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Software Engineer Manager

Ashburn, VA
March 11, 2019

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Dennis Landi


With 25 years in software engineering management, Dennis Landi is a Hands-on entrepreneurial CTO with deep expertise in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle with particular emphasis on UI, Server and Database Architecture with deep insights into where technology will be tomorrow Specialties: Requirements Analysis, Software Architecture Design, Software Development Management. Experience

CTO at RFID Global Solution, Inc.

July 2016 - present

Roles: Chief Architect, Product Manager and Senior Manager for Technical Projects and Staff Our architectures are comprised of cutting edge


- SignalR

- IoT implementation using C++ and C#/.Net

- Data Analytics

- IoC/Dependency Injection

- Architectural Patterns wrapping Entity Framework

- HTM5/CSS and JS using Knockout.js and Require.js

- Many integration services utilizing self-hosted OWIN. Director, Product Development at RFID Global Solution, Inc. May 2015 - June 2015 (1 year, 1 month)

Role: Senior Software Architect. Highlight Project: DARPA SHIELD Technologies used: HTML5, Javascript (Knockout, JQuery, RequireJs), CSS, ASP.NET MVC Web API, Entity Framework, Ninject, SignalR

Senior Enterprise Software Engineer at MindShift Technologies, Inc. (A Ricoh Company) May 2012 - May 2015 (3 years 1 month)

Role: Software Architect. Technologies used: HTML5, Javascript (Knockout, JQuery), CSS, ASP.NET MVC Web API, Entity Framework, Ninject

Senior Software Developer, Contractor at U.S. Department of State (MSAG) August 2009 - May 2012 (2 years 10 months)

Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead for the full SDLC of the "International Visitors" suite of software applications, serving the Bureau of the Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State. Technologies used included .NET, Silverlight, WCF Services, Entity Framework, POCO Classes, Delphi Client/ Server, Oracle and web authoring technologies.

Chief Architect at

September 2007 - August 2009 (2 years)

Designed and Built the Electron Server Product line Owner at Allied Data, Inc.

March 1993 - August 2009 (16 years 6 months)


Manager and principal engineer of Allied Data, Inc. a software engineering consulting firm. Creator - Chief Architect at Ancient-Atlas

November 2008 - June 2009 (8 months)

Created the Ancient History Atlas - The Greek and Roman World Atlas available as a print. Created the on-line web version of the atlas that also serves as a visual interface into ancient history data contained on Wikipedia. Implemented with Flash/ActionScript.


Software Engineering Management Consultant at U.S. Embassy (ACSA) September 2006 - November 2008 (2 years 3 months)

ACSA - American Community Support Association, U.S. Embassy, New Delhi India I was hired to oversee the process of guiding ACSA I.T. staff and a 3rd Party vendor in the process of fixing a newly created Commissary Inventory product (by 3rd Party Vendor), custom-made for ACSA. Consultant/Software Engineer/Architect at Simple Solutions, Inc. 2005 - 2006 (1 year)

Re-architected new Database Design for Simple Solution’s Hotel Reservations product. (Delphi, NexusDB, MSSQL Server); Built Data Synchronization system at the heart of a new distributed sales applications; Built a Flash Interface for the new Hotel Reservations product; Invented a new GUI Buffering technology to leverage legacy GUI designs over a new DB Design. Delphi 7

Consultant/Software Engineer/Architect at MCDOT (Montgomery County Dept. of Transportation)

2004 - 2005 (1 year)

Reversed engineered Bus Schedule Loader for the custom OrbCad real-time Bus Tracking system for Montgomery County, Maryland’s Department of Transportation; Built new Bus Schedule Data Loader for OrbCad from reverse- engineering work. (Delphi 7); Trained a new Montgomery County Employee (I.T. Specialist) on the new (reversed engineered and improved) system.

Consultant/Software Engineer/Architect at NetFile

2001 - 2004 (3 years)

Campaign Finance Disclosure Validation Engine for California (deployed in Santa Clara County) (Delphi 7) Director of Engineering at Distributed Solutions, Inc 2002 - 2003 (1 year)

Helped deliver version 2 of the Automated Acquisition Management Solution (AAMS) product. DSI's AAMS product suite is the leader in Federal Acquisition, Procurement and Grants Solutions and is used by many Federal Agencies and Bureaus.

Consultant/Software Engineer/Architect at Grassroots Enterprise 2000 - 2001 (1 year)

Consultant and Employee. Worked on the NetFile product (Delphi 5) Software Engineer/Architect/CTO at LiveBuilder, Inc (LiveTechnology Group) 2000 - 2001 (1 year)

Project consisted of Research and Design of new technologies to enhance the LiveStat, LiveBuilder, LiveUser and LiveAdvert product lines involving the development of plug-ins to Internet Explorer and custom tcp-ip technologies implemented in Delphi on SQL Server 7. Briefly Served as CTO, before company was bought out by larger corporation.

Consultant Software Engineer at On Command, Inc.

1998 - 1999 (1 year)

All projects were part of the “Video Ops” Department at On Command. • Requirements Analysis of new Video Ops suite of applications • Database Analysis and Design (using ErWin and Paradigm Plus) • Implementation of PL-SQL Stored procedures on Oracle 7 and 8i. • Wrote the main systems to analyze the constraints and preferences of On Command’s customers (Hotel Chains) in order to automatically generate the monthly video-selections to be automatically debited from Inventory and shipped to the hotels. (Delphi) Page4

Consultant/Software Engineer at A Trip by Modem, Travel Portal 1997 - 1998 (1 year)

Analysis, Design and Implementation of the fully automated database-driven web portal, "A Trip by Modem". This is a full-service Travel Agency on the web covering Air Fares, Tours, Cruises, Rail and Hotels for the entire world, offering on-line credit card transactions. This web site was on-line from Dec. 1 1997. to sometime in 2001. I also either created or edited all of the original graphics on this web site. Database Architect/ Software Engineer Consultant at International Science Foundation 1993 - 1996 (3 years)

Consultant/Software Engineer at Amex International 1994 - 1995 (1 year)

Principal Consultant at Allied Data, Inc.

1993 - 2009


MS ASP.NET Professional 3.5,

Prometric 2010

Microsoft Solutions Certified Developer MSCD (.NET 4.5) Cert-ID:7135711 Prometric January 2013


- University of New England (AU)

o Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Philosophy, Ancient History, Drama, 1980 – 1985 Organizations

Steady State Enterprise DB Architecture Working Group Director

January 2012 to Present

Experimental working group doing research in advanced enterprise database design


"I've worked with Dennis providing a SSL/TLS plugin for ElectronServer. In this project, Dennis has leveraged his expert knowledge in established programming practices for Delphi as well as his own creativity, providing a programmable high performance standard compliant web server. I've learned that Dennis is easy to work with and responds well to new ideas and constructive criticism. I expect him to thrive in any collaboration where prestige doesn't get in the way of an open exchange of ideas and the pursuit of the most effective route to a common goal."

- Henrick Hellström, was with another company when working with Dennis at

"Dennis and I have collaborated on various Delphi and Internet projects since probably 1996 or so. What stands out for me about Dennis is his enthusiasm and on-topic communication. Dennis has an in-depth understanding of many core technologies that matter to software development, and he would be an asset to most teams."

- Ann Lynnworth, worked directly with Dennis at Allied Data, Inc. Page5

"As a member of the ACSA board of directors, I, without a moment’s hesitation, give Dennis Landi my strongest possible recommendation. He is brilliant and creative; combining a rare blend of advanced technical skills with project management acumen. The ACSA Board is deeply in his debt to Dennis for his top-to- bottom review of our organizational IT needs and problems. After this review, he established a quality assurance protocol and managed our IT development with skill and an economy of time and resources. He understands both the technical issues as well as the cross-cultural complexities of operating in India. His blend of insights and capacities made it possible for him to cut through the fog and bring clarity in problem assessment/resolution while ensuring there was always the common human understanding necessary for all stakeholders to cooperate in meeting our needs. He got everyone on board to achieve a timely solution to problems that many tried and failed to fix over an extended period of time. As a direct result of Dennis' unique ability to accomplish the above, our organization has dramatically better financial management, inventory control, management information and innumerable other enhancements beyond the scope of this recommendation. I give Dennis Landi my strongest possible endorsement. His business sense, creativity and technical genius will make any organization's I.T. processes significantly more effective."

- Richard Silver, managed Dennis indirectly at ACSA / India - American Community Support Association Page6

"When ACSA contracted a third party vendor to build a Commissary Inventory software application of ACSA, they delivered a product that was plagued by numerous bugs including some that prevented ACSA staff from properly operating a fully functional inventory-based retail business. Dennis Landi brought management, requirements analysis, software design and quality assurance processes to ACSA and imposed a management framework over ACSA I.T. and the 3rd Party vendor's software development activities that enabled us to finally deliver a functional software product that helped ACSA fulfill its mission on behalf of our members (customers). Specifically, Dennis helped us resolve 52 issues in our system which hindered our day-to-day work and he was instrumental in smoothing out the flow of communications and data through our quality assurance (testing) process. He also helped us in analyzing the data more reliably and hence helping us make decisions faster. His professional approach towards resolving the issues with test plans and sticking to the deadlines has helped in improving our business systems a great deal. With Dennis' help we were able to communicate with the software vendor in much faster and clearer way with RESULTS to show for our efforts in the form of working software. Personally, for me Dennis has been a mentor who has really guided my path toward my professional goals. He has helped me in clearly defining a problem and a problem domain and while providing a software engineering process and framework to solve each problem. I should note for the record that WE HAD FUN. He has made great deal of difference in me as a professional. He is a mentor who has come to me at a perfect time in my career. He is the best mentor I could ever have. THANKS DENNIS for making me what I am

- Deepak Kaushik, worked indirectly for Dennis at ACSA / U.S. Embassy

"A few years ago I was faced with migrating our flagship product to the internet. I realized we needed help in redesigning our database to make our migration a success. Dennis was very instrumental in introducing proper database design which allowed me to move forward at a pace I could not have without him. His knowledge of database design, and attention to detail, is truly impressive. He is an uncompromising software engineer who constantly strives to improve his skills."

- Dexter McKenzie, managed Dennis at Simple Solutions, Inc.

"Dennis came to Montgomery County, DOT, Transit Services working through a vendor that was under contract with the County to help us maintain our obsolete CAD/AVL system for our bus fleet. This was an emergency situation as our IT professional that took care of the system retired on somewhat short notice. Dennis worked with the person retiring for one week to get the basic layout of the system. In no time at all Dennis completely figured out all the data tables, processes, and general operation of the system. Dennis found and gave instruction to all the communications staff many ways to identify and correct potential problems the 15-year-old system had. He was very good explaining technical issues in layman’s terms to even the most technically challenged person. I highly recommend and endorse Dennis for his knowledge and ability to conquer any challenge thrown his way."

- Peter Buckley, was Dennis's client

"Dennis is one of those rare engineers that blends his technical aptitude and high intelligence with artistic creativity to produce exciting results. Coupled with his broad and extensive work experience, he could tackle just about any type of software project. Dennis is one of the most dedicated, determined and hard-working developers I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

- David Montgomery, managed Dennis at NetFile

"Dennis and I were developers at OnCommand together, where we worked primarily in the Delphi programming language. Dennis is a driven perfectionist with a great enthusiasm for software excellence. We would often discuss software topics together; I would turn to him if I needed independent analysis of ideas I was working on or general encouragement. When he moved on to work at LiveBuilder, he was the one who recommended I come on board with that company. We have stayed in touch over the years; he has remained a good friend."

- Patrick Manion, worked directly with Dennis at On Command, Inc.

"Dennis did an admirable and technically proficient job for AMEX International by establishing a database that dynamically linked extracts from 8 different mainframe databases with disparate structures - IDMS, Oracle and FOCUS to create logical profiles of loans and loan holders to successfully pursue collections and prosecutions for fraud. This was done under a very tight time and budget constraint."

- Richard Plocica, managed Dennis at Amex International Contact Dennis on LinkedIn

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