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Tampa, FL
April 12, 2016

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Giles Marino on


United States citizen with over 23 years of professional experience in the information technology industry.

Experienced “hands-on” .NET developer with proven track record of working independently as well as overseeing and guiding teams to successful deliveries and deployments.

IASA IFC Certified IT Architect and Microsoft Certified Professional, with experience in the design and development of internet, service based and desk-top software applications.

Knowledge and experience with all phases of the software development life cycle.

Skilled in requirements gathering, systems analysis, logical and physical design principles.

Proficient in the preparation of software life cycle documentation and artifacts, including architecture diagrams, functional and technical specifications, dataflow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams and data models.

Superior communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.

A strong sense of team orientation, work ethic and solid leadership and mentoring abilities.

Strong passion for technology and process-oriented work environments.

Elected to the board of directors for the International Association of Software Architects, South Florida Chapter ( in years 2012 and 2013.

IT Architecture speaker at South Florida Code Camp 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 (upcoming), “IT-Palooza 2012” and South Florida IT user groups and events.


Business Verticals & Application Types – EMR, Loan Servicing, Medical, Medicare Advantage, HL7 data imports, PQRI measures (Physicians Quality Reimbursement Incentive), CCHIT, ONC Meaningful-Use government certification, CRM, decision support, financial systems, health insurance claims contestation, property and casualty insurance systems, loan servicing, e-commerce, ETL and data warehousing, data polling, TCP communications, transaction queuing, ACH (account clearing house) file transmission, supply-chain, bid-management systems, acquisition and targeting systems, batch processing, manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, POS, shipping and receiving systems, electronic data submission.

Languages, Development Tools and Environments

.Net Framework – 10+ years

C# - 10 years

ASP.Net/Web Forms – 10+ years

MVC - 4 years

Angular 1 year

Rest/WebAPI – 3 years

WCF – 8 years

Web Services – 10+

Java Script - 10+ years

Bootstrap 2 years

Ajax – 8 years

jQuery – 4 years

JSON 4 - years

XML/SOAP 10+ years

VB.Net/VB Classic - 10+ years

ADO.Net 10+ years

Entity Frame Work – 2 years

SQL/TSQL – 10+ years

SSRS (Reporting Services) – 8 years

DTS/SSIS (Integration Services) – 5 years,

Share Point 2003, 2007, 2010/Share Point Web Parts. – 5 years

Team Foundation Server (TFS) - 8 years

Microsoft Visio Enterprise Architect – 10+ years

UML - 2 years

Agile/SCRUM – 5 years

Continuous Ingeneration – 2 years

TDD/NUnit – 1 year

DDD/Domain Driven Design Concepts – 2 years

Database Platforms

MS SQL Server 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008R2, 2012 – 10+ years

Oracle 7, 8 – 4 years

IBM DB2 – 2 years

Architectural Approaches, Design Tools and Engineering Concepts

Quality Attribute and Non-functional requirement analysis (IEEE1471), ATAM Trade-Off Matrix, Stake Holder Map development, Traceability Matrix application and provability, View Point Repository creation and implementation, Enterprise Engagement Model usage, Utility Trees, Prioritization of project portfolio, ROI, TCO with strategy for system sunset, SOA, Rest, distributed web and windows enterprise business applications, web and windows services, middleware, custom business and data tier objects, micro ORM’s transactional and event driven models.



BayCare, Tampa FL.

Senior .Net Developer : 09-2015 to Present (6 Month Contract)

Senior Developer and Technical Lead for brand new “Affiliated Physician Portal” project.

Tools and platforms used included C#, MVC5, Angular, JQuery, WebAPI 2.2 and SQL2012.

Designed office staff “Registration and Attestation” management portal designated for use by 4,000 plus BayCare affiliated physicians to address specific HIPPA compliance protocols.

The “Affiliated Physician Portal” is comprised of an office staff registration front end, a back office portal for staff approval, attestation management reporting, and several daily batch processing jobs for notifications, denials, and trigger file creation for active directory automatic provisioning of approved staff members.

Development activities and engagement model included weekly meeting with stakeholders, documentation creation, database schema design, solution architecture design, coding and testing, setting up and configuring QA environments and QA deployment and bug fixes.

07/2015 to 9/2015 - Relocation Period from Nashville TN. To Tampa FL.

Experian/Passport Healthcare, Franklin Tn. (FTE, relocated to Tampa)

Senior .Net Developer/Architect : 09-2014 to 06/2015

Senior C# Developer and Technical Lead for “Clinical Orders” team in Agile environment

Provide technical and architectural guidance to “Clinical Orders” team member’s developing and refactoring critical company products, web services and service bus platforms.

Worked with management and development team to address database performance issues, define data archiving, application monitoring and reporting strategies.

Created data import applications to validate payer authorizations against automated clinical order inquiry process. Developed SSIS 2012/C# data imports, staging and validation tiers

Designed and developed custom pre-authorization data aggregation product in MVC 5, C#, Web API 2.2 for Experian Health nationwide hospital chains and client base.

Led architectural-refactoring efforts to document and understand existing system architectures, hardware infrastructure for implementation of new message queue and service bus architecture

Participated in regular code reviews of team members and formally trained development team in IASA Enterprise architectural pillars and design concepts.

Bridgestone Tires, Lavergne TN.

Senior .Net Engineer: 10-2013 to 07/2014 (6 month contract + 4 month extension)

Senior Developer and Technical Lead for internal “Stock Cutting” data collection and business intelligence projects.

The project scope included capturing raw data from PLC’s using custom built C# Services encapsulating third party .NET data collection components.

Worked extensively with the business to define and create engagement model, project plan and development life cycle using domain driven design concepts and approaches.

Created prototypes using SOA/Rest based technologies and SOLID development principles for development team to use as an architectural template for all application development.

Created MVC/C# application management console to manage and configure PLC data collection services

Extensive SQL development to collect and transform, and aggregate data in database for SSRS reporting. Setup and managed SSRS reporting, development and QA/UAT environments.

08-2013 to 10/2013 – Relocation Period from Pompano Beach FL to Nashville TN.

Citrix Systems Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Sr. .Net Engineer/Application Architect: 03-2012 to 05-2013 (Contractor)

Application architect and technical lead for four-member development team on the Citrix “Vantive to Alchemy” CRM conversion project.

The Vantive CRM system is an enterprise application that has high visibility within Citrix management teams. The system brings significant value to the enterprise and is the system of record for all Citrix customers, channel partners, installed products, product licenses, marketing and sales leads.

Tasked to architect, design and develop new technology to replace the existing Vantive PeopleSoft CRM application user-interface and middle-tier business logic layers using C# .Net, WCF Services and SOA-based architecture.

Conducted a thorough analysis of the existing Vantive legacy architecture, database, security model and the proprietary PeopleSoft application development environment in order to understand risk-assessment and determine the best architectural approaches for the project.

Identified and documented new system requirements, constraints, viewpoints and all specified non-functional requirements (IEE1471 Quality Attributes). Used ATAM to mitigate and resolve any conflicts between constraints and the required quality attributes.

Created high-level architecture documents defining the generic and platform specific system architectures to be presented to the Citrix PMO, cloud, web and database management teams for review and approval.

Designed and coded UI framework, base classes, WCF services, object, business and data access layers in C# 4.0. Object-oriented approaches were used for application development, factory patterns, inversion of dependency and POCO for data objects and data access layers.

Performed data architect duties, created and maintained data model and normalized database entities using “Visio Enterprise Architect”. Wrote stored procedures and SQL queries for new application as required.

Responsible for setting up and maintaining all .Net projects and SQL procedures in TFS (Team Foundation Server), managing and running build templates, code branching and release management to QA/SIT environments.

Set up production WCF webserver environment to work with VIP and Citrix “Net-Scaler” load balancing systems. Worked with production “Xen-App” teams to deploy custom application stub and new application through Citrix thin-client technologies.

Participated in the creation of a successful development team by reviewing resumes, conducting technical screenings and making specific recommendations to management as required.

Created SDLC used for all development lifecycle activities. Worked regularly with team members to create and define technical approaches and assign development tasks. Conducted team-based technical analysis reviews, along with follow-up reviews of completed application code modules.

Invited to become an active member of Citrix “Technical Lead Collaboration Team”. Presented architectural and technical design approaches at required weekly TLC team meetings.

Bayview Asset Management, Coral Gables, FL

Enterprise Application Architect: 10-2011 to 03-2012 (6 Months)

Developed web based application for loan boarding and mapping file-based data to staging environments with Share Point 2010, web forms, C# .net, java script and Ajax.

Tasked to perform architectural analysis and feasibility of current EAI, SOA software systems, technology stacks, code repositories and ETL loan boarding application.

Tasked to engage various stakeholder views and viewpoints in order to define and develop an “architecture practice” within the organization.

Tasked to develop enterprise architecture and application road-map for IT department.

Created IT infrastructure, application architecture, costing and valuation artifacts for replacement of legacy software applications written on access, lotus notes and visual basic 6 platforms.

Application architect responsible for sign-off on data models, application design and code reviews, standards and governance for all development teams.

Validated business cases, wrote requirements, created generic architecture and completed technical design for SOI based Equifax web service integration application.

Coded and developed complete Equifax integration SOI/SOA solution using MVC, JSON,, WCF 4.0, REST, SOAP and C#, SQL 2008, MISMO (Mortgage Industry) XML credit request.

Health Care Financial Services

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead: 07-2011 to 11-2011 (Contractor)

Tasked to oversee and organize application development, re-design and complete unfinished web-based Revenue Cycle Management application from previous contractor. Application was developed with Share Point 2010, C# and and SQL 2008.

Successfully completed and deployed to production web-based Revenue Cycle Management application to high profile company clients.

Managed a direct report mid-level developer, assigned tasks and monitored quality of work.

Designed and coded web forms applications and business components using c# and data mapping pattern. Wrote stored procedure and triggers with SQL 2008 back end.

Designed an implanted application development frame work for business logic and data access used for all application development.

Redesigned database schema and produced models with visual database modeling tools.

Took charge of all development internal activities and production software releases. Set up development, QA and UAT virtualized environments for all application development. Set up team foundation server for code repository.

Worked with executive management to develop and successfully put in place a formal SDLC process.

Wrote and put in place SSRS development and coding standards for all reporting.

Chen Medical Associates, Miami Gardens, FL

Sr. Software Engineer & BI Developer: 08-2009 to 06-2011 (FTE)

Tasked with managing and leading a team to develop insurance claims contestation, electronic medical records and practice management software systems for the health care industry. Development platforms included C#, ASP.NET, Windows, WCF and SQL Server 2005/2008.

Architected WCF services, business components, data mapping and data access layers, common libraries, form and class templates, coding and database standards. These components and standards were used as the infrastructure for all internal and commercial software development projects.

Implemented software designs and development processes that were critical to achieving ONC-NIST meaningful use certification with United States government. ONC certification awarded in March 2011.

Selected by the Chen Medical executive staff to be a “presenter” for the ONC-NIST Certification board examination. Presented software modules and executed specified use-case scenarios as requested by the certifying proctor during the live exam. Demonstrated that the EMR system meets all the government mandated functional requirements for certification for PQRI and PHR.

Developed a web portal for PHR (Personal Health Records). The portal displayed patient diagnoses, prescribed medications and lab results. Lab results were received in HL7 format from third parties (Lab Corp., Quest, etc.) and converted into XML for display in the portal, as well as interchange with other parts of the system.

Analyzed government specifications and wrote SQL queries for ten core PQRI measurements, including childhood vaccinations and health maintenance. The queries examined all patient encounter data in the system and calculated initial and final patient population, numerators and denominators. All physician results were rendered in XML to be sent to the federal government as per ONC-NIST requirements.

Designed, coded and successfully deployed into production a web-based patient management system used to monitor in-patient hospitalizations and out-patient procedures. Modules written

included daily admissions, tasks and workflow, advance referral scheduling, specialist management, physician notes, patient medications, diagnosis history, nightly batch processing to upload patient health records into doctor’s i-Phones and reporting. This system was critical for patient care, referral management and tracking/forecasting capitated patient expenses. The application was used extensively by management, doctors and front office personnel.

Designed, coded and successfully deployed into production a web-based insurance claims contestation and contestation workflow application. The application uses business intelligence to automatically select claims for contestation, submit the data to Humana and manage the contestation work flow and claim recovery process.

Responsible for designing, modeling and maintaining financial system databases and financial data mart. Wrote complex SQL queries to import, stage and convert large amounts of legacy claim data into newly designed SQL Server data mart.

Created and maintained SSIS packages containing .Net scripting tasks to validate and import monthly Humana and Vista claims data into the financial data mart. Installed SQL Reporting Services server and set up internal financial reporting infrastructure. Created and deployed to production SSRS reports for medical, prescription and claims contestation. Created executive financial dashboard by year and month to aggregate and report on sent, pending, received and denied claims and contestations.

FAS Group, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

SQL Developer & SSRS : 11-2008 to 08-2009 ( 6 Month Contract + extension)

Developed and implemented BI solutions for FAS clients using SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Integrations Services (SSIS).

Primary business focus for BI and report development was accounting and inventory systems. The client was a publicly traded company and the development process followed strict adherence to Sarbanes-Oxley rules and procedures.

Worked with on-site IT staff to extract data from proprietary transactional Oracle inventory systems and load it into SQL Server data warehouse. The data extract was subsequently used for reporting and cube development for the accounting and inventory departments.

Wrote, modified and maintained production SQL queries for accounting and inventory reporting systems.

Designed, developed and deployed numerous AR aging, reconciliation, bridge, inventory and leasing revenue reports using SSRS.

Designed reporting schemas, data mart and multidimensional star schemas. Wrote ETL scripts and packages for daily loading of OLAP schemas for production reports and cubes.

Universal Property and Casualty, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Senior Developer: 10-2007 to 11-2008 (Contractor)

Primary responsibility: The re-architecting and rewrite of an existing Fox-Pro legacy two-tier insurance system into a SOA enterprise .Net platform. Development tools and platforms included C# .NET, WCF, SQL Server 2008 and XML based data designs and storage strategy.

Universal Property and Causality operates as the 20th largest property and casualty insurance company in the U.S. and is a publicly traded company. Sarbanes-Oxley compliance required.

Responsible for database and Policy XML data schema design, architecting custom business manager middleware and data mapping layers and WCF data contract model.

Coded and unit tested Windows user interfaces, WCF services, business manager components, data mapping layer, stored procedures, database triggers and custom WCF messaging service to handle concurrency issues and error handling functionality for Windows clients.

Custom business logic code written included the creation and processing of new insurance policies submitted into the system via the WCF service layer, the creation and management of policy endorsements, premium accounting transactions, calculation of earned and unearned premiums, logic to unwind premium transactions, logic to manage “out of sequence” endorsements, change policy effective dates, flat cancelations, batch processes for billing notices, creating renewals and cancellations, suspense reviews and transferring an agencies book of business.

Wrote critical batch processing XML merge engine to create and manage post-dated policy transactions in the system. The XML processing engine merged all post-dated policy changes and endorsements stored in the pending transaction queue into the current version of the insurance policy XML on the specified “transaction effective date”.

Designed, modeled and coded CRM functionality to support the management of agencies, producers, insured parties and additional interests in the system.

Took ownership of and acted as development DBA for the project, maintained and rolled out all changes to the database structure during development life cycle, wrote table seed scripts, change scripts and managed test data for development team.

Menu Vantage, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Senior Developer: 05-2006 to 10-2007 (FTE)

Reported to Director of Information Technology. Responsible for the architecture and development of web-based software applications and Windows services. Additional duties included modeling application databases, as well as quality assurance planning, rollout and deployment strategies.

Developed web-based “CommManager” administrative software to communicate with and remotely manage thousands of custom services deployed on auto dealership servers across the United States. This software was developed using with ASP.NET 2.0, VB and C#.

Designed and coded custom “Data Harvester” Windows service, deployed in a clustered SQL Server environment. The “Data Harvester” service performs continuous transaction polling and raises “transaction found” events to TCP listeners, which forward the requests to specified servers in the field. This was developed using C# and a multi-threaded, event-driven model.

Performed large-scale “split” of the company’s main web-based transactional “Menu” application and “E-Data” batch system into two separate databases and application environments. This was done to enhance performance and enterprise scalability of the system during batch processing operations. Technologies and tools used to perform this task included VB.NET, web services and SQL 2000 DTS packages.

Completed full life cycle design, development and deployment of custom web-based loan serving and accounting application. This application is responsible for the management and servicing of over ten thousand current customer accounts. The system was modeled using Microsoft Visio Enterprise Edition and developed using the .NET 2.0 Framework, ASP.NET. VB.NET and SQL Server 2005.

Developed custom ACH (Account Clearing House) file publishing component to debit customer bank accounts. The components were designed and coded based upon the NACHA government specification. This component integrates with the custom loan servicing application and processes over $500,000 to $1,000,000 of bank debit transactions per week.

Designed and deployed custom web-based check writing software to print loan payment checks to lenders and other financial institutions, directly from the web servers running loan servicing and accounting software.

Wrote and deployed custom reports and using SQL Reporting Services 2005

Software Engineering positions held for years 1997 – 2006 available upon request


2012 – IASA IFC Core IT Architecture Foundation Course

Instructor – Microsoft Redmond, CTO and Architect Role Owner Wayne Matthews.

IT Architecture course covering the 5-pillars of enterprise architecture.

2011 – Homick Systems Asp. Net MVC 3.0 & HTML 5.0, Boca Raton, FL

Microsoft Certified Training Course - Developing MVC Applications with MVC 3.0

2003 – Homnick Systems, Boca Raton Florida

Microsoft Certified Training Course #2524 - Developing XML Web Services using ASP.Net

2003 – Homnick Systems, Boca Raton Florida

Microsoft Certified Training Course #2310 - Developing Web Applications using MS Visual studio .Net

2002 – Florida Computer & Business School

Oracle Certified Developer Program.

2000 – Learning Tree International

Oracle PL/SQL Programming, certificate obtained.

2000 – Learning Tree International

Object-Oriented Development using UML, certificate obtained.

2000 – Oracle Corporation

Java programming with Oracle J-Developer 3.0.

1999 – Microsoft Corporation

Building scalable multi-tier systems using Microsoft D.N.A.

1998 – Microsoft Certified Professional

Present level of Microsoft certification - M.C.P.

Developing applications with Visual Basic 5.0.

1993 - G. E. Corporate Training, San Diego, CA

Graduated from 3-month internal training program covering Inventory Control, Shipping & Receiving and Accounting software applications development.

1993 – Learn-Soft, San Diego, CA

Paradox Application Development, certificate obtained.

1992 – CDI College Montreal, Quebec Canada

Core Computer Science Program. - C.E.C. Computer Science obtained.

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