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Project Engineering

Del Rio, TX
March 14, 2019

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Kurtis Davis 830-***-**** Del Rio, TX


Texas A&M University,College Station, TX

Bachelor of Science., Mechanical Engineering, December 2018 GPA: 2.9


EIT (Passed FE Exam)


Professional Certification (Certificate ID: C-3GDVNN9LLM) RELEVANT EXPERIENCE

Backer Marathon,Del Rio, TX

Manufacturing Engineering Intern

Summer 2016 & Summer 2017

● Designed and built automatic welder that eased and sped up the process of welding thermocouple tips o Manufactured the parts myself using machine tools such as a milling machine and lathe

● Designed new housings for the terminals of electric heaters, which made wiring easier o Designed using SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal functions

o Created Excel program that controlled the part based on inputs in the program

● Created CNC programs to make a machine automatically form ends of tubes

● Analyzed returned products to diagnose failures, and found ways to prevent them from reoccurring

● Tested heaters with different filler materials to see which would be most efficient

● Used and maintained a 400 Watt CNC Laser Cutter

o Made parts for multiple projects using the laser cutter LEADERSHIP

● Texas A&M University Robotics Club (2015 - 2018)

Treasurer for 2017-2018 school year

■ Created new probation plan to get membership dues received quicker

Designed and built a two wheeled robot that drove around a room and measured the perimeter

■ Used ultrasonic sensor to keep a distance from the wall, and encoders for displacement

Worked on robot that utilized different sensors to locate a person

■ Ultrasonic, Camera, Infrared Camera, Microphone, etc. PROJECTS

● Robotic Sanding End-Effector (Senior Capstone Project)

Designed sander with rotary orbital motion that worked on a robotic arm

Personal Duties:

■ Ensured a design change to a subassembly didn’t hinder other subassemblies

■ Designed most external features such as the sensor mounts

■ Ensured all team members were up to date with information and their tasks

● Used a Raspberry Pi to control my personal 3D Printer

The Raspberry Pi can be accessed wirelessly, making it possible to print from any device

A Camera provides a live feed of any print job, accessible from any device

● Created a program that analyzed the suspension system of a race car using MATLAB

Displayed the heave, pitch, and roll of the car in a graph over a simulated roadway SKILLS

● SOLIDWORKS, LabVIEW, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, MATLAB

● Also familiar with Python and Simulink


● Mentored a high school FRC robotics team in 2016, and again currently in 2019

Helped with teaching students design skills and the importance of teamwork and safety

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