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United States
March 26, 2019

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Chemist with **+ years of experience calibrating analytical instruments to determine types of chemical profiling as hazardous or non hazardous material/s. Possess experience train and supervise staff under my charge, create and maintain samples for continued use for research purposes, as well as documenting results. Skills: Multilingual (Hindi, Kiswahili, English).


Chemist 2006-2016

Evoqua Water Technology (Vernon, CA)

Responsible for analyzing incoming waste material tankers profiling solids, sludge, acid, oil based, hazardous/non-hazardous liquids as RCRA or non-RCRA. Also analyze organic and inorganic compounds to determine chemical or physical properties.

Provide assistance in management of laboratory staff and analytical support for waste treatment applications, operating issues, ion exchange application, etc.

Assure that objectives are routinely updated, improving services, progress is measured so that performance meets management expectation.

Develop and maintain documentation of laboratory QA/QC protocol to meet business requirements.

Conduct quality control test round robin unknown sample twice a year to meet ELAP certified company standards.

Split samples and manage SMR for in-house and for county; afterwards, analyze COD for discharge sample.

Ensure incoming, outgoing and transfer waste meet analytical and physical criteria for

facility acceptance. Ensure that LACSD requirement are strictly followed.

Manage laboratory facility and laboratory staff of 4-6.

Provide leadership and supervision of operating daily analytical instruments. Maintain laboratory instruments to ensure proper working order. Troubleshoot and calibrate equipment and methods when malfunctions arise.

Troubleshoot for total cyanide and ameanable cyanide as well as wet chemistry.

Manage, organize and prepare analysis and profiles of wastes generated by customers and by facility process.

Develop, implement and maintain standard operating procedures for analytical testing methods performed by laboratory.

Prepare standard solutions and reagent for laboratory personnel to continue to conduct tests.


Masters of Science (MS), Inorganic Chemistry

Sardar Patel University (Gujarat, India)

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