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Senior Director, App Development, DevOps/SecOps, and infra scalability

San Francisco, CA
June 13, 2019

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Christopher Lloyd Fabri

Dual Citizen: US/Switzerland


Senior, hands-on technology leader with extensive experience building and running large, global teams. Strong record of success working with C-level executives, product and technology teams, and core technologists in delivering outstanding technology solutions that promote the product and enhance the business. Specific focus on application development, devops/secops, and infrastructure scalability. Education

London Business School, EMBA

• Part-time MBA program, emphasis on entrepreneurship, strategy and asset management

• GMAT 720

• Completed July 2012

Boston University, M.A. Physics

• Fellowship awards, including tuition waiver and stipend for duration of program

• Completed May 1993

Boston University, B.A. Philosophy, Minor Physics

• Graduated with honors, Magna cum Laude, Dean's list every semester

• Completed May 1990

Work Experience

Symphony LLC, Palo Alto (4/2015-5/2019)

Senior Director, Infrastructure Engineering and SecOps (2/2018-5/2019)

• Established and currently manage 10+ person global team focused on delivering and running highly secure infrastructure in the cloud

• Established CEO mandated program of security best practices, defined by policies and enforced by automated guardrails/micro-services, with automated management of all cloud assets (security groups, keys, VPCs, policies, encryption at rest/transit, key rotation, firewall rules, use of roles/policies vs keys)

• Built and deployed event triggered security guardrails (lambda) across 50+ accounts, blocking unapproved security group changes, deactivating keys older than 90d, activating flow logs, tagging resources at creation time

• Built and deployed workflow automation suite (microservices + state machines), triggered by Jira ticket changes, that dramatically enhanced efficiency of processing client requests and linked JIRA, Symphony, and metadata databases

• Built and deployed transaction engine microservices that processed client requests and applied changes (CRUD) to cloud resources, reducing the turn-around time from weeks to hours, while maintaining high levels of robustness and security

• Established infrastructure as code as standard for building and deploying infrastructure components, backed by heavy use of python as the core automation language (26k lines written in 9 months)

• Built out core metadata databases that contain firm-wide client data, client infrastructure installations (ECS clusters, Security Group settings, ELBs, etc) and client configuration 1

• Developed micro-services performance analysis tooling using jmeter and proprietary metrics

• Spearheaded and brought into the organization key vendors to help manage security operations

(Redlock) and SSL certificates (Digicert)

• Established a centralized security account, for safeguarding various cryptographic artifacts and managing centralized cloudtrail logging across all accounts

• Developed and mentored individuals across the firm both from a technical and a managerial perspective; participated in cross-silo hiring rounds for senior and mid-level, hands-on candidates

• Technologies

o AWS, Google Cloud, Boto, CloudFormation, Terraform, Salt, Jenkins o ECS, Kubernetes, Docker, Microservices, State Machines, SOA, Scale Cube o Python, Core Java, Java Concurrent Libs, Go4 Design Patterns, TDD, Sonar o RDS (MySQL), DynamoDB, Lambda, Secrets Manager, Tomcat o SSL/TLS, Encryption, Certificates, Cloudtrail/Cloudwatch, GuardDuty, Git Senior Director, Infrastructure Engineering and DevOps (4/2015-2/2018)

• Hired and managed a twenty person, multi-regional team focused on building automation tools and micro service support at scale for a large, multi-cloud SaS software stack

• Developed multi-year business driven roadmap, establishing buy-in from other senior managers and the CEO, with well defined business deliverables and performance targets

• Lead roll-out of full platform onto google cloud (dev, qa, stage, uat, prod)

• Re-architected sub-section of the existing code base into a multi-tier system consisting of microservices, a caching layer, a messaging layer and a persistence layer

• Established proper CICD practices using jenkins pipelines (build, test, promote), code coverage reports, and sonar based analysis

• Deployed system performance framework to analyze real-time PKIs on system

• Established agile development practices and global, 24x7 ‘sun never sets’ support model

• Mentored junior staff, establishing technical and team management best practices

• Technologies

o AWS, Google Cloud, Boto, CloudFormation, Terraform, Salt, Jenkins o ECS, Kubernetes, Docker, Microservices, SOA, Scale Cube o Core Java, Java Concurrent Libs, Python, Go4 Design Patterns, TDD, Sonar o Rest, JMS, Camel, MQ, Kafka, Tomcat, Hazelcast, Mongodb, HBase, ElasticSearch o SSL/TLS, Encryption, Certificates, Cloudtrail/Cloudwatch, Git Calypso, San Francisco (8/2014 – 2/2015)

Director, Risk Management Applications

• Managed multi-regional team focused on building the firm’s cross-asset risk management system for use by front-office and middle office clients across rates, credit, fx, and equity asset classes

• Improved support for market, counterparty, credit, and XVA risk to satisfy Basel III requirements

• Technologies

o JMS, Rest, Camel, MQ, Go4 Design Patterns, Microservices, Scale Cube, Sonar o Coherence, Oracle, Data Synapse, Lattix, SOA, TDD, Jenkins, Fisheye Elise Software, London (1/2012-8/2014)

CTO, Hands-on

• Built innovative and engaging games for iOS and Android platforms using AI technology o Created NLP/AI engine around AIML 1.0.1 standard (e.g. ‘Alice’) running in tomcat o Added machine learning classifiers for sentiment analysis (Random Trees/Bayes) o Built iOS and Android clients, with encrypted in-app purchase capability

• Technologies

o Android, iOS, AWS, Core Java, Guava, Trove, Java Concurrent libs, JSON, Rest o Apache Math/Commons, Stanford NLP, Weka, JCE Encryption, Kryo, xCode/Eclipse 2

Merrill Lynch, Capital Markets, Equities, London (1/2008-12/2011) Director, Global Lead, Risk Management Applications Product Group (1/2008-12/2011)

• Delivered innovative risk management platform and associated suite of pre-trade pricing applications to all equity trading desks globally

• Platform supported

o Real-time market risk

o P&L and P&L Attribution (delta/gamma/kappa/theta/div cross greeks) o Parameter calculators (implied volatility using option market prices) o Index calculators (S&P, FTSE, HSI

o Back-testing (option portfolios, vol/skew/kurtosis/corr implied and historical metrics) o EOD Marking (w/regional price service)

• Global Desk coverage (EMEA, Americas, APAC)

o Exotics, Single Names/Index (flow derivatives), Swap, Portfolio/Cash

• Worked closely with traders, quants, and other IT teams on specification and multi-year roadmaps

• Responsible for overall system architecture, implementation, and business content

• Oversaw global team across London, New York, and Hong Kong

• Technologies

o 32/64 bit Core Java, Java Concurrent Libs, C#, C++, JMS, XML, Rest, EMS, SOA o Coherence, Oracle, Data Synapse, SVN, Maven, Eclipse, JUnit Merrill Lynch, Information Technology, New York (9/2005-1/2008) Director, Global Lead, Risk Management Services Group (4/2006-1/2008)

• Hired and led global team of 15 developers across New York, London, and Hong Kong focused on building risk infrastructure (position keeping, derivative pricing, volatility analytics)

• Communicated architectural vision, built consensus across senior IT and business management

• Established first ever enterprise wide Java based valuation layer at the bank, working with the quantitative teams to enhance Java/JNI interaction (previous stack was entirely C++ based)

• Architected and implemented bi-temporal parameter management database, storing volatility, rates, correlation, dividends, and exotic parameters, using java, coherence, and Oracle db

• Worked closely with quantitative team on analytic-IT interface design and library optimizations

• Final multi-tier SOA system ran on 1000+ Linux cores; system was able to value 80k positions in under 10 seconds, model independent design; results displayed on C# UIs

• Promoted and mentored staff to take leadership positions

• Technologies

o 32/64 bit Core Java, Java Concurrent Libs, C++, JMS, XML, Rest, EMS, SOA o Coherence, Oracle, Data Synapse, SVN, Maven, Eclipse, JUnit Consultant, Risk IT (9/2005-4/2006)

• Developed technical strategic roadmap focused on building a real-time risk and analytics platform

• Sold road map to heads of IT and Business units

• Built proof-of-concept system to demonstrate viability of system to senior managers Westside Capital Partners, New York (9/2004-9/2005) Associate, Risk Management Quantitative Researcher (9/2004-9/2005)

• Built back-testing environment and back-tested trading strategies

• Developed trading indicators over 3,6,12,18 month time-scales (e.g. volatility, correlation, autocorrelation, Sharpe ratios plus proprietary indicators) Morgan Stanley, Information Technology, New York (9/1993-9/2004) Vice-President, Global Lead, Risk Management Group (1/2004-9/2004)

• Managed global team of 12 developers located in New York, London, and Hong Kong 3

• Responsible for building multi-tier real-time risk services to support flow derivative and cash trading businesses (C++/Linux/GCC/Sybase)

• Dramatically improved server side performance and stability by re-architecting pricing engines

• Worked with traders in each region on system specification Vice-President, Global Lead, Volatility Trading Group (8/2002-9/2004)

• Managed a team of 5 developers responsible for building trading engines that executed volatility strategies against the open market using C++/Java server side, multi-threaded engines

• Developed system architecture, worked with team to implement system, improve performance

• Worked with key traders on the flow derivatives desk to implement trading strategies Associate, Team Lead/Developer, Real-time Risk Group (1/1997-8/2002)

• Managed a team of 6 developers responsible for building global real-time risk platform

• Introduced innovative multi-threaded calculations which optimized existing valuation techniques, improving calculation performance by a factor of ten

• Designed and built a scalable, enterprise wide risk valuation service Associate, Developer (Tokyo), Real-time Risk Group (6/1996-12/31/1997)

• Worked with traders to define specification for next generation risk management system

• Developed P&L and P&L Explained tool for use by traders, controllers, and operations personnel Associate, Developer – Rochade Data Modeling Group (6/1994-6/1996)

• Built parsers that captured and stored dependencies between software modules Morgan Stanley Graduate Training Program (9/1993-4/1994) Additional Experience - Lab 49/Credit Suisse, London (10/2012-03/2013) Consultant

• Developed blueprint architecture for cross-asset risk for use by the Strategic Risk Program

• Presented blueprint to senior IT and business management Additional Reading and Classes

• Stanford Engineering Department, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, completed 31/12/2011

• Robert Nielsen, Confabulation Theory, Springer Press, 2007

• William Bernstein, The Intelligent Asset Allocator, McGraw-Hill, 2001

• Chincarini & Kim, Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management, McGraw-Hill, 2006

• Paul Wilmott, Quantitative Finance, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2007 4

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