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Sales Manager

Colombo, WP, Sri Lanka
October 10, 2016

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Curriculum Vit

A. P. Chandrasekaran,

Mobile No: 094*********


Permanent address

No 312,/1 A. Podikumbura, Ragama.

Sri Lanka.

Career Objective

To work for a company and involve in a competitive and challenging position in any areas that best utilize my skill and expertise with willingness to cooperate with others to produce a good quality work. To be an asset that would be beneficial to the success of an esteem organization.


Passed the General Certification of Education in Odinari Level in 1998 in Sri Lanka.

Additional Qualification

Followed an English Diploma in Lakpahana Adventist College in Sri Lanka.

Completed the Microsoft word 97 diploma in Lakpahana Adventist College in sri Lanka.

Working Experience:

Worked as a visa consultant in Lama tours llc Dubai since 2014 to 2016 june.

Been worked as a “Night Duty Manager Cum Night Auditor ” since 18th October 2007 till 18th January 2014 with the Seven Sands Hotel Apartment in Al Barsha UAE.

Been worked as a Night Auditor from the date of 18th May 2006 till 01st of September 2007 in Hilton Fujairah Resort, U.A.E.

Worked as a Receiving Clerk from 18th may 2005 to 18th may 2006 and prompted as the hotel night Auditor in Fujairah Hilton Resort.

Worked as a senior Receptionist at Hotel Alpine in Nuwara Eliya Sri lanka since2004. (A Four Star Hotel that approved by Ceylon Tourist Board).

Four years working experience in leading private company named V.K Enterprises in Colombo since 2000. Starting year worked as a Sales assistant and promoted as Store Assistant, the third year got chance to work as a Stock Controller and Final year promoted as a Credit Controller.

Job Responsibilities as a night auditor.

Responsible for the entire operations of the Reception from 12 Am to 9 Am.

Such as Telephone operating, Guest requests, handling check in and check outs,

Also responsible for the entire operation of the Hotel during this period and

Provide the best possible service to the guest.

Auditing the F/O account for the day both credit and debit, post the room and

Tax and close the Fidelio/IDS for the day and restart for the next day.

Auditing F&B all checks of the day and tally credit and debit, finally make the

Revenue summary reports for the day.

Close the Micros and other interfaces for the day and restart for next day.

Job responsibilities as a visa consultant.

Attending the inquiries calls email of new visa applications.

Typing and processing new visa applications.

Following up with the immigration for the clearance of the visa.

Working along with the team and to improve visa sales of the company and handling all public relation officer related work.

Making daily reports related to sales.

Dealing with the admin department for the employment visa process existing and new employees.

Working as a public relations office for clearance of tourist visas.

Preparing the invoices for daily visa issues.

Preparing the overstay list and following with the clients for clearance.

Directly reporting to General Manager.

Personal Details

Name : Aloy Prashad Chandrasekaran.

Gender : Male

Date of Birth : 14th Sep. 1982

Nationality : Sri Lankan

Religion : Catholic

Marital Status: Married.

Citizenship : Sri Lankan

An excellent written and communication skill in English, Tamil and Sinhala knows basic Hindi.

User friendly in Microsoft Office, Worked on PMS like POS (Point of Sale), Fidelio and IDS.

With excellent Guest-relationship skills. Stable under pressure, Professional and result-oriented, highly adaptable, Hardworking. Goal-oriented, Fast leaner. Dynamic and flexible.

I hereby affirm that all statement made and data provided in this document are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and no attempt to conceal or withhold any information.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Aloy Prashad Chandrasekaran.

Night Auditor Daily Check list



Read and Signed N/A Log Book

All F&B dockets/bills received from F&B outlets.

Event Orders Checked for the day - Proper billing has been accounted for

Checked all F&B dockets/bills for correct menu pricing and that the same have been posted to guest account, bills have been signed(Room No & Name printed) wrong posting rectified.

Checked for proper discounts given by F&B cashier and has been documented with signed.

Checked for proper coding of ENT & Officers checks & any covers posted by F&B have been adjusted.

Micros report printed and talllied with fidelio posting(G/L),Cash,C/L,Cr Cards & discounts.

Open check report taken to check for any open checks in the micros and if any necessary action taken.

Final backup, before the close day has been made.

Micros UWS operations was shut down to perform the close day.

Performed the Closed day and reports printed and checked that the reset number has been incremented by one from the previous day.

Performed the month end at the last day of each month and Year end on 31st Dec.

Restarted the Micros UWS operations after the close day.

Checked Laundry & Valet vouchers for proper charges and posting to guest rooms and long term discounts applied (as per list) were correct.

Checked fax vouchers with the transmission sheet for correct posting of charges and descripancies adjusted and faxes not accounted for have been actioned.

Checked all Rebate vouchers. Standard discounts which are offered to guests are given correctly, properly explained on the vouchers and supported with folio copy and signed by FO Cashier. Other discounts are properly explained on the vouchers, signature obtained from guest and signed by the F/O cashier with proper supporting dockets. Income auditor notified if any vouchers missing.

Checked Paid Out vouchers, signature obtained from guest and signed by the F/O cashier and that the paid out is for genuine reason.

Credit card purchased / stored amount is tallied with fidelio folio printout and that the guests signature has been obtained on the purchase/store receipt & any dicrepancies found have been adjusted and noted in the log book for review of income auditor.

Authorization form for credit card purchase by third party has been signed by the concerned guest and approved by the FOM. Complete folio printout to be attached to each credit card transaction.

Once the fidelio reading & credit card summary report has been tallied, the batch transmission should be completed in Reception desk as well as in F&B outlets and machine ready for the following day.

Check all C/L folios have been closed properly and have been signed by the guest upon depature and tallies with the system closing. Any discrepancies to be informed to the income auditor.

All Admin Telephone folios have been closed to F/O transfer & any international call to be supported by tel voucher.

F&B package folio to be closed to F/O transfer.

Any charges outstanding in Miscellaneous Paymasters to be closed to C/L and informed to the income auditor.

Telphone printout tape total has been made for total units & the charges are tallied with fidelio & TIV report and any discreppancies have been corrected.

Cash transactions are tallied for individual cashiers and final total is agreed with Fidelio .

Checked Correction Deletion Report and any exceptions reported to the income auditor.

Ensure that following tasks are done by the Night Receptionst - Post Room & Tax, Extended stays and No shows, Rate discrepancy report checked, & finally his audit.

Shut Down the Front Office Server, CRIS Interface & CIS Interface

Print the Ledger Dept Code summary report and enter the final cashier audit to tally all types daily transactions totals.

Execute the pre-close day backup and record the entries in Back up save log book.

Execute the File reorganisation .

Execute the Close day and ensure that all the related reports are printed.

Perform the Post Close day Save and entry logged in.

Restart the Front Office Server, CRIS Interface & CIS Interface. Perform the Swaping of records in Micros interface.

Run the GIC Collection and TAP update procedure.

Reconcile the F&B/ Laundry Package against Package Allowances and charges posted for the day.

Prepared the Daily D-Card report and tallied with Balance check report.

Prepared the Daily Revenue report and distributed to HODS.

Checked credit card pre-authorization with guest trail balance to ensure that the amount does not exceed the pre-auth taken. If any discrepancies income auditor to be notified.

Update the following Excel reports : (1)Restaurent Tips, (2)R/Sofficers meals

Seriel No Controls for F&B outlets and F/O vouchers maintained

Micros serial control entered on daily basis.

Changed Tape for Network Server for the following day.

Any Comments or hand over notes to Income Auditor (Write below)

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