helped us build a virtual and working sun-burst model which was highly user friendly and contained the entire documentation with the use of flowcharts and work flow models.

As an acting manager for this team, actively using alternative strategies on how we could reduce a backlog of 600,000+ threats.

Some of my suggestions included a revamped ticketing system along with a revised process flow to deal with the severities of the threats.

Final product was presented to the VP of the IT Risk Management team who would implement our training model.

Left the organization with a new set of skills to learn along with some certifications like white-belt in CI methods combined with SharePoint certification and Prosci Change management principles, Splunk, IBM open pages, etc.

Perfected my presentation skills along with process improvement methodologies, perfected my Excel skills along with Microsoft access.


Key Projects and responsibilities:

Youngest employee to get promoted to the senior level at

Managed and trained a team of 20 interns and 2 mentors with fraud investigations.

Achieved a 100% conversion rate of the 20 interns to full-time.

Improved the training process by adding more amount of practical content and weekly evaluation process.

Discovered an internal security threat to Amazon’s customer data.

oThe password change couldn’t be identified if the hacker followed a series of steps.

oAnalyzed the threat and provided an entire documentation to resolve the above threat with the higher management.

Used java scripting to automate process and make the entire process of fraud investigations faster by 1 minute 30 seconds.

Took over the workflow responsibilities of the team during the peak to ensure that the team is staffed based on the volumes and the skills they are trained on.

Reduced the backlog of the volumes from 4000+ orders to around 120 by efficiently processing orders in batches.

Managed a metric driven team and ensured my team achieved 10% above the proposed target.

Key member for creating a new team at amazon which was involved with high risk orders- the only team that had access to manager approvals to increase the efficiency during peak time, with the following attributes:

oWork load of the team was 25% more than that of the regular team

oIncreased targets with stingier metrics

oIf the investigator from the team maintained top performance continuously twice in a row in a year, he/she was awarded a promotion.

Role as a Risk investigations analyst- Reduced the CB of the team by 66.6%

Daily analysis of big data to determine an on-going modulus operandum of fraud patterns.

Actively involved in creating metrics for the team and implementing the metrics to improve the production.

Multiple star of the month awards with Investigator of the year in 2014.

Key player in driving improvised QA methods to perform efficient Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and right feedback that had to be delivered.


Learnt accounting basics -credit & debit.

Assisted my senior accountant in making reports and balance sheets.

Reviewed the expenditure and revenue of the company.

Suggested ways to improve their financial stand in the market.



GPA: 3.56

Key highlights:

Corporate Challenge- Consulted for AMERICAN PROTFOLIOS and proposed innovative modern day digital market ideas to improve the financial broker count of the firm.

oManaged a team of 3 members and assigned roles to each of the team member based on their strengths.

oOur ideas and strategies present us with a 1st prize out of 26 teams that took part in this challenge.


Study abroad course- Worked with the IT minister of India to propose him a new strategy on how food wastage can be stopped.

oPresented the proposal plan for digital India that would let restaurants and deli stores reduce their food wastage.

Worked along with 2 other members to improve the career services offered by NYIT and included an idea that every student must take part in a career conference to enable career growth and get the exposure into the career market.

Concentrated my MBA on operations and decision science along with business analytics where I learnt methods to improve the supply-chain management and big data tools like arena, R-Software, @Risksolver and what-if analysis.

Took up a course on using SAP software for ERP purposes.


GPA: 3.75

Key highlights:

Lead a team to perform clinical trials for a project to determine the effectiveness of the neurotransmitter drugs using modern the SAS foundation.

Worked on the school website to enhance the user interface, and educated the students on the same.

Actively took part in workshops that were focused on business analytics using the modern-day technology to provide effective results.

Taught myself SQL to build an automated report on attendance and curriculum of the school.


President of The Guardian Circle (Charitable Organization) for school, went onto become the South-India head for marketing and planning. This organization’s primary goal was upliftment of underprivileged children by sponsoring for their education and helping them fight their social problems.

Volunteered for a charitable organization by helping them find sponsors for a marathon in 2012, we raised close to INR 650000 (9.5k USD)

Volunteered for a gaming organization to increase the exposure of E-Sports in India, hosted a gaming tournament for amateurs and semi-professionals and raised INR 100000 as prize money.

Leadership experiences:

oLead a team of 5 to play E-sports (Counter Strike) to earn a first position in regional finals in India.

oI have also managed and lead a team to victory at Hackathon which was held at (India).

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