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IT Manager/IT Service Manager/IT Project Manager

Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands
March 28, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of: Loyd Muringen Page 1 of 9

Name : Loyd Muringen

Date of Birth : 28-09-1966

Gender : Male

Nationality : Dutch

Address : Kelbergen 68; 1104 LC; Amsterdam


Email address




IT Experience : Since 1990

Current function : Service Manager / IT Manager

Experience as IT Manager

Service Manager / Service Delivery Manager / Service Level Manager

Teamleader Operations

Service Delivery Manager

Business Consultant

Project manager


Education and background : I have completed my high school and followed a Computer secondary vocational education in Suriname.

I continued this Computer Science study in the Netherlands on college level. I have completed my Business Administration & Management at the NCOI university and my MBA Leadership at International MBA Institute. I also have many training courses and management training followed. I have also finished my ITIL and SCRUM Master, SCRUM Product Owner training and I am now certified ITIL Expert, certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Personality profile : I am an independent, accurate and result oriented employer. I take responsibility and I have a customer-focus. Structure and order are important in my work, but also privately. I am both in a team and individually usable and work well in both situations. Experience area : In the past years I have worked in different job titles and roles (Team Manager, Service Liaison, Change manager, service manager) within large and small organizations (Financial sector, Government Organization, Advocacy).

I also have been responsible for the installation of Service Desk and related Tooling.

I have been responsible for managing various service desks and systems departments in various organizations.

The span of control ranged between 6 and 15 employees. As a link between supplier and customer organization my important goal for the business of the customer (s) is to represent the business. Furthermore, he has proven to be able to work well in Agile environments. Languages : Write Speak

Dutch Native Native

English Experienced Experienced

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of: Loyd Muringen Page 2 of 9


1 - General Secondary school for Informatics

College Informatics

Business Administration & Management (BBA)

Business Administration Leadership (MBA)

2 - Information Technology Compaq Proliant Systems Technology


Data protection


ITIL Foundation

ITIL Service Manager

ITIL v3 Expert

Scrum Fundamentals Certified

Scrum Master Certified

Scrum Product Owner

3 - Communication skills Staff appraisal conversations To negotiate and conflict handling

Communication training

Effective leading

Customer aimed working

Presentation techniques

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of: Loyd Muringen Page 3 of 9

IT Knowledge/experience


(Network) Operating


: Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012 2010 - today

Windows 8 / 10

Windows 7

2013 - today

2005 - today

Windows 2000 2000 - today

Windows NT 1995 - today

Windows XP 2003 - today

Methods and Techniques : ASL (Application Service Library) 2007 - 2007 BiSL 2007 - 2007

CMMi (Capability Maturity Model -integration) 2011 - today EFQM 2010 - today

INK 2004 - 2004

ISO17799/27001 (Information security) 2010 - today ITIL 1998 - today

MOF (Microsoft Operating Framework) 2010 - today

Prince2 2005 - 2005



2006 – today

2015 - today

Network Protocols : DHCP 1998 - today

TCP/IP 1998 - today

Standard application


: GroupWise 2007 - 2008

HP Openview Service Desk 2008 - 2010

Lotus Notes 6.5 2000 - heden

Microsoft Office 1996 - heden

Microsoft Visio, Project 2005 - heden

Remedy 4.05.02 (Problem & Change


2003 - 2005

TOPdesk 3.x, 4.x, 5.x (OGD)

VoIP Telephony Systems

Exact Globe

SharePoint / CRM Dynamics

Azure Cloud Infrastructure

Power BI

Office 365


Skype for Business

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

2007 – today

2007 – today

2015 – today

2015 – today

2015 – today

2015 – today

2015 – today

2015 – today

2015 – today

2015 – today

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of: Loyd Muringen Page 4 of 9

Work experience







4-2018 – Now:

Education/Certification: MBA Leadership, Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner; Apply for new job.

10-2017 - 03-2018, Preparation and Relocation to The Netherlands 01-2015 – 07-2017

Employer : Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V. – Heineken Company Company : Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V. – Heineken Company Function : Global Information Services Manager

Situation : IT Manager for the Heineken Operational Company Suriname in the Brewery section.

Managing the full scope of the GIS activities at the local Opco. I report directly to the Senior Vice President Caribbean & Americas Export with a Dotted-line to OpCo Managing Director.

My key contacts are:

Internal: Managing Director, OpCo Management Team, Business and Stakeholders.

External: Regional & Global Teams, project managers and suppliers. Tasks : As GIS manager (IT Manager) I am 24x7 responsible for entire IT operations for the OpCo including project management. Implementation of Sales solutions and other business solutions and processes.

Participate in developing the GIS strategy for the Americas region, where the OpCo (Operation Company) Suriname is part of.

Participate in the development and deployment of various regional and Global projects in order to deliver more robust, standardized solutions across the region.

Some of my responsibilities are mentioned below:

Lead the department, manage & develop employees

Preparation of the 3 year IT plan and budget in line with the business priorities and Regional IT strategy

Ensure the execution of the year plan and projects

Manage and execute the technical operational processes and activities needed to support the business

Advise and facilitate management on IT policy/business development and project implementation within the business

Translate business developments and objectives to IT improvement opportunities and initiate development projects based on business needs

Responsible for internal en external IT process audits

Define requirements and formulate service level agreements with internal and external parties and ensure the execution of the agreement

Maintain and build relationships with internal customers and relevant parties

Identify IT developments and trends within the business and recommend measures

Ensure the development and maintenance of a knowledge management network regarding IT and business developments

Ensure adherence to the Heineken security & compliance policies. Participate in IT audits as required. Ensure timely closure of any open audit issues.

Providing training, presentations and workshops for my team, Management Team and other stakeholders.

Also the responsibility for the Change management process within the Local GIS department and the business.

Maintaining the relationship with the external ICT suppliers (IBM) and signing off Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Responsible for the LAN-WAN optimization (Fiberglass implementation), which was one of the major problems within the infrastructure. Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of: Loyd Muringen Page 5 of 9

Set up an entire network infrastructure for the temporary building and manage the move for the end-users to this location as well the implementation of a VoIP system for all locations.

Implementing CRM Dynamics, Microsoft O365.

Period : 04-2014 – 12-2014

Employer : MurLoy Consulting

Company : Several

Function : ICT Consultant

Situation : Freelancer

Tasks : As an ICT Consultant I advised organization in setting up their ICT department and organisation including business processes. Period : 04-2013 – 04-2014

Employer : MurLoy Consulting

Company : Central Bank of Suriname

Function : ICT Consultant

Situation : ICT Service manager within the IT Department in the financial branch. Tasks : As an ICT Service manager I was responsible for the project management and the implementation of the Service management tool "TOPdesk" version 5.xx to support ICT processes.

I was also responsible for the services provided by the Service desk, supervising the team and implementing the ITIL processes according to ITIL v3, giving advice on improvements to the Service desk section, the Service management tool and skills of the employees. Providing training, presentations and workshops.

Also the responsibility for the Change management process within the ICT department and the customer organization (Service Transition). Maintaining the relationship with the external ICT suppliers and signing off Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Period : 10-2011 – 12-2012

Employer : BT (British Telecom)

Company : BT Global Services

Function : Project Manager

Situation : Project manager in a multidisciplinary team of project managers and Technical Designers (from Great Britain and other locations in the world). Tasks : As Project manager I was responsible for the end to end delivery of the WAN connections in the different countries where the customer is established. Presenting the Optimization project in a live meeting conference call. Organizing and chairing conference calls with all parties that were involved. I had led the implementation meeting and assure proper implementation. Provided acceptance reports for agreement of the implementation of the device(s). I was also responsible for periodically reporting to the internal BT organization and the customer. Control of the teams in Amsterdam who had participated in the project. Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of: Loyd Muringen Page 6 of 9

Period : 07-2011 - 09-2011

Employer : BT (British Telecom)

Company : City of Amsterdam

Function : Change manager

Situation : "City of Amsterdam" is responsible for all services within the city of Amsterdam. To support the ICT services to the different services in Amsterdam. The ICT department consists of several subsections, including change management.

Tasks : As a change manager I was responsible for the change process, implementation and coordination at operational level. Search Reconciliation between internal and external parties. Period : 02-2011 - 04-2011

Employer : BT (British Telecom)

Company : BT Global Services

Function : Service Manager

Situation : Service Relationship manager for some customers who buy MPLS services and products.

Service Relationship management maintain contacts with the customers and the internal organization regarding the service and improvement of it. The customers are in The Netherlands and foreign countries. Tasks : Interim Service Manager role filled, with specific tasks such as analyzing incidents that were logged by the Servicedesk.

Furthermore, producing client reports.

Period : 08-2010 - 12-2010

Employer : BT (British Telecom)

Company : BT Global Services

Function : Order manager

Situation : Order manager for several customers in and outside the Netherlands. BT Order Management is part of the BT organization. BT order management ensure end to end procedure monitoring of the orders (MPLS/DSL connections).

Order Management employs a dozen Order managers who ensure that the order process is monitored as optimally as possible. The customers are in The Netherlands and abroad where regular contact is maintained with.

Tasks : Ensuring an optimum process monitoring of orders of all customers. Meeting are held regularly with project managers and customers The customers are provided with reports on a weekly basis to give them insight into the progress of your orders.

Take care and responsible for the timely delivery of the orders and, if necessary, search for a suitable solution when deadlines are compromised.

The order process is part of the Delivery process. Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of: Loyd Muringen Page 7 of 9

Period : 08-2008 - 07-2010

Employer : BT (British Telecom)

Company : BT Operate

Function : Service Manager

Situation : ICT Service manager for several customers in and outside the Netherlands.

BT Operate is part of the BT organization and supports external customers.

The Service management department is part of BTO which a number of ten Service managers who offer customer support.

The customers are in and outside the Netherlands and with whom I have frequently contact.

Tasks : Meetings are held frequently to discuss the support from BT. As a service manager my job is to ensure an optimal provision of services. Service Level Reports are delivered monthly to the customers to provide insight into the services.

As a contact person for the internal organization and external customers I frequently have meetings with several groups within BT. Within BT they use the ITIL method.

Participate in Delivery processes to support sales and deliver a complete service design capability Account Teams for new non-standard opportunities.

Provide an ongoing service improvement activity, generating service improvement plans and/or identify potential new opportunities Ensure correct and complete invoicing for assigned clients Own and manage the Service Level Management process. Period : 05-2007 - 05-2008

Employer : Boekel de Nerée

Company : Boekel de Nerée

Function : Team leader Operational Management (Interim) Situation : Boekel De Nerée is a lawyer and notary office with + / - 400 end users. The ICT department is responsible for keeping up and running the various systems.

Tasks : As Service Desk Team Leader Loyd was responsible for the Incident Management Process within the ICT department.

Responsible for the completion and timely delivery of work and projects by team members.

Operational leadership to the team of 10 people and replace the IT manager in the absence belonged also to the tasks. Planning activities / projects for employees, conduct intake / interviewing, conducting performance and assessment interviews

Professionalizing the IT department and help desk and overall writing improvement plans for the ICT helpdesk / IT department were among the targets.

Furthermore, the provision of management reports one of the standard activities.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of: Loyd Muringen Page 8 of 9

Period : 03-2003 - 05-2007

Employer : Politie Regio Utrecht

Company : Politie Regio Utrecht

Function : Service Delivery Manager, Team leader End User Support Situation : Police Utrecht is a government organization with 3500 users spread over the region / province of Utrecht where he the following positions.

• Team leader Helpdesk and support of 14 local people (2003-2005)

• Service Liaison within Information Mgt. (2005-2007) Tasks : • Team leader Helpdesk and Support:

As a Team Leader to lead a team of 14 people given. Planning activities, providing management information on IT infrastructure are tasks that fell within his responsibility. He was also responsible for the Incident Management process within the IT department. Information to employees and customers. Also responsibilities within this role and performed by him.

• Service Liaison:

As Service Liaison Loyd was the first point of contact for ICT suppliers and internal organization on the operational level.

One of the key issues within the function was to ensure continuity in user relationship. He did this frequently by informing the Information Manager(s), Service Level Manager and the Head of the Regie-Function about the operational activities and monitoring the quality of services provided according to the SLA.

Period : 05-2002 - 06-2002

Employer : Percon B.V.

Company : ABN AMRO

Function : Business consultant (Interim)

Situation : ABN AMRO is a financial services provider with several head offices in Amsterdam and an end of 7000.

Tasks : As a Business ICT manager Loyd advised the internal customer in the selection of an outsourcing project.

It belonged to his responsibilities include analyzing various proposals related to Service Providers Outsourcing of IT.

The technical evaluation of proposals concerning the business, advising the business on service levels of the Service Providers were also important activities in his role.

The aim was to advise the client one provider that could accept ICT services.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae of: Loyd Muringen Page 9 of 9

Period : 02-2002 - 03-2002

Employer : Vriesde IT

Company : Vriesde IT

Function : Service Level Manager (Interim)

Situation : Small company that ICT services to Brokers of the AEX. Tasks : Within this small company Loyd has met the role of Service Level Manager.

His responsibilities included conducting Service Level Agreements, provision of management organization based on service levels, Setting up a plan concerning IT management that had resulted in a more efficient service.

Period : 09-1996 - 11-2001

Employer : Consens / Beaver software

Company : ABN AMRO

Function : System administrator, Team leader Operational Management Situation : ABN AMRO is a financial services provider with several head offices in Amsterdam and an end of 7000.

Tasks : As a supervisor and team manager ICT services Loyd has been responsible for implementation and timely delivery of work and projects by team members.

Operational leadership to a team of 12 people.

Planning, monitoring and adjusting of the activities / projects of the staff and prioritize activities

Reporting to the Management Team and the customer was an activity that belonged to the standard tasks.

Loyd has been responsible as a leader for the Organization of the IT department and the management environment and migrations (Windows NT platform).

Preparing and presenting alternative scenarios for WindowsNT domain was one of the main objectives.

Furthermore Loyd was also responsible for the change management process within the IT department.

As a point of contact for Account Management, Project Management, employees and customers, he also was responsible for provision of information to employees and customers.

Period : 02-1996 - 08-1996

Employer : PTT Telecom

Company : PTT Telecom

Function : System administrator

Situation : Telco in different locations throughout the Netherlands. Tasks : As a local system administrator Loyd performed maintenance and management of desktop environments.

Period : 10-1992 - 12-1995

Employer : GAK

Company : GAK

Function : Administrative employee, Test Engineer

Situation : Benefit Body who is responsible for all social insurance. Tasks : As an employee of an accounting department Loyd was responsible for the test work and some co-development of the system.

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