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C/C++ senior software engineer

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 11, 2016

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To attain a position with responsibilities that utilizes my skills and experience to the optimum. To work in an organization where I can enrich my knowledge and contribute to achieve organizational as well as personal goals.


Senior-level software developer with deep expertise in C /C++ / CoreJAVA programming skills with 10 years of hands-on experience.

Having experience in developing software in various domains such as telecom & networking, marine terminal operating system, logistics and retail applications.

Able to learn new technologies quickly in any domain.

Highly skilled in requirements analysis and project documentation that includes preparing high-level and low-level design documents.

Member of project management institute.


Worked in Alcatel-lucent (Belgium) for a short duration in Nov 2007 to implement new feature in their product.

Went to UK to pursue Masters in Business Administration in Sep 2011.

Visited Germany during study trip for the MBA program for business analysis of manufacturing facilities of Audi, Siemens Health Care, Bruder Spielwaren GmbH & Co, Semicron, Lammsbrau Neumarkt in April 2012. Also visited Land Rover manufacturing unit in Solihull, England.

Visited US to attend business meeting and training at Navis LLC in July 2013. Holding US B1 visa that is valid until June 2023.

Visited Netherlands in May, 2015 to support the client APM terminals at onsite located in Rotterdam.


Languages: Primary Skills: C / C++

Secondary Skills: Core Java, XML, Pro*C, PL/SQL

Concepts: UML, Design patterns, Networking [Broadband/optical] ATM, Ethernet

Software Tools: Clearcase, SVN, CVS, Jira, Rational Rose, gdb, purify, TL1/CLI commands,

MQseries, SNMP browser Tool, Unix shell script, Visual studio 2010, intelliJ,

Weblogic, Servlet, Apache

Operating systems: Unix, Linux, Vxworks, pSoSun (RTOS), Windows

Databases: Oracle, Sybase, informix

Hardware: Network element cards


Master of Business Administration 2011-2012

Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK

Balchelor of Engineering in Computer scinence 1999-2003

Madras University, Chennai


Indecomm global serviers, Chennai, India Senior Software Engineer 02/2016-present

[ ]

Domain: Logistics Client : DHL, malaysia

Project: EADCI - EADCI is a major gateway application for EU region which processes large volume of shipments and pickups from a variety of small to large front end applications. The project is to migrate EADCI applications that are running in HP-UX machine to Linux machine


Impemented the feature in unix/linux shell scripting to support loading data files into the database. This feature include: (a) To eliminate duplicate data and key violation problem while loading the data, (b) To update data filenames and time at which upload was run, (c) Locking mechanism to avoid current jobs, (d) scan through the country code in the data files and load the records onto the respective country code tables in the database.

Migrate the source codes that are originally implement for HP-UX system to Linux machine.

Configured and implemented servlet applications in weblogic server to make sure servlet applications are working fine in the new linux environment for message queue communication.

Interacted with Malaysian counter parts, product managers and QA engineers.

Environment: C, C++, esql, Java, Weblogic, servlet, Apache, Informix, MQ series, Unix shell script, Linux, SVN, Rougewave libraries.

Navis India Technologies, Chennai, India Senior Software Engineer 12/2012-11/2015

[ ]

Domain: Marine Terminal Operating System

Project: SPARCS N4 is the container terminal operating system for managing the movement of cargo through terminals. It schedules, sequences and coordinates equipment (manual, semi-automated and automated) and container moves in the terminal.


Designed and developed the software in VC++ to support features: (a) Adding dynamic stack weight in the ship editor module, (b) nominating empty container for TBD units in XPS and XPS-client module and (c) dispatching ASCs to handle over-the-road (OTR) truck-related jobs on a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) queuing basis.

Designed and developed the software in Java to support features: (a) displaying VMT messages on the straddle screens in ECN4/ECN4web, (b) supporting ECN4 for automating rail mounted gantry crane (RMG) by processing the PDS message exchanged between ECN4 and RMG.

Prepared functional specification and design documents for the above-mentioned features.

Fixed bugs in XPS server and XPS-client modules.

Interacted with US counter parts, product managers and QA engineers.

Environment: VC++, Core Java, Windows, SVN, Visual Studio 2010, Jira, STAF STAX, Core Java, IntelliJ.

Tata Consultancy Services, chennai, India IT Analyst 12/2010 – 09/2011

[ ]

Domain: Media Measurement Client : Nielsen, USA

Project: Worked for Nielsen (USA) in one of their products called Adviews online (AVOL) that generates reports for various media types such as internet, television, radio, etc., to analyse the behaviour of consumers on their purchasing decisions based on advertisement occurrences in these media.


Prepared design documents, developed and tested (unit testing) software in C++ program to include new media types such as local cable and internet as part of AVOL 2.2 release.

Analysed and developed software effectively on the code that nobody else in my team as well as on the client’s side had any knowledge of since the code was not maintained for almost a decade.

Supported team members in understanding some of the modules and tools.

Maintained UNIX scripts that restore data from central server to production server.

Involved in weekly production maintenance activity.

Interacted with clients to gather requirements and provide status update.

Have high level business knowledge on media measurement that is relevant to AVOL.

Environment: Unix, C++, CVS, Sybase, gdb, and Unix Shell scripting

Professional Interval 09/2009-12/2010

Prepared for GMAT exam and other MBA exams like CAT, XAT, etc.

Attended French class in Alliance Francaise and got DELF-A1 (basic) certificate

Congizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, India Associates –Project 02/2009-09/2009

[ ]

Domain : Retail Client : Lowe’s, USA

Project: Worked for Lowe’s (USA) to implement features in credit expansion program to support the Lowe’s co-branded card with AMEX in electronic point-of-sale system (EPOS).


Prepared design documents, developed and tested (unit and system integration testing) software to introduce new features in modules such as returns and reports.

Developed software in C and pro*c program.

Used MQ series API to establish communication between Lowe’s and AMEX servers.

Mentored junior team members

Environment: Unix, C code, pro*C, Sybase, gdb, CVS and MQ series API.

Alcatel-Lucent, Chennai, India Software Engineer 07/2007-01/2009

[ ]

Domain: Telecom & Networking

Project: Worked for Alcatel-Lucent in one of their products called 7302 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM, an Ethernet network element) which is a full-service, high-capacity access node, designed to deliver a superior service experience to all subscribers in both copper- and fiber-based access networks.


Designed, developed, maintained (bug fixing) and tested (unit & system integration testing) software in some modules of Alcatel-lucent’s ISAM product.

Developed software in C++ program for Equipment module to handle various functions such as bringing up boards (Network termination/Line termination cards), board redundancy, and bringing up interfaces and ports.

Implemented CLI commands in XML program, which in turn auto generated to C++ program for command parser.

Supported team members to resolve software issues in equipment and interface modules.

Interacted with Belgian counterparts for technical discussion and requirement gathering.

Worked in Belgium for a month-and-a-half.

Well trained to gain technical expertise in telecom and networking concepts in various layers of OSI model.

Environment: Vxworks (RTOS), Clearcase, DDTS, gdb, multi (Target debugging) Solaris, C++, XML, snmpBrowser tool.

Oracle, Hyderabad, India Software Engineer 01/2006-07/2007

[ ]

Domain: Oracle Application

Project: Worked in oracle application development for the module in which concurrent processing simultaneously executes programs running in the background with online operations.


Handled Oracle global customers’ field issues and internal product teams’ issues in concurrent processing modules such as Concurrent manager, request scheduling, request submission and request processing.

Involved in production support and bug fixing.

Interacted with US senior counterparts to discuss work status and get support from them to resolve on-going issues.

Environment: Linux, C, pro*C, Unix shell script and PL/SQL

Wirpro Technologies, Bangalore, India Project Engineer 01/2004-01/2006

[ ]

Domain: Telecom & Networking Client : Alcatel-Lucent, Belgium

Project: Worked for Alcatel to develop and maintain software in their products such as ASAM [ATM based network element] and 1630 GSX system [optical switch].


Developed and maintained software in the modules such as Alarm handling, IQ bus monitoring, Equipment, interface and offline database migration.

Developed and maintained (bug fixing) software in C/C++ program.

SNMP agent software development.

Prepared design documents using Rational Rose tool.

Environment: pSoSun (RTOS), C, C++, rational rose, UML, gdb, multi, SNMPbrowser tool, SNMP and Solaris environment.

Foreign Language Skills

DELF-A1 (French basics)

Goethe-Zertifikat A1: Start Deutsch 1 (German basics)

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