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Customer Service Sales

Tampa, Florida, United States
January 02, 2017

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Barbara A. Brown

HOME: 864.***.****


Barbara has over 20 years of IT Strategy & Systems Implementation and Consulting experience

In EDI and having made significant contributions in leading large initiatives. Barbara is able to lead and deliver both tactical and strategic deliverables. Barbara leads and follows SDLC methodologies within and across the project phases. Her deliverables include work products from all phases of the project (analysis, design, construction, testing and implementation). Barbara is energetic and adapts quickly to the fast-changing needs of the industry.

EDUCATION: De Paul University Chicago, Illinois MS - Management

Roosevelt University Chicago, Illinois BA - Sociology


Mainframe, HP-Unix, and Windows




WDI 3.0 WDI 3.2 GENTRAN 6.1 CONTIVO SI 5.0 SI 6.0



EDI Transaction Sets:

103, 204, 210, 214, 270, 278,300,301,304,305, 410, 810, 811, 820, 824, 835, 837P/I,

850, 852, 855, 856, 858, 860, 864,875, 888, 940, 943, 944, 945, 947, 990, 997

EDI Version: 5010, 4030, 4010, 3060, and older

DATABASE: DB2, Oracle, SQL, Toad, IMS/DL1, HL7

SOFTWARE: File-Aide, Xpeditor, Abend-Aide, Endeavor, Roscoe, SPUFI, QMF, Visio, Cyclone, Endeavor, Changeman, Hummingbird, Clarify, SQVI, SAP Basic, Ultra-Edit, SPECBUILDER, Lotus-Notes, TSO, HP Quality Center, Expedite, SAR, INFOPAC,

CA-7, Connect: Direct, FileZilla, Microsoft CRM






Key Strengths

Proven ability to design and construct enterprise business solutions that fully leverage SAP/ GIS

Homegrown Business Application.

Experienced in IDOCs, User Exits, and GIS

Business operations solutions, Gap Analysis, Solution Design and with specific expertise in delivering custom EDI applications, and other home grown systems

Proactive team builder able to motivate and manage teams with tact and respect

Solid communication and presentation skills that adapt to stakeholders at all levels including Sr. Management, as well as VP's.

Provides Cost - Savings solutions to Management

Communications skills both verbal and written Solid communication and presentation skills that adapt to stakeholders at all levels including Sr. Management.

Ability to write COBOL. Programs to assist with the Business Applications Development

Gentran and GIS Map Development on multiple platforms


06/2016 – 09/2016 Tech Data Corporation Clearwater, FL

Developed EDI Maps utilizing the WDI translator

Performed EDI/SAP trading partner setups

Performed daily EDI Support

Interfaced with the Sales, and Customer Support Teams

05/2015 – 8/2015 Gallagher Bassett Itasca, IL

Primary responsibilities entailed the on-boarding of GB’s largest scanning


Performed EDI data validations, and unit testing for Medicare and Medicaid


Developed EDI 837 Maps using the Sterling Integrator translator

Maintenance and setup of the communication’s protocols

using Sterling File Gateway

11/2014 - 3/2015 WW Grainger Lake Forest, IL

Assigned to the EDI support team. Performed daily EDI support tasks, that included

maintenance of the EDI maps in Sterling Integrator environment. Responsible for the setup of the communications protocols utilizing Axway. Interfaced with other groups such as DBA,

customer services, and the sales team.

3/2014 - 10/2014 Visteon Detroit, MI

Assigned to manage the EDI Global Team

Developed EDI Mapping Specs and Maps using Sterling Integrator

Generated EDI Communications Protocol for Trading Partners in GXS

Daily EDI support

Interfaced with SAP team

9/2013 - 01/2014 State of North Carolina Raleigh, NC


Assist with the transmission and receipt of HIPAA standard EDI transactions (such as 837, 834, 835, 278, 820 and 999) and act as the primary production support role as well as new EDI process development using the Sterling Integrator translator

Work with software vendor(s) to improve efficiencies in EDI file transmissions and various follow-up tasks through system automation or new workflow processes

Develop requirements for the implementation of ICD-10

Utilized SDLC methodology

5/2013 - 8/2013 Press Ganey - EDI Data Analyst Remote


Performed Data Validation activities, and set up testing with HIPAA clients. Utilized Microsoft's

CRM software, utilized to track and monitor my task and activities.

Communications with Trading Partners and Sales team.

5/25/12 - 4/2013 RSI - Sr. EDI Developer Augusta, GA


Currently assigned to RJ Reynolds account as an EDI Analyst that performs

daily EDI support and development tasks in SI and SAP environment. Utilizing

X12, UCS and VIC standards

Setup of the communication protocols

Provided EDI assistance for future EDI clients


Received an outstanding commendation from our EDI client in Atlanta

Received Cash Award for Customer Satisfaction

10/2011 - 02/12 YRCW - EDI Communication Analyst Kansas City, KS


Performed daily monitoring of Axway's daily processes to determine failures and in-process

status of the various EDI messages

Resolved all communication issues that were in the aforementioned statuses

Notified Trading Partners of any communication issues as it related to the transmission of a


Performed Trading Partner communication setups, e.g. AS2, FTP, SFTP, Hosting, and Van


Performed complex and advance setups

Validation of ftp and AS2 setups

Maintained and processed all AS2 certificates

Daily support of Sterling Gentran Mainframe Mapping issues


Completed assigned assignments on time as requested.

05/2011 - 9/2011 Blue Cross Blue Shield-TX Dallas, TX


Validated 5010 business requirements, and performed Gap Analysis

Performed Unit Testing of the EDI 837 and 835 Transactions Set utilizing Specbuilder

Created EDI 837 5010 Test Cases using HP Quality Center for the four Plans

Currently assigned as Team Test Coordinator for the Provider Types and Specialty

Codes Project, which entails implementing the new codes for 2011, while interfacing

with all of the Teams within the Claims Processing environment, such as Premier

Pricing, Shared Services, FEP for all Plans, such as Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma and


10/2010 - 04/2011 CDI CONSULTING - EDI Analyst Dallas, TX


Perform functional and technical analysis of EDI transactions in a banking environment working on the Wells Fargo/ Wachovia conversion utilizing Gentran: Mainframe.

Performed unit and system testing utilizing HP Quality Center.

Perform maintenance on various business applications in a Mainframe environment.

Performed mapping modifications to Gentran maps

Utilize TSO/ISPF to make COBOL and JCL modifications. Utilize File-Aid to manipulate VSAM files, and DB2i for DB2

06/2010 - 09/2010 McLane Co. - EDI Consultant Temple, TX


Provided On-Call Support for EDI and internal Business Application

Developed EDI Maps in a Gentran 6.1 environment using both the AI and Visual Mapper

Converted Gentran 4.3 maps to Sterling Integrator translator 5.0

Business Application is in a Mainframe environment. Utilized TSO/ISPF to make Cobol

and JCL modifications. Utilized INSYNC to create Vsam files, and the Platinum product for DB2

modifications, and queries. Utilized Changeman to move program changes

from the QA environment to the Production environment.

Performed Unit testing and System Testing

Utilized SDLC for documentation


Completed assigned assignments on time as requested.

11/2008 - 09/2009 International Paper - EDI Analyst Memphis, TN


Provided On-Call Support for EDI and SAP Applications

Utilized Clarify for Trouble Tickets resolutions

Converted Mainframe EDI CICS Programs to SAP

Maintained SAP Partner Profile, EDSDC and EDPAR tables

Performed Systems Analysis and Requirements Definitions

On-boarded new EDI Trading Partners

Developed Mapping in X12, Papinet, XML, SAP IDOCS

Developed Functional Specs

Developed Unit Test Cases

Performed Unit Testing Plans with Trading Partners (Customers)

Utilized Specbuilder for developing Implementation Guides, and Unit Testing

Utilized Excel spreadsheets, and verbally communicated with the business, developers and Customers

Monitored EDI and SAP Workflow errors

Utilized SDLC Methodology

Setup of the Communication Protocol for Liaison

Utilized SharePoint for storing System and Application Documentation


Resolved duplication of EDI error messaging between Customer Service and the EDI Business Team.

06/2008 - 11/2008 Genesco - EDI Coordinator Nashville, TN


Provided daily On-Call Support

Developed Trading Partners Implementation Guides

Utilized TOAD for SQL queries

Created Unix Scripts on an "As-Needed basis

Utilized Specbuilder for developing Implementation Guides, and Unit Testing


Collaborated with Management to define and execute strategies to improve

communications between the Business units and IT.

Provided Specbuilder (EDIFECES) training

02/2008 - 05/2008 Tenneco - EDI Consultant Lake Forest, IL


Developed New EDI Trading Partnerships; coordinated EDI Testing

with Trading Partners, and the development of EDI maps in SI

Setup Communication Protocols, AS2, VAN Service and FTP

Performed the EDI partnerships in SAP

Developed Trading Partners Implementation Guides

Developed Unit Test Cases using HP test tool

Utilized Unix Scripts on an "As-Needed basis

Utilized TOAD for SQL queries on Oracle database, and developed queries

For new EDI partnerships

Mainframe and Unix Environments

Performed the Conversion of Gentran: Unix 5.3 Maps to Sterling Integrator translator 4.2 Maps


Successfully completed the conversion of EDI Maps from Gentran 5.3 to GIS 4.2

08/2007 - 01/2008 Nestle-Purina EDI Consultant St. Louis, MO


Provided maintenance on COBOL and CICS Program

Developed and maintain EDI Partnerships

Corresponded with Trading Partners regarding issues and solutions

Developed Unit Test cases and performed Testing

Utilized Cyclone to setup Communications Protocols

Utilized DB2 with the Legacy Programs

Developed/Modified EDI maps in X12 and XML

Setup of AS2 protocols utilizing Cyclone


Defined and Implemented New Testing Strategies

04/2007 - 08/2007 TTI - EDI Consultant Fort Worth, TX


Converted EDI Maps from 3.0 to Sterling Integrator translator 4.2

Provided maintenance and support to the Legacy Business Application

utilizing CICS, Cobol, and DB2

Utilized UNIX scripts in the movement of EDI files

Developed maps in both X12 and EDIFACT

Setup EDI Partnerships

Setup of Communication Protocols via Van Services and FTP via Unix and Ultra-Edit


Successfully completed the conversion of EDI Maps

08/2006 - 03/2007 Nissan - EDI Lead Nashville, TN


Managed two EDI Systems: Gentran mainframe and WDI 3.2

Developed EDI Maps on both systems

Provided daily EDI support on both EDI Systems

Performed EDI Partner Setups and Van Services via GXS

Corresponded with Trading Partners regarding issues and solutions

Created EDI Implementation Guides

Interfaced with the Business, Application Developers and Customers

Analyzed and determine cost of various methods of transmissions, utilized

this information to make recommendations to Sales and Finance Dept.

Performed Unit and System Testing

Managed and Led the Off-Shore EDI Team

Performed FA reconciliation


Implemented a Plan that generated a cost savings of 11K in monthly

Van Service Fees

Increased Communication between various business units

06/2005 - 06/2006 ConAgra Foods - EDI Analyst Omaha, NE


Provided On-Call Support for EDI and SAP Applications

Provided Daily EDI Monitoring in Unix Environment

Developed EDI Maps in Gentran 5.3 and Sterling Integrator 4.2

Participated in SAP upgrade

Maintained SAP Partner Profile, EDSDC and EDPAR tables

Performed Systems Analysis and Requirements Definitions

On-boarded new EDI Trading Partners

Monitored EDI and SAP Workflow errors

Utilized Cyclone to setup Communications Protocols

Participated in SAP/EDI walkthrough's

Developed Unit Test Cases using Mercury test tool

Performed Unit and System Testing

Utilized SDLC Methodology

Performed FA reconciliation

Setup Communications protocols via Van Services, Connect Direct, AS2


Collaborated with different teams involved in design, construction, deployment and post Go-Live support for Sales and Distribution, Materials Management and Financial processes

03/2005 - 06/2005 Shaw - EDI Analyst Dalton, GA


Hired to implement the 204, 210 and 214 EDI Messages

Utilizing GIS 3.0

Developed the Functional and Technical Requirements

Developed Online program to display Shipment Statuses

Utilized Hummingbird to FTP files between platforms


Automated Advanced Shipment Notice Reporting

09/2004 - 12/2004 Kraft Foods - EDI Consultant BB, IL


Lead in the efforts of the transformation of the SAP Invoice IDOC into

XML document, utilizing WDI 3.2

Developed EDI Maps using WDI 3.2

Lead in the communications effort with our European Trading Partner

Developed Functional and Technical SPEC

Transmitted SAP Status Message to the initiator of the EDI messages

Created utility to generate Email Notifications

Developed Communication protocol utilizing Cyclone Software for AS2


Automated EDI Error Reporting

06/2003 - 09/2004 Transplace - EDI Analyst Lowell, AR


Provided Daily EDI Monitoring

Rotated 24 hour On-Call Support

Project Planning and Needs Assessment

Developed EDI Maps in WDI 3.2 utilizing the X12 Standards

Setup various Communication Protocols between different

Van Service, FTP and AS2

Utilized Changeman for Source Code movement

Communicated with Trading Partners, Business, and Van Service

Partner Setups, Testing and Go-Live dates

Developed Interface Applications, using Cobol, DB2 and MQ Series

Utilized Triactive Software for problem tracking and resolution

Managed and Led various EDI Projects


Led the team in the design, construction and deployment of

three key customers.

02/2003 - 06/2003 BCBS - EDI Analyst New Hudson, MI


Assigned to the Blue Exchange HIPAA EDI project during the Design and Construction phase. Utilized the SDLC Methodology.

Developed Visio data flows

Participated in JAD sessions

Responsible for the Conceptual and Detail design of the EDI 278 and 835

Developed the EDI 278 and 835 maps in Gentran

Developed the program logic for the "PUT" process for the MQ data application.


Completed the Program Package for the EDI 278, 835 and MQ Series



Worked in the capacity as an employee for various companies such as

Nabisco, IBM, Schneider, Whirlpool, BCBS, E.J. Brach and AIG

Worked as a Team Lead, Business Analyst, Programmer Analyst and EDI Gentran Developer on both Mainframe and Unix platforms


Received System Engineer of the Year Award from IBM, as well as

Several Cash Bonuses

REFERENCES: Will be provided upon a scheduled Interview

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