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Social Media Sales

Newark, New Jersey, United States
18 to 23 a hr
March 31, 2019

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Terrill Hall


*** ******* ******

Brooklyn, NY 11233



Passionate, dedicated, and self-motivated grower with strong background working in the cannabis industry that’s looking to secure a rewarding position in medical and/or recreational marijuana. Possess an in-depth knowledge of the industry as well as 10 years of successful experience cultivating high-grade cannabis in an artisanal environment and constantly improving grow room operations to streamline processes and increase crop yields. Consistently recognized for outstanding contributions and in-depth knowledge of industry policies and processes. Commended for organization, efficiency, perseverance, priority management, and communication skills. Familiar with many modern growing systems and technologies.


Bill & Sue Grow and Delivery Service, NY,NY — Grower Assistant/ Manager of Delivery and Sales

September 2011 - August 2017

Efficiently managed a medium-scale cannabis production facility with over 300 plants. Responsible for all aspects of grow room operations including construction, installation, climate control (temp, humidity, etc), and preventative maintenance to eliminate all types of mold, powdery mildew, and pests (spider mites, root aphids, thrips, gnats, etc). Hired, trained, mentored, and supervised a team of 8 productive and motivated employees. Maintained an inventory of materials and efficiently administered budgets in order to cut costs. Oversaw all phases of production including cloning, propagation, watering, transplanting, fertilizing, pruning, flowering, harvesting, trimming, and curing. Managed the company’s online social media pages and supported branding and marketing initiatives for concentrates, flowers, and edible products. Maintained a thorough knowledge and understanding of state laws and regulations pertaining to the production and distribution of medical and recreational marijuana. Consistently enhanced growing skills and increased crop production and yields. Gained an intimate knowledge of a variety of different cannabis genetics and phenotypes, including: Blue Dream, Headband, Gorilla Glue #4, White Widow, Green Crack, ChemDawg, Sour Diesel, AutoFlowers and God’s Gift.


Cannabis Training University, Online — Master Grower Certificate

October 2018 - February 2019

Cannabis Medicine, Budtender, Dispensary, Delivery, Jobs, Business, Laws & Regulation, Cooking & Extractions, Growing Medical Marijuana


Marijuana Production

Cannabis Cultivation

Grow Room Operations

Crop Management

Watering Schedules

Temperature & Humidity

Soil Mixtures & Nutrients

Harvesting & Trimming

Topping & Plant Training

Flushing, Drying & Curing

Potting & Transplanting

Pest & Disease Management Delivery & Sales

Training & Team Building

Cloning & Propagation

Healthy Root Growth

CO2 & PPM Levels

Lighting & Electrical

Quality Management

Laws & Regulations

Concentrates & Edibles



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