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Clinical SAS Programmer

Bridgewater, New Jersey, United States
October 27, 2016

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Informatics graduate with over 3 years of Bioinformatics and Advance Biostatistics research experience.

Expertise in analyzing and reporting various phases (Phase I-IV) Of Clinical Trials using tools like Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/SQL, SAS/MACRO, SAS/ACCESS in UNIX and Windows environment.

Working knowledge of General linear models, Categorical data analysis, Survival analysis, Multivariate analysis, Design of experiments, longitudinal data analysis, randomized trial designs and survey design and analysis.

Experience in Data manipulation and producing reports employing various SAS procedures like PROC SQL, PROC REPORT, PROC TABULATE, PROC FREQ, PROC MEANS, PROC UNIVARIATE, PROC SUMMARY, and PROC CONTENTS.

Experience in reviewing case report forms CRF’s/SDTM/ADaM to ensure that the protocol objectives are met and the project standards are maintained.

Documented, summarized and recorded data as per standard operating procedures (SOPs) and FDA regulations.

Possess a strong ability to adapt and learn new technologies and new business lines rapidly.

Exceptional understanding of molecular biology, genetics, epidemiology, statistical and computational methods.

Analytical thinker and an efficient team player with excellent oral and written skill set.


Master of Science in Bioinformatics, Clinical Research May 2016

University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City. School of Medicine. GPA: 3.65/4

Bachelors in Bioinformatics May 2014

Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University, Chennai, India CGPA: 8.5/10


Programming skills: C, Perl, R, HTML and DBMS-SQL.

SAS Tools and Statistical tools: SAS/Base, SAS/Stat, SAS/Graph, SAS/SQL, SAS/Access, SAS/ODS, SAS/Report, SAS v 9.x, SPSS, R.

Bioinformatics: Proficient in in silico drug designing and with several tools, software and biological databases.

MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook.


University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City. School of Medicine

(January 2016 – May 2016)

Title: Using Gene expression Omnibus and Molecular evolutionary genetic analysis finding potential drug target genes in multi drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus

This project was a part of my capstone thesis was really intriguing which dealt with genomics of a drug resistant bacteria. A typical bioinformatics approach was used to find all the genes responsible for drug resistance and virulence in Staphylococcus aureus. The results obtained in this research were significant and resulted in finding origin of drug resistance in this bacteria.

University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City. School of Medicine

(August 2015- December 2015)

Title: Effect of Acute respiratory distress syndrome mortality rate based on hospital size.

The aim of the project was to determine the ARDS mortality rate based on hospital size. This was a retrospective study as the data of ARDS mortality rate was already present in National hospital discharge survey (NHDS) database.

Using SAS/Stat the data was then correlated to hospital size this was done using regression analysis (chi-square test).

SAS/graph technique was used to plot the relation between ARDS mortality and hospital size which turned out to be significant.

University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City. School of Medicine

(January 2015- August 2015)

Title: Clinical study to determine the effects of curcumin on rheumatoid arthritis.

This was a retrospective study where the aim of the project was to determine the safety and efficacy of the study which was still in early phases of clinical trial.

Produce safety summary results with tables, listings, and graphs, performing quality control of other programmers work and debug complex programming code.

Extensively used procedures were PROC MEANS, PROC FREQ, PROC COMPARE, PROC REPORT and PROC TRANSPOSE and other statistical procedures like PROC ANOVA, AND PROC REG.

Generated reports using ODS, creating ADaM datasets for analysis and presented a vivid explanation about the effects on curcumin on patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City. School of Engineering

(August 2015- December 2015)

Title: Network analysis of cluster environment using SQL

This project was solely related to the field of database management in which specific size text files were sent and received within the clustered environment for 3 months and the data was analyzed using high end statistical testing using SPSS. This was done to observe the network behavior in the clustered environment over a period of time.

Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University, Chennai, India

(December 2013 – May 2014)

Title: Modelling and docking of IL17-A and IL17-F with IL17-RA and IL-RC complex.

This was a six month project tailored research dealt with in silico designing of Interleukin 17 protein and receptor complexes and docking respectively using Pymol and Zdock bioinformatics tools in Linux environment. The result of this project implied that IL17 protein complexes play important role in rheumatoid arthritis and its effect on human body.


Nthrys Biotech Labs, Hyderabad, India

(June 2013 – September 2013)

Title: Inhibition of lethal factor of Bacillus anthracis with human receptor

Worked as an Intern on a project on exploring molecular level interaction of Bacillus anthracis with human body through reverse vaccinology approach using MHCpred, TIGER and Bcell epitope prediction.

DNA Labs India, Hyderabad, India

(November 2012 – February 2013)

Title: Drug designing using In-silico techniques

Worked as an intern which was very valuable as this was a new skill in bioinformatics approach to design drugs. Various in silico techniques were used to design drugs using software’s like accelrys discovery studio, Schrödinger and Zdock. The main agenda was to create small drug molecule and dock them with respective receptors to inhibit a particular disease.

The primary step to perform the design was done by created phylogenetic trees and studying the use of various databases like String, Pfam, and OMIM.


Presented poster on “Inhibition of lethal factor of Bacillus anthracis with human receptor” in “International Conference on Next generation Bioinformatics” SRM University (2013).

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