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Engineer Sales

San Jose, California, United States
July 08, 2019

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Jon Tatar


Professional Summary

Software specialist with over 15 years of experience in software QA, technical support, sales support, training development and delivery, configuration management, requirements management, and release management.

Solid understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle, experienced in working in a Waterfall and Agile environment.

Proficient in working on Multi-platform, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS

Experienced in Software Test Life Cycle and Defects Life Cycle

Experienced in Analyzing requirements; writing Test Plans and Test Cases for positive and negative testing

Experienced testing desktop and web applications

Experienced in building Test Environments

Experienced in both manual and automated testing

Experienced in building the Page Object Model Framework for Automation Testing in Selenium Web Driver with Java

Experienced in designing the Frameworks from Scratch using TestNG, JUnit Frameworks for Regression and Unit Testing

Experienced in designing automation framework using Jasmine-node

Experienced in API Testing with Postman and JavaScript

Experienced implementing data-driven frameworks

Experienced in reading XML, HTML, and JSON

Experienced in training development and delivery

Experienced in working with Version Control Systems, Git and Perforce

Experienced in back-end testing; Database (SQL / NoSQL) validation writing SQL and JavaScript queries

Experienced in testing applications for the Military, Law Enforcement,and Consumer Lending

Excellent communication skills with customers and internal cross-functional teams

Highly interested in learning new skills

Technical Skills

Testing Tools

Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Junit, Postman, Cucumber


Java, JavaScript, Python, bash, SQL, JSON, XML, XSD, UML

Operating Systems

Windows, MacOS, Linux


Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Application Servers / Runtime

JBoss, WebLogic, Node.js

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Eclipse, Oracle SQL Developer, MySQL Workbench, pgAdmin


Git, Perforce

Other Tools

MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, Jira, Confluence, Slack, Maven

Professional Experience

Cogility Software Europe – Application Engineer

Rådal, Norway

Cogility Software Europe was under contract to the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (NDRE) to deliver an “under-the-cover” understanding of Cogility Software’s H-CEP behavioral analytics and model driven methods and tools.

Environment: Windows 10, node.js, MongoDB, JavaScript, Postman, GoToMeeting

Analyzed project requirements to develop feature-centric application, coding all application logic in JavaScript (ES6)

Automated end-to-end testing using Postman

Documented application workflow to support project application

Provided end-user technical support for Cogility Studio to CSE engineers

Delivered project demonstration to NDRE stakeholders

Cogility Software – QA Engineer

San Jose, CA


Cogility Studio - a tool suite for developing enterprise applications targeted for a J2EE/RDBMS or Node.js/MongoDB execution environment. It is comprised of Modeler – a Java-based desktop object browser for modeling the backend of web-based applications, Manager – the runtime engine tying the front-end to the execution environment (app server/database), and Support Tools – web and Java-based native tools for managing a deployed application.

Environment: Windows, MacOS, Linux, node.js, MongoDB, JavaScript, WebSphere, JBoss, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Java, Eclipse, Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Junit, Postman, GoToMeeting, MS Word, PowerPoint, Adobe FrameMaker, Git, Perforce

Authored 250+ test cases for both desktop and web application

Developed a tool-based automationfor functional, regression, and system testing

Developed a tool-based automation with data-driven techniques for SOAP and REST Web Service API testing

Developed an automation framework with Selenium WebDriver/Java, for web-based administration tool utilizing the Page Object Model / Page Factory design patterns for functional, regression, and multi-browser testing, using TestNG and Junit for test assertions.

Authored and executed SQL and JS queries for testing RDBMS and NoSQL databases

Authored 6 product documents including product installation and configuration, API reference, modeling, configuration management, and deployment guides.

Authored/delivered rigorous 3-day product training course to ensure end-users were productive upon completion

Reduced onboarding time for new employees by ~30% by providing custom product training

Managed change control board, triaging and assigning tasks for 8 developers

Investigated Java stack traces, modifying source code and re-deploying to determine root cause and reduce turn-around time

Authored numerous defects and enhancements in Perforce and Jira, managing them through closure

Made daily submissions to Perforce / Git

Speech-to-Text (STT) - cloud-based solution that utilizes Google’s Speech-to-Text API to translate jailhouse calls to searchable intelligence. STT is intended to be a standalone product or an add-on to TDIAS.

Environment: Windows, MacOS, Linux, node.js, MongoDB, JavaScript, Postman, AWS EC2, S3, Google Speech API, Git

Authored 100+ test cases for the web application

Authored 30+ REST API test scripts in jasmine-node and JSON objects for execution in Jenkins environment

Authored and executed JS queries for testing MongoDB

Worked with development to improve audio transcription from ~40% to ~85% accuracy

Trained 5 law enforcement personnel to a high level of proficiency

Authored numerous defects and enhancements in Jira, managing them through closure

Made daily submissions to Git

TD Intelligence Aggregation System(TDIAS)– cloud-based solution that provides data aggregation form disparate data sources for analysis and production of actionable intelligence for law enforcement. This was the first offering using the CEA frameworks

Environment: Windows, MacOS, Linux, node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Solr, JavaScript, Postman, AWS EC2, S3, Git

Authored 150+ test cases for the web application

Authored 50+ REST API test scripts in jasmine-node and JSON objects for execution in Jenkins environment

Provided tier 2 end-user support via email, phone, GoToMeeting, and on premise

Instrumental in maintain a strong relationship with Jefferson County Sheriff’s department, resulting in multi-year contract

Developed and drove the product demonstration at the 2017 National Sherriff’s Association to 19 law enforcement agencies

Authored numerous defects and enhancements in Jira, managing them through closure

Made daily submissions to Git

Cogility Event Analyzer (CEA) - set of frameworks for developing data aggregation and analysis tools

Environment: Windows, MacOS, Linux, node.js, MongoDB, JavaScript, Postman, Git

Authored product test plan and procedures

Authored 100+ REST API test scripts in jasmine-node for execution in Jenkins environment

Analyzed capabilities of the JIST product to define requirements for 7 frameworks: user management, ingest, data mapping, search, lexicon, case management, and link analysis

Authored numerous defects and enhancements in Jira, managing them through closure

Made daily submissions to Git

Joint IED Analysis Tool(JIST)– aggregates and analyzes theater level IED event data using pattern, lexical and link analysis, to produce actionable intelligence for the US Army. JIST was deployed in a distributed environment and to self-contained laptops

Environment: Windows, MacOS, Linux, JBoss, MySQL, Java, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Git

Documented and delivered Test Plan / Test Cases / Traceability Matrix for customer’s review and implementation

Performed continuous functional and regression testing using white-box strategies

Authored cucumber scripts to supported behavior-driven development (BDD) efforts

Authored and executed SQL for testing MySQL database

Produced monthly progress reports, documenting testing coverage, test case statistics, defect statistics, and overall status

Hired and managed a team of 6 and ensured test, end-user documentation, and end-user training deliverables were favorably received on time.

Developed and delivered product training

Lead team of 3 developers and 3 test engineers at customer’s secure facility periodically to successfully demonstrate and satisfy customer requirements in order to obtain contract extensions.

As Facility Security Officer (TS/SCI clearance) managed the clearances of 22 team members to ensure all were in good standing, allowing the contract to continue without interruption

Authored numerous defects and enhancements in Perforce and Jira, managing them through closure

Made daily submissions to Git

Bearing Point – Manager, Best Practices

Mountain View, CA

The Configure-to-Fit™ (CTF) practice is an end-to-end solution, integrating business process, work flows, and data across the client’s entire BSS/OSS infrastructure.

Environment: Windows, Java, Oracle, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, Intraspect

Responsible for the implementation of an Integrated Learning System to support the delivery of CTF solutions. The ILS was designed to meet the demands for ongoing training necessary to successfully integrate, deploy, and operation CTF solutions. The ILS was realized through an integration of MS Project and Intraspect’s collaboration and knowledge management system.

Provided sales support through product demonstrations and trade show support.

Ascent Logic Corporation

San Jose, CA

Ascent Logic developed RDD-100 (Requirements Driven Development) using Smalltalk-80, the leading software and process for Systems Engineering and Life Cycle Management.

Environment: Unix (Solaris), SmallTalk-80, MS Word, PowerPoint

Lead Application Engineer – Year 2000

Managed the development and delivery of year 2000 products, services, training, and collateral

Interfaced with executive team to produce specification of product design and enhancements

Supported corporate sales with demonstration and follow-up with channel partners

Sr. Consulting Engineer

Supported the development and pre-sales support of the Information Systems Re-engineering Process (ISRP) and Year 2000 (Y2K) vertical markets

Developed prototype Configuration Management tools and process for NTT Data (100+ engineers)

Consulting Engineer

Streamlined Configuration Management tools and process for Motorola Iridium (on-site)

Developed and delivered custom courseware to support the Motorola SE process (on-site)

Developed and delivered the Report Writer training course

Technical Support

Served as technical lead of the Technical Support department

Developed and delivered a field sales demonstration kit to the North American sales force

Performed extensive product testing and authored end user documentation


B.A., Social Science, Organizational Behavior University of California, Berkeley

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