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Software Engineer Java

The Bronx, New York, United States
May 28, 2019

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George Dedaj

**** ****** ******

Bronx, New York 10469


SUMMARY Senior Software Engineer with 20 years of experience specializing in distributed object oriented development.

SKILLS · Java (up to 1.8), C++, Javascript, Ruby, Smalltalk, C, Perl

· Spring, Hibernate, Mybatis, Spring Boot, Ruby on Rails, Angular, Node.js, JDBC, JMS/RabbitMQ, DB2, Sybase, Oracle, Mongo, XML, SOAP, Swing, TomCat, Apache CXF, J2EE (JSP,Servlet,, JCA, and EJB), Flatworm, WebSphere, Corba,, Rogue Wave, Rational Rose, Autosys, Messaging Systems

· Ant, Maven, Jenkins

· Windows, Solaris, Aix, and NCR UNIX

· Advanced Mathematics and quantitative applications

WORK Senior Programmer Analyst Transamerica Retirement Solutions (July 2010

EXPERIENCE – Feb 2018)

Developed, deployed and maintained a high visibility 24x7 multi-vendor pension remittance system requiring high transactional processing. System consisted of applications to process payroll remittance and indicative data uploads from a fellow retirement solutions provider that merged with the company. The applications were written in Java and used MyBatis as the persistence framework and Flatworm to read incoming and generate outgoing Remittance data.

Developed, deployed, and maintained a multi-vendor pension loan repayment system based on Automated Clearing House services provided by Wells Fargo. The application was written in Java and used MyBatis as the persistence framework and Flatworm to read incoming and generate outgoing loan repayment data as well as read and process subsequent incoming confirmation data.

· Wrote a Java-based web service to process payroll remittance uploads from a fellow retirement solutions provider that merged with the company. These services were deployed on Tomcat and used Apache CXF, Spring and MyBatis. As such, the solution was completely open source thereby providing a significant savings to the company without compromising availability and reliability

Senior Software Consultant, Credit Suisse (Sep 2008 – Dec 2008)

Senior consultant on the PRIMETrade project. PRIMETrade, developed at Credit Suisse, is their web-based electronic trading platform for security products.

Designed and wrote code to add the functionality to import orders from a file to trade in the Click and Deal (SER - Streaming Executable Rates based on rates returned from the EFX (Forex rates) servers) panel.

The import dialog allows the user to populate an ‘Import Blotter’ table with orders contained in a .csv file. In the new dialog the orders may then be executed so that they move from the ‘Import Blotter’ to the Order Blotter.

Unsuccessful orders may be exported to a .csv file which may then be corrected and ultimately (re)imported.

The orders to be imported will be limited to those containing booking accounts in PrimeTrade and valid currency pairs for the Click and Deal trading.

The ability to import files will be limited to those users who possess the entitlement to do so. This entitlement is controlled through the property file value.

The core coding was done in Java and Java Swing and was multithreaded.

Senior Software Engineer, AxisPoint, Inc. (May 2008 – July 2008)

Senior software engineer on the Works project, a multithreaded Java/Swing/Oracle music publishing application developed for a major client, an international music publisher.

Associate, Information Technology Department, Morgan Stanley

(April 2006 – Dec 2007)

Senior developer on Turnover Change Management system (Tcm2), an in-house system built to facilitate Company-wide SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002) compliance.

Tcm2 comprises a backend Soap server and a front-end web GUI both written in Java. The front-end is managed under the web farm, and utilizes all the standard MSJava toolkits (internal java wrappers). The backend interacts with a Sybase database to store requests and is capable of responding to requests via Soap messages. Almost all actions provided by the front-end GUI can be achieved by making Soap calls directly to the backend server. Other systems are expected to interact with the backend directly to manage TCM requests. There is also a client API provided in Java to facilitate such interactions.

Was the original developer on the server side, which is a java-based Soap server that acts as a client to other Soap servers, through both java and perl-based Soap Api’s.

Senior Technical Specialist, Global Derivative Systems, Salomon Smith

Barney/Citigroup (Aug 2003 – Mar 2006)

Senior developer on Java-based fixed income derivative trading system built on top of the distributed RMI-base Calypso framework and running on Solaris with Sybase backend.

Wrote the Sales Allocation subsystem to allow salespeople to suballocate a block trade into child trades. This was a swing application partitioned into a model, view, and controller for ease of maintenance, and was a part of the Sales Trader Matching system that allows salespeople to match sales trades with trades entered by traders, and conversely.

Wrote the Bond Blotter application, which replicated existing functionality for creating bond prices in a user friendly Swing application. Formerly, the desk used a spreadsheet to determine bond prices.

Wrote the Credit Default Swap Wizard, a swing application, to enable traders to enter and modify trades more conveniently than from the base Calypso system. Traders can create templates that automatically supply defaults for most of the trade components and can configure lists of favorite values to be used for populating list boxes for trade components.

Wrote the Credit Option wizard, a screen to enter and modify options on Credit Default Swaps.

All wizards were written in Java swing and were multithreaded.

Designed and developed programs to reconcile transactions and payments with the legacy back office Oasys system via a third system written in C++. This necessitated the writing of a JNI adapter.

Also wrote batch programs to update reset rates from the Oasys backend system, to update and save CDS curves, to perform bond calculations as well as other bond blotter operations in an automated batch setting, and various other smaller batch applications.

Wrote CGI scripts in Perl to enable web access to various generated reports and configurable Perl scripts to ftp various files to the web server report directory.

Senior Consultant, Fitch Risk Management (Feb 2002-Aug 2003)

Designed and implemented credit risk management system from client

requirements. System simulates obligor default events and calculates various

capital at risk values. It also saves runtime state when in batch mode, allowing for a hotstart when run subsequently in interactive mode. Created reusable class to support dynamic addition of columns to Java Swing Tables. Created Java Swing infrastructure to allow easy addition of cut/paste and print functionality.

Implemented infrastructure to limit memory usage for very large number of run scenarios.

The entire system was developed in java/swing and configuration management and state persistence was in java/XML.

Senior Software Engineer, Hyperion Software (Dec 1999-Jan 2002)

Senior developer on the Adm project, a Java to Essbase driver. Essbase is

Hyperion’s leading edge multidimensional database. All work was done under and Java and C++, in Win NT.

Wrote J2EE resource adaptors for Adm product.One adapter was for the

Websphere connector architecture and the other was for the standardized J2EE connector architecture. Wrote test suite to test same using Jsp, Servlet and EJB technology.

Wrote generator to generate toolkit for our implementation of the common

Warehouse Model, to whose standardization Hyperion contributed. Built same toolkit. All of this work was done in Java.

Web-enabled our data mining tool using Jsp and Servlet technology.

This was done on Websphere and Tomcat.

Did significant research and development to web enable the Adm. This was done on Websphere, using Jsp, Servlet and EJB technology.

All design was captured in Rational Rose.

Senior Software Engineer, Alltel (Wholesale Banking Solutions)

(Aug 1998 – Dec 1999)

Worked as senior designer on application framework to be used in AIM

(Application Integration Manager) middleware product.

Designed and implemented multithreaded messaging subsystem implementing publish and subscribe semantics. System was built over TCP/IP sockets and allowed clients to subscribe to topics of interest for later notification.

Designed and implemented network communications subsystem.

Designed and implemented multithreaded event subsystem to allow Java applications to register for and receive events from our C++ framework.

Wrote java administration interface using VisualAge and JDBC for the configuration and state persistent store. Wrote PL/SQL programs that created, dropped, and manipulated tables representing persisted configuration and state data. Almost all objects of interest were persistent.

All work was done in C++ under Solaris and Windows NT utilizing RogueWave libraries, CORBA (Orbix) communication facilities, and in Java, using both OrbixWeb and JDBC with an Oracle backend.

All design was captured in Rational Rose.

Senior Programmer, Reuters(Analytics Group), (April 1997 – Aug 1998)

Worked on equities library, used in Security 2000 product. Wrote dividend forecast code for the warrants library. Maintained existing library code. Maintained test data on Oracle database. Almost all work was in done C++ under NCR UNIX. Also helped maintain the Fixed Income library, used in the Treasury 2000 product.

Senior Programmer, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, (Dec. 1994-Apr 1997)

Worked on Fedline, a client -server Banking application suite used by FRBNY client banks to transfer funds and securities between one another. It also allows financial institutions (and individuals) to transact business with the bank (i.e., bidding on government securities). All work was in Smalltalk under Windows 95.

Software Engineer, Decision Software Inc. (Nov 1992-Dec 1994)

Worked on DTST (Decision Software Trading System), a client-server, fixed income trading application implemented in C++ to run under Solaris and AIX platforms

Software Engineer, Donnelly Marketing IS (Jan 1990-Nov 1992)

Developed C++ classes for CONQUEST II, a Windows 3.X Application.


HS Diploma, The Bronx High School of Science

HONORS Member of Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering Honor Society)

AND Myron Rosenthal (EE Dept.) Scholarship

AWARDS Polytechnic University Academic Scholarship

Four year full tuition scholarship to the Cooper Union

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