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Software and database development Sql Server oracle .net

Salisbury, Maryland, United States
October 09, 2016

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Daniel M. Barrett

Mobile: 443-***-**** - – JSI Consulting Services - Office: 410-***-**** Piloted a software modernization initiative which reduced physical inventory man hours over 80% while providing substantial improvement in real-time reporting for management. BelArt Products – ScienceWare Laboratory Products Manufacturer Hosted team design and planning meetings to gather management and end user requirements and transition concerns, thereby reducing development costs and offering a more rapid solution. Utilized multi-user source code control allowing shared code speeding simultaneous testing and development. Designed, programmed, and installed Microsoft SQL Server database backend and ASP.Net front end website running on handheld barcode scanners. Prepared management reporting in customer preferred excel to database format for counts and completion statistics in real-time during inventory runs as well as historic data detail and rollups via SQL stored procedures and cursors.

Architected, coded, implemented, and trained users on custom medical research software system which enhanced data search capabilities while eliminating paper records and reducing user errors, thus reducing man-hours and improving accuracy for data storage, retrieval, and reporting. Mayo Clinic, Walter Reed, and Other Medical Research Facilities Analyzed existing paper and physical processes and mapped them to new software processes tailored to match existing user workflow, greatly reducing system training and startup times and costs. Minimized modification down times during production by producing entity relationship diagrams of proposed Oracle database and website in advance, implementing only approved versions. Designed and developed record and field level data audit trails storing data changes and user info for each change, allowing any change to be tracked. Designed and created real-time interfaces to Lawson and legacy systems performing financial and other validation in middleware code rather than relying on user judgment eliminating errors and saving user time. Designed and created SQLlite based packing inventory iPhone app offering users full text searchability and database export to spreadsheet for convenient sorting and review. iTunes App Store, Pack IT – Find IT

Interviewed potential users about inabilities of existing apps in the packing inventory area and need to accommodate search features and modern packing products. Coded and tested app using Apple’s Swift and Objective-C and provided SQL database storage using SQLlite. Created SQL unions to allow users to search all packed inventory for any item matching search criteria, saving untold hours in storage facilities. Engineered barcode reading for pre-stamped box identification and item identification reducing possible errors in user data entry. Provided item image reduction algorithms allowing users the flexibility of storing multiple pictures in less space than a single normal phone image, increasing visual usability and storage capacity of the app. Provided reliable data storage, retrieval, and reporting by replacing legacy system with modern user customizable software system.

New York State Housing Finance Division

Interviewed legacy software users regarding system abilities and limitations and learn related business rules and relationships to formulate ER diagrams explaining data constraints and rules. Created SQL server and user front end which utilized custom middleware applications to enforce business rules, eliminating costly user errors in coverage allowance and other areas. Created screens closely matching existing forms which users were familiar with saving considerable training and data entry time. Created user modifiable Crystal Reports for management replacing and matching the style of hand created report saving many man-hours and providing management with access to real-time data without the need to add tasks to the IT staff. Produce-Track allays customer fears after salmonella tomato scare providing business a Whole Foods account. Redden Farms, Inc.

Originated Produce-Track System using Oracle and .NET for complete organic greenhouse data tracking utilizing RFID and barcode reading of all steps from seed to sale, including support web offering review of entire growing record by entering final retail barcode. Patents and Inventions.

HealthWorks Alliance, Inc as Director of Application Development Co-Invented and patented TCP/IP based Object Brokering System software using MS SQL Server database and C++ for client server socket based data packet communication among disparate systems within the medical community, implementing the healthcare standard messaging format interfacing numerous major hospitals and physician practices in the Philadelphia area Reference and contact information are available upon request

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