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SQL Analyst

Norcross, GA
June 30, 2016

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**** ****** ** *** ****, Norcross, GA 30093 C: 404-***-****

Career Overview

I am an SQL Analyst who has a passion for learning new technologies as it relates to

analyzing databases. I have worked for 3 years with Digisoft Consult and I want to further

broaden my knowledge and skills by partnering with another IT company.


Working knowledge of Relational Working knowledge of HTML XML,

Database Management Systems JSON and CSV

(RDBMS) and Non- Relational Database Experience with Agile methodology

Management Systems Great experience and understanding

Working knowledge of SQL Server of Online Analytical Processing

Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server (OLAP) and Online Transaction

Management Services (SSMS), SQL Processing (OLTP)

Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

and MS excel features

Working knowledge of MongoDB

Work Experience

Database Analyst Mar 2013 to Current


I have worked on SQL Server database Administration which

includes installation, backup, log shipping, other recovery

skills and database attachments. I have created

and manipulated databases for clients using Primary and

Foreign Key relationships, arithmetic queries and RDBMS and

non- RDBMS. I have also used MongoDB in virtual environments.

Designed and created SQL Databases, Tables, Indexes and

Views based

on user requirements. Created Joins and Sub queries for

complex queries involving multiple

tables. Created user defined functions, Triggers, Views and

Stored procedures. Created SSIS

packages for jobs. Good knowledge in managing data and

transferring log files and file groups. Hands

on experience in troubleshooting database issues. Database

indexing and optimization. Using Query Analyzer to

troubleshoot bottlenecks. Converting SQL Relation tables to

flat files such as Comma Separated Values (CSV) files.

Configuration of Reporting Service (SSRS). Creating matrix,

table and chart reports using Report builder. Implementing

security and access control within SSRS. Customizing reports

to meet customer's needs. Thorough understanding of OLAP

and OLTP. Great knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Technical Skills

Skills Experience Total Years Last Used

Languages: MS SQL, T-SQL intermediate- 3 present


Databases: MS SQL Server […] mid-level 1.5 present

and MongoDB

SQL Server Tools: SQL Server intermediate- 3 present

Management Studio, advanced

Import/Export Wizard, ETL,

BCP, Query Analyzer

Microsoft Office Applications - advanced 4 currently

MS Word, MS Excel, and MS



Will be provided upon request

Work History

Database Analyst Mar 2013 to Current


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