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Security High School

Scranton, SC, 29591
January 31, 2014

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Casey J. Cockfield

**** ******** **. ********, ** 29591 Phone: 843-***-****


IT PROFESSIONAL – Security Analyst

CompTIA A+ Certified

I am currently pursuing a job in the IT field in which I can utilized my previous skills in systems security, workstation security, network


auditing and remediation, secure programming and scripting, domain/LOB penetration testing, workstation and server hardening and

a broad cross spectrum OSI security to support my company in the highest quality IT security infrastructure possible.

ComTIA Network+

Skills Summary

IT Support And Past employment has provided me with the advanced skills in IT

CompTIA Security+

Troubleshooting: security, systems remediation and patching, Citrix clustering and

provisioning, almost all Linux flavors, threat analysis and risk

CompTIA Project+

management, SC4/Nessus remediation, NASL scripting for

Dell Certified Technician security, systems updating via SCCM and WSUS change and

release management, Citrix Provisioning Server remediation,

W3Schools HTML Certified

strong analytical / troubleshooting and problem solving skills. Skills


with DISA compliant systems and compliancy within government


W3Schools ASP Certified

Microsoft Server Roles: Microsoft Server and Workstation OS, DHCP, DNS, Failover


Cluster, Hyper V, Print Management, Server Backup, Web Services

(IIS), WSUS, and Exchanger Server, Microsoft System Center

CIW Web Foundations

Associate Configuration Manager (SCCM).

Internet Business Associate Security: Penetration and Auditing testing with Retina, Acunetix Vulnerability

Site Development Associate

Scanner, Nessus, BackTrack Linux, DISA/STIG compliance and

Network Technology Associate

Software Auditing with Secuina PSI.

Web Design Specialist Programming: Wise Package Studio (All versions), Visual Basic (All versions),

Security Specialist

AutoIT v1, v2, and v3, and SMS / SCCM Installer, Python.

Development: Visual Studio 2010/2008/VB6, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Netbeans

Active Government

Java J2EE, Microsoft FrontPage, Advanced Excel, SMS Installer,

Clearance – Class C2

Development/Programming and reporting, Access Relational

Key Skills

Databases, Raptor (Programming Flow Chart Software), AutoIT v2

Highly Advanced Problem

& v3.

Solving Skills

Networking: LANs, WANs, VPNs, Routers, Firewalls, TCP/IP, IDS/IPS.

Network Penetration

Testing / Security Auditing

Software: Network Administration – Altiris (PXE enabled), VMware,

and Testing

NetSupport, Symantec Backup Exec, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator,

Advanced Security

Datatel, WebAdvisor, Solarwinds.


MS Office Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Groove.


Database SQL/MySQL, MySQL Workbench 5.0+, SQL Server

Security Programming

Management Studio, Access, ADDS.

Logic And Design

Systems: Ubuntu, SLES, RHEL, Solaris, AIX, Windows Server 2003, 2008,


NT and greater, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7,

AIX / *nix / Solaris /

Ubuntu/Suse, Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches.

Debian, and other Linux

Virtualization: Citrix Presentation Server, VBlock, VMWare ThinApp, HyperV.


Packaging: VMWare ThinApp, Wise Studio, AutoIT v2 & v3, SMS Installer,

LAN Applications

InstallShield, WinBatch, RegShot, Batch Scripting, Altiris Package

Advanced skills working


within the Microsoft

Server and *nix platform.

Fluent Database Concept

And Design Skills

Information Technology Summary

Education BlueCross BlueShield IS Security Analyst

Information Technology – 10 11 Present

Network Administration Security Auditing

Florence Darlington

Information Assurance

2/10 – 10/11

Technical College


Western Governors University

December 2012 – ECD 12/2013

Peak Systems

Information Technology – Contract Technician

TSM – Computer

1/11 – 10/11

Technology (AS)

Florence Darlington Technical College

CompuForce Hardware And Software Repairs – Management

May 2011 Transferred

8/07 – 2/10

GPA: 3.4

Dean’s List

Website / Database Website Admin – Database/Design/Security

Presidents List

2/08 – Present (Part Time – Personal)


High School Diploma

Client Logic Call Center Support – ADSL And Dialup

Lake City High School

Lake City, SC

8/05 – 1/06

Employment History

Camden Military Academy

Junior High School

BlueCross BlueShield of IS Security Analyst


South Carolina Develop plugins to detect

William Broach security vulnerabilities

Columbia, SC

McLeod Regional Medical across multiple platforms

10 11 Present

Center including AIX, Solaris, Red

IT Support Specialist

Hat Enterprise Linux, Citrix


Servers, Windows 2008 &

2003 Domain Controllers

Bruce Fairchild

and Members servers,

Florence Darlington Technical

Windows XP and Windows


7 desktop platforms, and

IT Support Manager

network devices.


Provided weekly update

statuses to the team on

upcoming automation

expectations, issues, and

estimated completion on

William Hunt task.

CompuForce Worked in designing our

Network / Server Admin

entire environment to match


CMS requirements,

including direct relations

with teams across multiple

Rekha Anderson lines of businesses and

Florence Darlington Technical states.

Ran Security Center 4.x


and Nessus compliance

Computer Technology Instructor


scans on direct targets and

subnets to provide reports

on security findings.

Adhered to CMS mandates

and internal requirements to

delegate out remediation

work to the appropriate


Participated in the

deployment scanning and

hardening advice to teams

introducing new hardware /

software into the


Planned and successfully

expanded our ability to

accurately scan for

compliance across the

network by 600%.

Helped instruct teams on

security flaws and the

correct way to remediate

them from the environment.

Network Administration

Florence Darlington

Security Auditing

Technical College

Maintain, repair, and

Florence, SC

troubleshoot over one

2/10 – 10/11

thousand local and remote


Ran weekly remediation

scans across multiple

domains, and then applied

the appropriate patches or

hot fixes required.

Web based penetration

testing, applying fixes, and

hardening of the sites

structure for security


Responsible for all help

desk enquires, setting a

priority to tickets, assigning

tickets accordingly to

departments, and testing /

development of helpdesk


Cisco Router and Switches

deployment and


Deployment of server’s,

networking infrastructure, and

software via several interfaced


Information Technology – Contract Technician

Peak Systems

Patched and remediated workstations and servers to comply to

New York, New York

1/11 – 10/11 company required standards.

Developed and applied network security (Cisco).

Deploying routers, switches, preforming configurations, and

troubleshooting previous network issues.

Deployment of hundreds of computer systems, and installing it

satisfactory to their business structure.

Provide end user technical support.

Preform IT task for various companies including JP Chase &

Morgan, Bank of America.

Complete large scale projects with a strict deadline.

Installing, troubleshooting, testing, and maintaining new and

previously installed infrastructures.

CompuForce Hardware And Software Repairs – Management

Upheld inventory, product, adequate pricing on services and labor

Florence, SC

8/07 – 2/10 rates, maintained specialty sales yearly, including pricing on

products for these periods.

Software development for internal usage (VB6 – VB.NET 08)

Direct relations and representation to unsatisfied customers due to

work or product related issues.

Direct relations with wholesalers, distributors, manufactures, and

obtaining new channels of product.

Oversight of employee activities and internet monitoring for our

store site.

Worked directly and indirectly with customers on computer repairs,

upgrades, and current progress of their computer at our location.

Preformed maintenance, upgrades, repairs, and diagnostics on all

hardware and software on customer’s computer systems in a

timely and professional manor.

Provided phone support for customers before, during and after

sales and repairs.

Client Logic Call Center Support – ADSL And Dialup

Effectively diagnosed ADSL and Dial up connection issues, and

Kingstree, SC

8/05 – 1/06 instructed customer on how to resolve the issue.

Met weekly and monthly quotas.

Logged and maintained records of work activities and progress

during the day.

Worked with others in a large community to help with small and large

targeted goals.

Website Administration

Websites (Currently Closed) (Currently Closed)

Personally owned and operated since 2008.

Preformed weekly backups on complete MySQL databases remotely, including

files and other settings such as file permissions.

Effective server load balancing (200,000+ page views per month average).

Weekly maintenance, reports, and optimization.

SEO and strict sitemaps design.

Site security penetration testing, effectively preventing malicious users from

corrupting site operations on a weekly basis (security based website).

Design and layout of vBulletin (PHP5/MySQL).

Other Online Activities

Virtual Private Server Clusters (World Wide)

Built and created a World Wide VPS clusters to store, distribute, provide users

proxies, allow users to download files via the Lynx shell browser and download vis


Built and configured SOCKS5, sftp, vsfptd, bastille, Glype 1.4.x, rtorrent, tiger.

Built Tor Networks Relays.

Volunteer Work (IT)

A supporter, volunteer, developer, and tester for the Ubuntu Edge program founders

Volunteer Penetration Tester For:

Microsoft Forums Network

ACS Technologies

Florence Darlington Technical College

1444 McKnight Rd. Scranton, SC 29591 Phone: 843-***-****

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