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Poland, ME
September 04, 2019

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DATE: May 28, 2019


OFFICE ADDRESS: 99 Campus Avenue Suite 401, Lewiston, Maine 04240



FAX ADDRESS: 207-***-****

CELL PHONE: 207-***-****



1965 Premed University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN

Medical School and/or Graduate School (for graduate degrees note field or discipline)

1970 Doctor of Medicine Washington University School of Medicine

1984 Doctor of Philosophy State University of New York at Buffalo


Internship and Residencies:

1970-1975 General Surgery Residency Boston University Affiliated Hospitals


1975-1977 Oncology Fellowship University Hospital, Boston MA

1980-1982 Surgical Oncology and Cancer Research Fellowship at Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo NY

1984-1986 Thoracic Surgery Fellowship M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, Houston TX


Current Maine License #012822

Active California,


FLEX 1973 (Massachusetts)

American Board of Surgery 1977

Recertifications 1989, 1996, 2009

ATLS 2019

ACLS 2017

california fluoroscopy certificate

HOSPITAL APPOINTMENTS (list chronologically)

Attending Surgeon (1976-1977): Veteran’s Administration Hospital, University Hospital and Boston City Hospital, Boston MA. Responsibilities included implementation of adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy protocols, organization of Tumor Registry (concurrent with Oncology Fellowship)

Private Practice in General and Oncologic Surgery (1977-1980): Activities included organization of an Oncology Clinic and Tumor Board, Cleveland OH

Cancer Research Clinician (1982-1983): Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo NY

Private Practice in General and Thoracic Surgery (1986-1988): Emerson Hospital, Boston City Hospital, University Hospital, Nashoba Community Hospital, Massachusetts

Private Practice (1989-2007): Private Practice in General and Thoracic Surgery in Lewiston Maine with emphasis in Oncologic Surgery.

Attending Surgeon (2007-present): Practicing General, Thoracic and Oncologic Surgery at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, Lewiston ME

TEACHING RESPONSIBILITY (present and past) chronological

Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery 2013-Now, Tufts University

Assistant Professor of Surgery (1987-1988): Division of Surgical Oncology, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston MA


American College of Surgeons

Society of Surgical Oncology

New England Cancer Society

Phi Beta Kappa


Dr. Roberto Vidri General Surgery 312-***-****

Dr. Jack Keith Anesthesia 207-***-****

Dr. Richard Kahn Pulmonologist/Internist 207-***-****

Dr. Farouk Talakshi Hospitalist 347-***-****



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