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Electrical engineer

United States
February 20, 2015

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Eric O. Moore



University of Massachusetts Amherst Amherst, MA

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Dec. 2014

– Key Courses: Security Engineering, Communication and Signal Processing, Data Structures & Algorithms in

Java, Computer Networks and the Internet, Embedded System Design, C++ programming, Intro to Scientific

Computing, Complex Analysis, Non-linear Dynamics, Numerical Analysis


Languages: C/C++, Python, Java, Verilog HDL

Web Technologies: Web Frameworks (Django, Flask), SQLAlchemy, Jinja2 Templates, WTForms, AJAX, JSON,


Operating Systems Linux (Debian family), Windows XP/7, MacOS X

Virtualization: Oracle VirtualBox, VMWare

Applications: WindCatcher, MapInfo, Berkeley Varitronics Systems Chameleon, SPLAT!,PSpice, KiCad, GIT, L TEX,


OpenOffice, MS Office

Lab Skills: Agilent E6474A CDMA pilot scanner, Bird wattmeter, Digital/Analog Scopes, Spectrum Analyzer, Function


Miscellaneous: Strong verbal and written communication skills, excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills,

exceptional problem solving skills, good teams skills


Tara Systems Limited Lagos, Nigeria

Network Systems Engineer Apr. 2011 – Aug. 2012

– Spearheaded the company’s entry into delivering virtualization solutions to customers

– Successfully migrated a busy architectural firm from a power hungry dedicated Windows 2008 server to

VMWare Fusion running on Mac OS/X Server

– Conducted multiple audits on all existing IT infrastructure in the premier multi-purpose cultural complex in


– Wrote and presented multiple reports on various audits performed to evaluate current IT usage and determined

how to better utilize current resources as well as integrate new tools to improve overall efficiency for a variety of


– Developed solutions to extend network coverage within clients buildings utilizing various technologies including


– Conducted budgetary estimates for customers and finance groups; performed coverage surveys and evaluated

propagation characteristics using RF signal analysis equipment and modelling tools

– Developed system proposals for customers including writing system equipment requirements, tracking and

expediting required management approvals, and tracking and forecasting system costs

– Completed all associated regulatory requirements and coordinated with construction teams and operations


Project Engineer - Brass LNG IP Network Expansion

– Chosen by senior management to lead an interdisciplinary team to design and implement the expansion of a

$15bn Liquefied Natural Gas projects internal IP network to accommodate fully redundant wireless and fiber IP

local loop services and fully redundant undersea cable services via two major undersea cables to Europe

– Developed the plan and implementation strategy for the wireless network, dynamic routing, real-time

monitoring, alert and escalation procedures and SLA conformance

– Interfaced regularly with the clients and other service providers to ensure the clients requirements were being

met and to keep the client abreast of the projects progress

– Authored various reports detailing project status and final project report

K&M Systems, Inc Boston, MA

Associate RF Engineer - Metro PCS Network Build Out Dec. 2008 – Jul. 2009

– DAS commissioning hub lead engineer for an Andrew ION-M system. Duties included direction of field

technicians, system commissioning and troubleshooting, diagnosing fiber optic and RF related problems using a

spectrum analyser, signal generator and light meter

– Prepared initial pre-optimization neighbour lists for all DAS CDMA sectors using individual node location and

topographical maps to visually estimate node coverage and hand-off patterns using MapInfo

– Conducted field surveys of potential node locations as guided by utility company construction guidelines and


– Assisted with CW tests: configured transmitter, confirmed test frequency to be clear of external interference,

verified transmitter power using a Bird wattmeter

– Planned optimization drive routes using MapInfo and analyzed test data to determine root cause of dropped

calls. Made recommendations to resolve identified problems

– Performed shakedowns on over fifty nodes in the Boston build out using Agilent E6474A CDMA pilot scanner


– Reviewed antenna sweep results (Insertion loss, Distance-to-Fault, System Return Loss) against customer

performance specifications

– Prepared final RF optimization cluster summary packages for the project using WindCatcher to generate the

required CDMA parameter plots

Cricket Wireless DAS Network Build-out Jul. 2009 - Aug. 2009

– Team lead in the E-911 system characterization of the Philadelphia Cricket Wireless DAS network

– Directed a team of field testers to perform a full system shakedown in the middle of a very busy metropolitan


– Drive route planning to ensure best possible route for optimum performance of field testers


• ClockAide UMass Amherst

– Designed and built (as part of an interdisciplinary team) a Clock to aid the teaching of time to special needs

students at West Springfield Middle School using Raspberry Pi as primary processor and Arduino for the


– Wrote 60% of Python code that ran the clock.

– Wrote 90% of Arduino code that controlled the stepper motors used in the clock

• Circuit Response Visualization Tool UMass Amherst

– Built a web application and accompanying desktop application for a professor to aid in the teaching of his

circuits class

– Wrote back end in Python using Flask web framework

– Wrote front end using HTML, CSS, Ajax, JSON, jQuery

• Personal Heath Monitor

– System collects information on ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry using Beaglebone Black as primary



Academic: RF/Wireless Systems, Software Defined Radios, Embedded Systems Based on Single Board Computers

(Beaglebone Black, Raspberry Pi), Micro-controllers

Affiliations: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

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