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Customer Service Representative

Brampton, ON, Canada
March 12, 2019

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Brampton ON,

L6X 0S9



My objective is to move up in this company that I've worked so hard for. I believe that I would be an amazing candidate for this position as I've been working in customer service for many years and I know I'm perfect for this position. I know all there is to know and I'm willing to learn anything new, and I adapt well to changes to the best of my abilities.


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Customer Service Representative

I work in every area of the store, however my main area of expertise is frontline. I am one of the strongest cashiers with the most knowledge and experience with the company procedures, working well with my co-workers both associates and management. My outgoing and pleasant personality make me a joy to work with and help to give a pleasant experience to the customers as well. At frontline you see responsible to keep the line moving, keep frontline clean, put out new stalk (if any), keep the q- line neat, clean, tidy, organized, and full of merchandise to keep the interest of customers and most importantly, give amazing customer service to all our customers. They are the reason we have jobs so their satisfaction and pleasant experience is and should be mandatory. I also was a frontline coordinator back in I believe 2016-2017 on a contract deal in place of an employee that went on maternity leave. It was a lot to take in at first, but I created my own system to get things done and worked for me. Once I created my own personal system, it became a lot easier. The experience has taught me a lot and I feel that if I am given this opportunity again, I would definitely have a better grip on my duties.


I graduated from high School with an extra English credit. I also receive an award for Christian leadership. I also received a scholarship which I used to pay my way through college. However, I do plan to go back to college to further my studies.


I was promoted a few years back to be the frontline coordinator. I have been with the company for 6 years. This August will be 7 years. I always get gift cards for my amazing customer service. Customers have grown to trust my service and my opinion and look forward to seeing me. Customers constantly make comments about what a pleasant experience they have had with me. I would be am amazing addition permanently to the management team and it will be the best decision made by management.

I love working in customer service. I'm not perfect, there's always room to grow and to learn but I know that I will be the best decision for this position. I work hard, I'm organized, willing to learn/teach, love meeting/ working with new people and most importantly, my coworkers, management team, and even my customers have become my extended family.

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